Kurt Angle reveals Seth Rollins' fate: Raw, April 10, 2017

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The Raw General Manager announces whether The Kingslayer will remain on Team Red in the Superstar Shake-up.


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Wyatt Barnes
Anyone else see the dude in the crowd dressed like CM Punk ?
Korena Talley
Be carefully for what u ask for
Stephanie Musse
The whole authority storyline is just stupid and boring I'm glad Kurt and Shane are running the shows now; the authority was running the show for 3 years and it's the same stuff everyday you can actually know what's going to happen someone turns heel and join the authority someone turns face and goes against the authority; the authority starts threaten people with their jobs so boring; firing people. Since wwe has a history of breaking superstar up like the shield, Anzo and cass, DX...etc) why don't they break up the authority that would've been a surprise and interesting to watch
LegitCatz360 Jonathan Can Tan
Face Ambrose > Heel
Face Rollins > Heel
Lets see Roman
Savage malik
I can't imagine if Seth Rollins went to team blue tho😂
Secar Random
Seth rollins is the Man he's the New face for

Zeynep Yilmaz
i miss the hell seth 😭
manuel macias
Who actually wanted Seth Rollins on smackdown live?
kurt angle just spit on the mic 3:05
Fat Joe always looks angry. Who keeps taking away all his cookies?
Love how over Seth is with the crowd !
марин петров
Sit down Joe!!!!!
punisher ambroze
kingslayer stays on raw
Aastha Arya
The Undisputed Future- Seth Rollins.
Mischa Hewitt
Mischa Hewitt
So Seth,Roman and Dean are on the same show does that mean ????

The shield will reunite ??

Think about it
Wrestle mania 34
Seth gets attacked by triple H, Samoa joe and Kane after winning a match then sheild's music comes and Roman and Dean save Seth from them boom wrestle mania main event they triple powerbomb triple H Samoa joe and kane on to the baracade and then shield reunites
Lynn Arthur
Seth is a badass
kurt angle sucks you suck you suck you suck you suck
Damian Mertens
i tought that cm punk was in the ufc 1:01
Salve Austero
i wish the shield come back
2:19 what's he talking about when did he take the easy way out ?
Alexzanderson JRG
Seth Rollins the one man to beat the 2 in 23-2, I don't know why wwe hasn't acknowledge that fact, or why seth himself hasn't mentioned it in his promos... that he has beaten both brock lesnar and Roman reigns.
The way Of hassan
Lol triple H lost 2 wrestlemania's in a row Against roman and Seth
Sonic legion
talk about a good first impression
Edgar Ortiz
Kurt Angle teleported out of nowhere.
Texting in Wrestling
The crowd was dead
Sung Kyung Lee
Kurt Angle lowkey wanted to see them fight.
Thomas Zinchenko
love you seth..
Lewis Leach
Ok strauman v the sheild
Farhan Shaheed
Rollins is my idol 😍😍
As of February 12, 2017, Kurt Angle was ranked at #1 in Northeast Wrestling.
M Hale
Angle in a suit saddens me, he can out-wrestle them both in any era of his career.
ExoTime Heel
Anyone notice after his match at mania he said thank you for this.. I did this for you. It felt good to be a seth rollins fan.
Singha Arpita&9
love to Kurt angel.😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😅give likes
Wrestlemania 34- AJ STYLES VS SETH ROLLINS- WWE CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH MAIN EVENT. This will be the verification of a new era
Ken Clark
Seth is not heel 😁
Austin Roberts
anyone feel kurts gonna go heel gm I feel its just a matter of time he plays rollins for a fool then when the time comes kurt goes rouge and becomes a member of whats left of the authority and he angle slams and throws the ankle lock on rollins when his backs turned
lool man ar
Aggressive Hackers
very good video
Ben Troth
god is the king of kings
Ben 1989
Tna v roh in a WWE ring
Shujahit wazir junjua Rajpoat
love cote angel..❤❤❤
seth is mentally and physically "messed up"
Robert Contreras Jr
how about Kurt turning his brother vs. Brock Lesnar in Harker Holly how about Brothers vs. brothers just like Undertaker and Kane The Dudley Boyz Matt Matt and Jeff Hardy how to Shawn Michaels Triple H Billy Gunn DDP how about Simone Joe versus The Undertaker next year at WrestleMania 34 okay how about Eric Bischoff The Last Man Standing be Hell in the Cell orsino count anywhere d dead man rules
Stefan Ghilan
seth rollins suck
Basketball Maniac
The funny thing is that not only triple lost at wrestlemania 33 by the injured seth rollins but he lost 3 years ago at wrestlemania 30 by the injured daniel bryan
Miguel Gutierrez
Seth looks like Jesus.
Sivakumar B
It's true! And it's Damn true..💃
Brent Bren
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Dillon Mèche
The moment you realize the 2013 TNA roster moved to WWE
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