Paula Bain
There is no way Goldstone could hide That Face!
Kay Omholt-Montague
Good God! Goldstone is one of the fattest and ugliest men I have seen in a LONG time! He must have some REAL - albeit non-obvious - skills that make up for his awful, slovenly, outward appearance!
Gato Loco
Black guy always helps me remember that the comedy isn't as good as he makes it out to be
mike gerth
Trump for Prison 2017 - MAGA!
Monya Alnajadi
Anthony Iglesias
Starter sweep connection case answer series imagination setting.
ROG Music Africa
sooo cold steph , harshh
Mikayla Bansie
he (dude with wig) totally has girls chained in his basement
Mark Foray
FOR MEN....NOT CUCKS. Am I the only one that noticed that lmao 2:44
Ali Raheem
you guys know the lawyer sold them copy of trump getting peed on right ?
Next book... SATANS ALLEY! Where trumps character is a fully grown man aka alter boy who's abused by Steve.
John O
GOP owned by putin
Colbert is a lame turd. Who laughs at this childish rubbish? When did "comedy" become vile back-biting?
Have you noticed that America has a real president now? No longer a big joke!
Real men working. God bless America and D Trump.
Dirk Dwipple
Steve Bannon looks worse than emperor Palpatime.
Slim Moose
That's where Colbert is wrong. Bannon is not the Predator, he's clearly the Alien.

He and Trump form the famous duo "Alien vs. Sexual Predator".
Ella Hermans
Secret pine rest tohfo reverse mount chair guitar point each.
For the love of bacon, PLEEEEASE tell your sidekick to shut--the complete-fuck-UUPPP!!!!
Louis Heldt
Lina Maes
Turn accuracy ocean exhibition hostage doll community
Sheila Regan
I love John the music guy and sidekick. Great laugh.
headcoLd 7
Any millionaire/billionaire with a fake painting or image of them in their own office should be considered a dangerous narcissist immediately.
That shiv joke had me rolling
Azure Balmung
So Trump make a fake Time Magazine cover and Bannon made a fake Napoleon oil painting? No wonder they get along.
Natalee Steele
Why do they keep splitting these up??ΒΏΒΏ
Giga Man
Jared Kushner is such a badass that if he opened his mouth once to speak, we'd all be destroyed... That's why he never speaks.
:20 Few I thought I heard a guardian and I was not ready.
You'd think, after all the cosmetic work that Ivanka and Melania have had done, that the Trump team might have a suggestion for Steve Bannon, but then, you look at Kellyanne Conway and say, "Oh, right; never mind."
Saveea Paris
Rob "Fat Boy" Goldstein does a pretty good impression of Alfred Hitchcock in drag though he is likely fearing for his life right now along with former Russian real estate rip off lawyer to the Kremlin Natalia Veselnitskaya. If and when the hit happens it will be predictably traced back to Chechen hit men in the employ of "Shorty." But that's another story with a predictable violent ending.
Mr. Creazil
Why you gotta drag Jerry into this
I think I might respect Goldstone more for being okay with posting absurd shit that can be misconstrued and joked about. The guy's got a sense of humor. He owned that bit with the wig.
This is surreal. Paulie had a creepy painting of Tony as Napoleon in The Sopranos.
Henry Albrecht
shonenlad one
Looks are not deceiving when it comes to Steve Bannon. He's a 100% Cancer
I'm pretty a Devil's Bargain was what made in order to release Bannon from Hell.
"Hi Lucifer sent me to be your Chief Strategist in exchange for an immortal soul."
"I didn't sell my soul."
"Don't be stupid, Trump. You never had a soul. Kellyanne sold hers."
jerry henrie
stevie boy, my jewish friend, why is it you jews and masons only push immigration and multiculturism in white nations, or former white nations? You commy scum dont promote Chinese in Mexico, or worried about getting Japan to accept millions of blacks, why is that? Why are you commy libtards always pushing white race women with black men in movies, TV shows and commericals and even cartoons? Why do jews always call white race Christians nazis, and then scream anti semitism if anyone looks at you wrong? Why is it jews and liberals are behind everything evil in the world? The lgbt agenda and now the tranny agenda. You are behind the rap music for 30 years which has caused blacks to be killed or go to jail by glorifying the gang lifestyle. Yet you love blacks? You glorify rap music for 30 f--ing years that has dome so much damage to the black race yet will not accept the fact you evil scum have pushed this fpor a reason. If is pure evil, it is from liberalism, from sodomy which all saqtanists practise to abortions to drag queens to tranny agenda, if it is evil it is liberal, liberals lile stevie boy are hypocrites.
Jetpack Rorschach
Bannon has a giant oil painting of himself as Napoleon? How fucking narcissistic can this disgust blobfish with acne possibly get!
Thats a pretty harsh insult to the predator. Colbert and his writers are lucky the predator isn't real. If he was he'd take revenge for having his face compared to Bannon's
S Bola
That Russian dude is really something lol πŸ˜‚
Redstone Casey
Who doesn't love a good shiving? It's "shanking", Stephen! "Shiv" is the noun, "to shank" is the verb. I'm pretty sure, at least. Any current or former inmates, feel free to correct me.
Tuomo Luukkanen
You can say what you want about Bannon, but having yourself oilpainted as Napoleon sound like a hoot.
Ashura Marsh
Mexican Wrestler would be a Luchador.
Benjamin Urbas
Chizz Nuck
ALLEGEDLY - Colbert = Legend
Does anyone else think of Bernard Madoff every time the whole current White House clown show is mentioned? Also, love to watch Stephen Colbert! Using protection L.O.L. Cheers, DAVEDJ
Kalle KÀÀriÀinen
Goldstone is a living snapchat filter
"For men... not cucks" lmao nice
Klara Stern
"water de toilet" :D
Charles-A Rovira
Who doesn't love a good shivving? Isn't that just Yiddish for seven?
Jeff the Marmo
Steve Bannon looks like he was left to dehydrate for an hour in whatever kind of machine they manufacture beef jerky in.
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