Anonymous - They are preparing for what comes next... (WW3 2017-2018)

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Anonymous - They are preparing for what comes next... WW3 2017 2018 Message
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Anonymous Message Donald Trump Korea WW3 World News Current Events

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.

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Anonymous - Message to president Donald Trump:


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Anonymous Official
They are preparing for what comes next...

Help by spreading this information, and facts they don't want you to know.

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.

Anonymous - Message to president Donald Trump:
Carlos Peña
fuck u
blood money

Any donations would be highly appreciated. Peace and Love ✌❤
Dylan Wood
size movie treaty pile fun quantity dance answer specific exhibit naturally.
Mihai Andrei
Mihai Andrei
Yagız Ogmen
America=ypg=pkk ısreıl=esed=daes Turkey=turkmen and syria = ww3 comming
can u make an arabic translate in your next videos.because alot of arabic watching u one by one.
Naomi clauson
Is it really coming! But when?
SansHacker Br
I wanted to know how to hack to know what,s comes next
Jean-Claude Paquette
Perhaps The true war is the war for the Cognitive MAP.....
Magical _Noob
Fake. You just used a computer voice and you just keep on repeating videos. This is clickbait.
XxVlogWithABlogxX Backup
why would you do this
LifeSounD -LSD
Ayyıldız Tim 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷
evan whitewood
people actually believe what this crap is saying
Neo Angels
hola 30th guerrilla fría veamos aire
Good news: No school anymore.
Violet Dove
Ww3 will happen soon
NobleWarrior 04
Alright, I used to think Anonymous was cool or that they were actually going to do something, but in full honesty I remember these guys from the 2010s saying they were going to do shit, but they haven't and that makes me sad because they have so much potential, so so much, they could help the world in so many ways, but they don't.
me da hueva tu voz
The gay billy goat
Lmao what is North Korea gonna do us Americans will knock them down easily yes they have more soilders then us but we have more guns and food and Japon and china would most likely be on our side
Mito BR
eu sou BR mais amo muito esses caras
Saimon Zahary
your stupid
Joshua Barboza
hey if you kill someone one wouldnt you not be innocent you would just be another murderer no matter what you stand for.
Lance Tañedo
Anty Cobi 2
co kurwa
Flah Terranova
Perfect intro music to these days
Songs Gallery
Can I use this video in my channel plz?
idk ok.
STOP. THESE. FUCKING. WARS. If all these nations can't live in peace it means it's time too change their fucking lazy ass leaders to someone who can think like a normal human and solve problems without fighting like a little fucking kids and risking a millions of innocent lives with their nuclear toys, because I don't wanna die just because some stupid fat fuck said "Oh, LeTs B0mB ThEm CuZ IAm BoReD Lololollololol". There's something seriously wrong with this world and I think it's time to fix that. Sorry for any mistakes, English isn't my native language.
There's no such thing as official anonymous channel as Anonymous group is decentralized. It doesn't have a leader or 'special official channels'...
Kankalarss TR
intro music?
itz_Gaming M0dz_YT
Este es el verdadero anonymous, sin duda.
itz_Gaming M0dz_YT
I love anonymous
Owais Sheikh
anonymous please support us
I'm from kashmir.
in kashmir social media and internet us banned from last year.
no one is allowed to speak.
indians are oppressing us.
please help us..
i want to join u.
please help us.
Dominic Jaramillo
u think u an angel
Ujjwal Kadu
Anonymous we are with u but our indian media always gives us bad news rumor's about hackers thats why our parents does not gives us permission to learn us hacking to save and support our country from the corruption and others
Anonymous. I only have a few questions for now. What will school be like for the children? During ww3, will it be constantly under a shelter in place while its in session, or will it possibly even be canceled? Will citizens of the united states have to hide at their homes due to bomb risk, or will they be urged to go to a safer country?
Why anonymous we just want peace pls we don't want war pls no anonymous we are begging you we want no WW3
haha lots of your team members are arrested
Anonymous Hacker
Anonymous Hacker
lezve this planet go to mars
mamacita maddie
people always comment anonymous doesn't tell us what to do but that's not what anonymous is here for they are here to inform us to help us come together to make preparations and be proactive anonymous is our kickstart yet we still sit here
mazila gaus
Victoria Postelmans
We consist of body mind and spirit and unlike the animals have a soul and God has given to us a measure of faith. We can't see oxygen but we breath it. There are so many factors besides science and just what we can see.
Saitana Terbanga
This is fake and gay
jude rufin
Oh boy global warming
actual scratch that I don't want to find out
You are a hacking group right?
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