Anonymous - They are preparing for what comes next... (WW3 2017-2018)

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Anonymous - They are preparing for what comes next... WW3 2017 2018 Message
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Anonymous Message Donald Trump Korea WW3 World News Current Events

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.

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Anonymous - Message to president Donald Trump:


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Anonymous Official
They are preparing for what comes next...

Help by spreading this information, and facts they don't want you to know.

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.

Anonymous - Message to president Donald Trump:
Hasher Technical
Anonymous are you a hacker or a killer
Pedro Nodog
Just sabre rattling guys, dont worry be happy ( better start digging) love from Scotland
Philip Jesudasan
Pls answer
Philip Jesudasan
So basically are you WHH?
650,000 people are coming into australia for the commonwealth games. I think there is gonna be a terror attack
Saleem Ali
Hope ww3 happens.
Bill Cipher
Hack North Korea Missile Please.
I can see that most of the people here don't really have a clue of whats about to happen to their comforts.
Mike Stan
Anonymous you are useless and full of shit there's nothing you could do to change anything so shut up and mind your own business
Krystian Płachta
Anonymus Pamiętajcie że Polska nigdy się nie poda a was jeśli nie staniecie po poprawnej stronie Polska was zniszczy
fuck you
The Real HipHop
Poland will win ww3
Samule Unknown
I believe there will be WW3
Roblox hacks
Me plus d +$-$-&_&_:_&$&$
You're old now stop trying
irish mafia
Something I love about these anonymous channels are these are cia letting us no to prepare for heavy duty war if not cia there higher
Rafi Mikulas
Hey can I be in the anonymous group help
Angelo Chavez
We are anonymous
We are legion
We do not forgive
We do not forget
Expect us....
Andreas Gottschlich
cooles Video finde ich Echt gut
Saulius Guntulis
will i get killed in lithunana
Mike Lincoln
Anoymous, fuck me! Some dumb nobodies trying to pretent they are Mr bigs, show your faces you assholes, war on the Korean peninsula my ass. They have zero information, There so called hacks are shit I was doing at 12. The real anoymous? Well you will never know they exist, they do things and nobody realizes. Whh don't you do something useful you bums, but you can't can you, they think tor is cool, they are nobodies, with no lives, on social security, they have no power, they are nust a turd on the shoes of life and they know it. Korean war my ass.
We should not do war and just make a contest where you have to come up with the best meme xD
Jacob Burden
I'm Canadian. Why am I not on here?
한국어로 정확한 해석 좀 해주실분?
Paul Light
Wiener pomernickle worst manure Cockifulleer never got hold reliable sources. Hillary mob recipients lost narrative and by means want it back.
Patrick Savard
- they will never be a ww3 . we'll SEE to this ;-) easy for 50 000 years more advanced civilizations higher in consciousness and the technology aspect stopping this. (( have fun in NATURE , FARMING , DANCING , FUN LOVE WITH FRIENDS CREATES POSITIVE ENERGIES, STAY AWAY FROM STONG DRUGS. EVEN MARIJUANA OF TODAY IS WAY TOO STRONG IN THC. )) CHOOSE WISELY YOUR PHYSICAL EXPERIENCE.
Am I the only one here who thinks this is kinda creepy?
dhilel chouchene
Don't worry goku will stop them
Tadas Leibenka
there is not gonna be ww3
nate blaschka
I weep upon thee
Miki Domeny
comment section shows how important is the end.. thank you, my fellow creatures
Alm28843 plz
IM GLAD tO HEAR YOURE FREEZIN tERROIStS ACCtS. thanks for all info!!
Andrej Draculesci 13th
Is world war are advance now like haarp? Or weather manipulation.
Or they still going to use nuclear weapons?
ww3 comming 2016-17/ ww3 comming this 2017/ ww3 comming this 2017/18 SMH FOH
avocado isavocado
Why im even watching this?! I was so happy today.
1x101x 101x1
We are Anonymous we do not forgive we do not forget except us
paul h
panic at the twenty øne rømantic crybaby bean discø
When North Korea grows the balls to actually nuke us, why don't we just leave it at that? If we fire back, there'd actually be a war. Yes, many people would die, but that's better than the entire fucking world ending. Unless they continue to do it, why don't we leave it at that?
Dog Wog
Dis not anonomouse
Tyler Winston
Fucking phones
Sharukh Shaikh
Dear sir please hack Indian government. They do nothing for poor people they are just taking so many tax but doing nothing for the people...the charges of every thing getting higher.
Redmond Mann
eeeeer.......ok....i liked the video ._.)b
evil dragon
Save my world im anonmyous
evil dragon
Plz anonymous plz help my people my world stopped blue whale game plz bro hacked bule whale sichos
cyme velasco
I guess ww3 really will happen in my lifetime sooner than later. Although I am quite young, I am curious about what role the Anonymous community will have in the upcoming war. If you can change something in this war, the outcome, the number of precious lives that will be lost... I will gladly partake in it and I'm sure that many good men will too... to protect their families, their loved ones, as I will also try to do. Or will you have no part in this era of machines? I would like to know, and so do the people. ( even a hint would be gladly appreciable ) Thank you.
DaNk Guy
Elaine Prado Levine
Can your webmaster PLEASE put an audio limiter on your beginning and ending music? The audio is SO loud, I have to go back and forth with my audio controls so either, I don't blow my eardrums or speaker, or, I don't have to keep turning it up to hear the program audio that's then super quiet compared to your music. Thanks, and keep up the awesome work, guys! I'll never forget, either, but as I'm getting older and my memory fades, I appreciate your reminders!
Robloxgamergirltv pro Myers
I will stop hackers
Remix1234 02
Wil Norway Get touched by ww3
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