Train snow plowing in Normandy, France

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French national railway company train snow plowing in Normandy, following the exceptional snowfalls in march, 2013.

"The great escape" snow plowing
- "Are you sure there's a track over there ?
-  Yes... you are sure ?
- Oh oooh
- Oh oh oh oh ah ah ah !
- I'm full throttle
- Pull for Christ's sake !
- We are stuck
- Stuck ??? ah ah ah ah ah ah ! Stuck !!!
Smooth clearance
- Yahooooo !"

The locomotive is a 84 tons diesel-electric Alstom-Siemens "BB 75000", motorized with a MTU  V16 / 65 litres / 2700 hp  diesel engine and four asynchronous electric engines.

1:38 epic sound
Viktor Zaïtsev
Often times when rail plows stall in the snow, they are extremely hard to pull out. You can't just back them up with the power you went in with. Additional power needs to be brought in, and sometimes excavating equipment.
andrew thompson
some random as snowcover.
Saw one just like this with Americans-they were laughing the same way.
Love seeing it from the inside for once.
Kreig Dernier
Don't leave the flanger down at the xings
Peter Harris
going under bridges is a major task
Fool driver...
Selena Beaulieu
Wow my family is originally from Normandy beautiful area cool train......
Jack Carlson
Looks like such a fun job!
great in cab view! love the last clip!!
David Sanders
Finally a nice view from the engine. Thanks
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