Mauricio Berdugo
"Estupido" was written, directed, and produced by Hugo Chavez and based on a book by Che Guevara????
5H1V G
I just realized Guillermo was talking about Matt Damon and Ben affleck... I'm an idiot
Ant life
Damm lol he need his own show
Rema's Toy Castle
This made me laugh so much I'm definitely rewatching it
Norma Maria Torres
Guillermo Rules!
raven reyes
A stupid man.. Who is stupid
Schoppe Petzer
Written by Hugo Chavez based on a book by Che Guevara :)
Charlie McDonald
Guillermo is so frickin hilarious I just wonder has he ever actually done some security on this show 🤣 I mean that is what his job is meant to be
Josh Maloney
So obviously fake it hurts
0:40 "Me too, I have to do the junky for my movie" 😂😂😂😂😂
Jorge Gómez
No se, pero eso no me gusto.
Who's stupid kimmel? U
"Mr Matt DAMIAN is Assface"
C james
Its strange that after so many generations this Guillermo character still epitomizes "The Mexican" on television. Its good to keep a whole group of people in their place, and even better if they buy into it. It is "liberal" racism of the saddest kind.
Rachel Pachao
Jokes on him because on the back side of the post the ass face or estupido is pointed at him
Luz Santana
greatest fake rivalry in the history ..they really make you laugh..they get at each other..(reminds of man of the moon)by jim carey. keep it up
Ass face was written by Hugo Chavez! Lol 3:06
Igor Gamzukoff
guillermo the best
"Mr. Matt DamIEN" LMAO
Random Thought
I like seeing Matt on the show
maribel guardia
U mad br0 2:03 I cracked up when the sign said ass face
Tofuu Fan
I searched "Estupido Trailer" after this xd
Kevin Jenner
Guillermo is the best
The ass face poster says: Written by: Hugo Chávez
Wade Wilson
"Based on a book by Che Guevara"
Junior Louis
That's stupid geico add after every kimmel show its annoying
Mr Matt Damian...hahaha
Pete Sandov
its funny how guillermo can't talk any languagr clearly
Who knew that Matt Damon speaking Spanish is all I needed in my life
No Mr Matt Damon I didn't make any movies
Apologies to Matt Damon we ran out of time
ass face
muy bueno xdxd no paro de reirme
Pero la tilde 😰
Matt Damon is a good sport.
coming this summer "A REAL STUPID ACTOR" lmao
Guillermo can speak spanish!!??!!
Elem Fao
So Batman was stupid hahaha
Marieliza Paniagua
OMGSH! ¡Y encima el papasito habla español... Estoy hecha!
ADHD- Fangirl
I'd pay to see Estupido
This is just like between two ferns.
Anyone watching in 2017? LOL
Camhy Rubiell
Alanciano Banano
Si heres mexicano dale a like or if you aré of usa icual to.. espero haberlo escrito bien 👍
Harry 88
"From the makers of we bought a zoo" I'm dead 😂😂😂
Josue Matus Benavides
"Estúpido" lleva tilde a jajjaja
juan camilo garzon ruiz
jajaja estuvo muy bueno
Guillermo is my favorite, more then Jimmy, iv seen this video like 100 times. Guillermo is funny, sweet, respectfull. I love him !
Ronald Victoria
guillermo and matt have a great chemistry MAKE THEM A MOVIE!!!!
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