Gugma Gatchalian
This ia too much for everyone. Do we think of another catch the next day.
Teresita Ferrer
1:58 it's amazing "! Wowwww a lot of fish "!! :))
Woman of Substance
Yeah. Commercial net fishing is not okay. The type of net the second group of guys were using gets entangled around whales, rays, etc., after it washes out to sea. Nets also catch undesirable species that are then thrown back DEAD. As others have said: Not Sustainable, at least not on the commercial scale.
Noor Noor
Joost de Graaf
sleep remind add finish asian no hunter profile lovely contemporary.
princy Devi
ou wow
jahid hasan
hiw much fish!!!
Soumen Nath
How fast we are depleting all the resources.
We humans need to reduce in numbers to let mother earth live.
Estrella Philibosian
where is this?
The oceans offers us such a rich bounty ,yet we treat them as a sewer.......
Mc sali chuty
NonStop Kh 10 Song
wowo nice
maharena gebreslasie
aparna sharma
सालो कुत्तो कमीनो
Ntr Htp
This is unsustainable; if everyone does this for profit, soon there'll be no more fish in the oceans!
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