Mario's Quest - Part 4

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Mario and Luigi's journey continues to the Mushroom Express, where they meet some new people and try to track down their third of the five stars.  But then, disaster strikes...

Part 5:

I made two new plushes for this video: the Yellow Yoshi and Toadette!  

Subtitles are available to translate into any language as usual if you click the subtitles button located just below the video.

Sounds can be found at sites such as

0:00 - Kalimari Desert (Mario Kart 64)
0:46 - The Excess Express (Paper Mario TTYD)
1:06, 2:13- Radio Tune 1/ Day on the Excess Express (PMTTYD)
4:04 - Dusk on the Excess Express (PMTTYD)
4:40 - Murder in Shiver City (Paper Mario)
5:53 - Pennington's Theme (PMTTYD)
7:16, 8:16 - Look Out For Me (Super Paper Mario)
9:58 - Mario vs. the Smorgs (PMTTYD)
10:15 - Battle (PMTTYD)
10:49 - Victory (PMTTYD)
11:00 - Crystal Star (PMTTYD)
11:11 - Radio Tune 2/ Night on the Excess Express (PMTTYD)
13:04 - Sinking Spiky Ceiling (PMTTYD)
13:51 - Koopa Bros Keep Cool (Paper Mario)
14:12 - Hang in there Peach! (Paper Mario)
14:51, 15:33 - Bootler scares Guard T. (Paper Mario)
17:29 - Whale Meeting (Paper Mario)

Teh Yu Xing ChannelTM
Jenny Putri
awesome creepy creeper
Why would whacka think it's a good idea to sitting on the train tracks
murderman dead
When you come back lol get juked
your videos would be so much better if you take the tags off
Marco Alfaro
this video like the murder😉😉😉😉😉^o^
arcader dude
Password To
Mushroom Express Employee Room
Look at a phone and see why
carlos camacho
Rico Duran
Sound like this could be a new Mario and Luigi Game
Nikola Batljan
My sister loves this video
Jefferson Lopez
Ahsi Ma
Who ever made that picture looks amazing!;)
Mr Dube
UGH FUCK YOU! Look I was making Plush Videos for Years and I never got any support at all… It's really stupid… You people never ever know how much effort I put into some of my videos… WHY ARE YOU POPULAR??? Well fuck you… I'll copy some little of your work then…
Cookie YT
Don't Run Over Me!

being run over
1on1LuigiCombat / Tomato Koopa
did he say pussy heights?
Christian Diaz
모라는지 몰으겟네
James Harmon
I love your vid
Eva Batz
vita alysa
Dante45 DVkops
Love you goomzilla
XxMasterJTxX YT
16:28 speak japan
mouhi gaming
just wtf?!
Cameron Eaddy
what are they doing?!
William Garnette
turn speed to 2.0 and the train sounds awesome
Magdalena Tylkowska
Mushroom Express
Angela Dorame ortiz
Mario and luig
Angela Dorame ortiz
Mario and la
Gabriel Campod
0:00 shadow Mario's m goop
Gabriel Campod
0:00 shadow Mario's m goop
Janaina Sampaio
Dudu Usumez
no dis it fuck
The Master Sword
I love this guy he's creative Appropriate and he makes his videos sooo CUTE!
Lucille Haskel
MARIO how did you bye this
Did anyone notice there was a candy wrapper on mario's arm?
OMG I watched these when I was 6 or 7 and I couldn't find this one video!!! Now I did!!
wow this production level is very good
What kind of Mario plushes are those again?
Jorge Gonzalez
andrea cabezas
turn dawn for What de yohyi
EXTRA ステージな長谷日本代表 な浅草形紗奈祖今日したキングしんこうしない紗奈祖今日車今日信号ごはん食べる紗奈は南韓国産ハブァリン形紗奈圧力したキングレコード南必ずしも二酸化炭素形カナダかぜにビール名宛二酸化炭素形今日な
DBZ Jaime Trejo
You spañish Os Coll goomzilla ,IS colll
Mari Brucil
me gusto de mi hermanito de 6 años
Warmysillyboy gaming and Rolblox gamer
You just sound like surfer mario MARIO and luigi
Warmysillyboy gaming and Rolblox gamer
I like the movie do more and more other parts😃 please
Migdalia Rodriguez
is the yoshi
Noobington Fromnoobland
i have PMTTYD
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