Mario's Quest - Part 4

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Mario and Luigi's journey continues to the Mushroom Express, where they meet some new people and try to track down their third of the five stars.  But then, disaster strikes...

Part 5:

I made two new plushes for this video: the Yellow Yoshi and Toadette!  

Subtitles are available to translate into any language as usual if you click the subtitles button located just below the video.

Sounds can be found at sites such as

0:00 - Kalimari Desert (Mario Kart 64)
0:46 - The Excess Express (Paper Mario TTYD)
1:06, 2:13- Radio Tune 1/ Day on the Excess Express (PMTTYD)
4:04 - Dusk on the Excess Express (PMTTYD)
4:40 - Murder in Shiver City (Paper Mario)
5:53 - Pennington's Theme (PMTTYD)
7:16, 8:16 - Look Out For Me (Super Paper Mario)
9:58 - Mario vs. the Smorgs (PMTTYD)
10:15 - Battle (PMTTYD)
10:49 - Victory (PMTTYD)
11:00 - Crystal Star (PMTTYD)
11:11 - Radio Tune 2/ Night on the Excess Express (PMTTYD)
13:04 - Sinking Spiky Ceiling (PMTTYD)
13:51 - Koopa Bros Keep Cool (Paper Mario)
14:12 - Hang in there Peach! (Paper Mario)
14:51, 15:33 - Bootler scares Guard T. (Paper Mario)
17:29 - Whale Meeting (Paper Mario)

nikioxox 2002
Wow nice job! I would never be able to do real life things like you gyus do and thanks for show the world you're imagination! also you guys are my idols! I also wanna do a story like this so i mabye would do it for my brand new game's update

Still This is a awsome channel!
Advancers of Riley returns 2
Advancers of Riley returns 2
Advancers of Riley returns 2
Advancers of Riley returns 2
Luis Lajqi
I wish I was small like them like if you agree
They ride the train.
Jason Why
OMG fucking god
bianca caballero
Goomzilla you're awesome with the animations of the videos you do:)πŸ’Ž
Willie Bethea
MEMORIES MANY OF THE MEMORIES AND GOOD TIMES !!!!!!!!! :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)
Johnny Guambana
Old days
Ethan John
Your going to steep drop
peyton Dilbert
so funny
Vlogger MASTER
Ya why
PhoenixCade SMM
This has always been my favorite of the Mario's Quest part
Joey Marinoni
Kirby Gaming!
Where is the penguin detective (and not the one from paper Mario, he was a jerk in chapter 7 because you couldn't get the key under the ice, he would stop you). The one from TTYD was very nice and a bit silly such as he would think Luigi is Mario. Also he did help with clues and he was a reference to Sherlock Holmes. Very good show!
Kirby Gaming!
Did you know that you made a Mario Galaxy reference when Mario and Luigi meet the train driver in the engine room?
Iron Boy
I'm the comment at the top now
Mark Stephen Malicdem
Great job! Looks like the inside is made out of paper?
Nikki Yumi
Who watching 2017
epic video 30sub
Lorenzo Cotton jr aka Mister Cotton
I remember watching this video when I was younger now I'm 9
Mystic Image
Frozen the green star on the train
Ezra Smith
This is my favorite episode of Mario's Quest
Nadine Bryant
silia escobar
hahahhahahhahh lol πŸ˜‚πŸ˜΄πŸ˜―oh sorry i sleep πŸ˜‚
silia escobar
hahaahaaha lol
Rigobrti Garza
great memories
Rigobrti Garza
I watch this video when I was little
of course luigi found this star it was green!
Roblox Boy
I like this when I was little
id like this adventure is soooo fun
LALA Blogs
wat do you mean
Rufus Xavier Sarsaparilla
this is like clue i love it
PeachApricorn's #1 biggest fan!
15:40 phew... al right I said
angel santos megutan tus videos Jimenez
hola MARIO como es tas
Suzi Gates
Spacecoolguy99 The cool
People spended a lot of time on this give some support
Mistah Mario
What type of Mario and Luigi plush are those
Sualin Game
Como le ases para los sonidos
ssb4 winner unstoppable
what is the song at 10:18
Alessia Coluccio
very very good goomzilla
Ricardo A Gomez
Enzox Games
FeaR Wildwing
Why does this have more views then Good content creators
Robertjulio Contreras
Cecilia Camacho AlarcΓ³n
stella cosmik DIYS & more !
i subscribed to the channel i was 5 when i watched this cant believe i still found this im now 10
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