Mario's Quest - Part 4

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Mario and Luigi's journey continues to the Mushroom Express, where they meet some new people and try to track down their third of the five stars.  But then, disaster strikes...

Part 5:

I made two new plushes for this video: the Yellow Yoshi and Toadette!  

Subtitles are available to translate into any language as usual if you click the subtitles button located just below the video.

Sounds can be found at sites such as

0:00 - Kalimari Desert (Mario Kart 64)
0:46 - The Excess Express (Paper Mario TTYD)
1:06, 2:13- Radio Tune 1/ Day on the Excess Express (PMTTYD)
4:04 - Dusk on the Excess Express (PMTTYD)
4:40 - Murder in Shiver City (Paper Mario)
5:53 - Pennington's Theme (PMTTYD)
7:16, 8:16 - Look Out For Me (Super Paper Mario)
9:58 - Mario vs. the Smorgs (PMTTYD)
10:15 - Battle (PMTTYD)
10:49 - Victory (PMTTYD)
11:00 - Crystal Star (PMTTYD)
11:11 - Radio Tune 2/ Night on the Excess Express (PMTTYD)
13:04 - Sinking Spiky Ceiling (PMTTYD)
13:51 - Koopa Bros Keep Cool (Paper Mario)
14:12 - Hang in there Peach! (Paper Mario)
14:51, 15:33 - Bootler scares Guard T. (Paper Mario)
17:29 - Whale Meeting (Paper Mario)

Penguin Dood
toadette sees a bomb and thinks maybe the bob-omb would know more about it. Racist.
Penguin Dood
...this is whacka abuse.
KittyGeometryGames KGG
i used to watched this when i was really young and it brings back good ol memories
Codey Cassell
Anaberth Paez
me gusto
bad bunny baby tontos
bad bunny baby tontos
Pero igual me guto el video
bad bunny baby tontos
Yo no se ablar ingles
Ro General Thailand
I guess not just me that remember this?
Team Rowlet!
Who is that blue guy?
Sandra Castiblanco Lozano
Muy huenos tus videosĀ¢z
Rakel Bryant
Anyone from 2017?! I remembered this from when I was a wee lad lol. I AM SUBSCRIBING FINALLY!!!!
Curly Undka
Chi is the fang in the fang room facts fstx ddfxu day gser grit gdg was fet
Game Breaker YT
I used to watch THEYS ALL THE TIME
Pawan Jesrani
And I like this movie for myself
Pawan Jesrani
Who care if u like mash potatoes wisdom
The Gaming channel
Waaaaaa why did you kill yousi
Calin Stanciu
16:45 Bowser, the rest of the message is at Wario and Waluigi's post. Kolorado found it in episode 3
Yolanda Diaz
your Is poop
Selma Kedic
Vas. Dygsvsh svygdyhwh soeod
Selma Kedic
Ea a dana

Mario's Quest! (And other cool stop motion or Mario vids)



Wow Youtube... You have really evolved...
arisa SSS
Mystic Image
Mystic Image
Nice nice we win
Mystic Image
Galvatron toys
Mystic Image
I know it I know it it's yellow Yoshi
Mystic Image
! Engineer code we found him
Mystic Image
What on Earth what just happened
Mystic Image
Where'd you go
Mystic Image
Yoshi Yellow Yoshi engine driver let's go out of yellow Yoshi
Mystic Image
Luigi says do you have anything you don't have any oh yeah you're just a blonde with legs or just a blonde with legs I just need to tell you guys to walk around like this on your own business has legs
Mystic Image
You mean I mean apparently that's the work that thing oh my God
Mystic Image
Sleep in an instant good morning Mario why did you pick up that sleep grenade if you use that we're all gonna fall asleep Mario why the heck did you break it up
Mystic Image
I tried the lights are grenade
Mystic Image
You but bomb guy yeah you in the black cat did you do this we had a memory about it and you and you just dropped all sorts of
Mystic Image
The bomb that mean Blanca what if he did it all of this junk I'm going to rain
Mystic Image
Goodbye wait for me
Mystic Image
Darn it darn it darn it darn it darn it dang it I thought that was going to I hope this whole time
Mystic Image
No it's zipper zipper Luigi found it on the ground that has to make sense to that or we won't be able or we won't be able to figure out where the engine driver is and we're all going to die
Mystic Image
That's not a bomb what I think it is looks like some kind of black ball or something like a little tiny black fall
Mystic Image
Some kind of them yeah I don't know what it is either either code at I don't even know what it is either
Mystic Image
What up with Maria saying is we found these two black things on the ground in the engine room and I found one too it's some kind of black button
Mystic Image
It's an easy Galvatron oh wait that's that's that's the wrong cry I am Galvatron kneel before me
Mystic Image
Yeah yeah we can do that
Mystic Image
Baptist zipper you moron why did you pick up a zipper why did you pick it up why did you why did you pick up little tiny zipper that doesn't make sense
Mystic Image
Amazing I found one
Mystic Image
Is that supposed to be little button
Mystic Image
Mario what are you doing?
Mystic Image
Oh no no no what are we going to do let's go
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