Jamie Thombs
is maonase an instromen
Amanda Hutcherson
gaming boy Ian
you just got roste
Evan McDonald
I did it with my dad with Stan bushes dare from transformers the movie Rodimus prime anyone remember but I did it and on the fights phrase he texted me back one of the lines
Ricky Saavedra
Mother fucker you
Unicorn Priscillia
OMG!!!Its so funny!
Toxic the Skeleton
Next do: "It's everyday bro" by: Jake paul
prank lyrics >:3
Veronica Ramos
You suk
Veronica Ramos
You Wil
Maynardsam Maynardsam
It’s funny hahaha😂😂😂😂
Calvin Farley
Your awesome
Chickenhead Hicks
My mom sends emojis too twins
Liar Liar
Kai Ride
Cool 😎
call of life vdo
Marcela Heredia
Lol love your vídeos so mucho
T Bowen
Yes my mom uses emojis
Stephen Sunday
Justin beber is the worst because he copy's people song
Norazela Rosli
But why justin bieber?🤔
Aurora's Adventure
Yup she does
aliy Cardoza
Julia Maciel2
mine does
Tina Newhouse
My mom adds 😎😎😍
Demler Zamora
Yes I do that to
Carmen Lopez De Larz
Best video ever!!
Elsa Cookie
Not to cool to do this to your mom gava jucie 😏😏
Katherine Lopez
We. Don't. Talk. Anymore
nick wiltenburg
is it to late to now to say sorry
nick wiltenburg
she said what the hell are you taking about
Daniel Melchor
Abid Miah
My mm never uses emojis
Lay Sivmeng
navneeth sridhar
He was high af
Prince Angelo
lol do that again in your dad!
Jannet Fawad
Jannet Fawad
Guava:you gotta go and get angry at all of my honesty
Alex Cledoro Gozos
sonic45 r
I'm living in California to
sonic45 r
I live here to bro
Eva Vuksanovic
Ok!? Roi i love your videos
Jumoke Fagbohun
Roi mum has watched this.
Grecia Sanchez
That app is messenger
Joscelin Vinluan
Do your grampa and the song call me maybe
naejiddas gonzales
Roi's mom is so kind of him
kady small legs
Is it too late too sey sorry
kady small legs
Is it too sey sorry
Phil Mairu
When she said I know this is your mother I laughed so hard I literally fainted 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
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