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PITTSBURGH — A cat who’d been neglected by her owner with Alzheimer’s disease was found with fur matted so badly it had become dreadlocks.

On December 16, the Animal Rescue League Shelter in Pittsburgh posted these outrageous photographs to Facebook of a cat in desperate need of a cut. The cat’s elderly owner had Alzheimer’s disease, and last week, his family had him moved to a nursing home, deeming him unable to safely care for himself. Unfortunately, he forgot his two pet cats behind.

Paul Russel, a distant relative of the elderly man, showed up to leave some food out for the one cat he knew about. Walking around the house, he saw something raggedy bolt out from under the bed, and down to the cellar. Using a flashlight, Russel searched around until he spotted a cat, covered in matted fur that weighed in at roughly 2 pounds. 

When Paul Russel brought the cat into the vet, they anesthetized her so the long overdue fur-cut could finally commence. Now freed of her unwanted fur coat, the cat, whose name is Hidey, now has a new home with the man who saved her.

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Moalisza Moaat
Someone Kill that Dog
Moalisza Moaat
Mary Ogundipe
5:09 look at the way the car walks lol... but poor baby 😔
Mary Freeman
Stacy Richardson
Omg it's so sad
Tycen Taylor
Did I see the cat going high
Chasity Richards
The 2nd little story was so sad that man deserves a.. uhh something GREAT
Madeline Shaw
Dogs are better to me . Just sayin
Christina Ruggia
My cousins cat was named trooper because they found him in the middle of the highway with one eye but his mom’s crazy ex-boyfriend took him and said so damaged his eye even more so my cousin is left of two more kittens and one adult cat
Its just Josey
This is why cats are always better 😭
Ruslan Otarov
Thank you Richard
Chef Boyardee
Cat Mat Mat Cat
Ibrahim Saleem
Aww poor things, how do they get themselves into this!? 😦
I have no idea
fuck the nine tails fox I want a 20 tail cat
Joseah Gurley-Edoaurd
Cats have 9 lives duh
Mikel Mergel
no I'll never stop playing rainbow
Alisha 459867
i love cats...... i cant believe this
There an abandoned cat were I live somebody just left there cat behind. I can not stand people who get and pet then leave them when they move. This poor cat is waiting for its owner to come back. I want to take him or her with me but not shore if he or she would stay with me. If people don't want there pets any more then they shouldn't have gotten a pet a first place or give to someone who wants it.
Precious Gamer
The cat that had the matted fur looks like that monster from Stranger things season 2 hopefully the cat gets better
Christina Z
Bart might just have been sleeping after being hit by the car and the owner thought he was dead so barried him then he woke up and got out of dirt
Sara Frasheri
I love cats
Terane Qurbanova
Yaziq pisikler
Gabby Russel
good job
That's so gross. Glad the cat is ok now coz fuck that's grim.
PickleRick 9000
If I saw that dog attacking those kitties I would kill it with my own hand
William Pfab
I hate dog !
Raider Games
that fucking dog who killed the kittens but bless that guy who found the two kittens
Christian Southwind
Dogs will always better then cats
Anyone else think from the thumbnail it was a giant mushroom?
Frankie Cham
9 lives
Mickey Tuber
Mickey Tuber
And hoe dare that dog kill those hopeless kittens
Mickey Tuber
They showed the grumpy cat
Mickey Tuber
Hahahaha the sad cat was 😂 when
hvheghdjrhuwucdc the gaming
That's sad at the end😫😫 like if you were sad😫
Janis moore
Louise Beggs
It's not the owners fault he forgot because he was so old
XxxEmo GirlXxx
No I will not take my prosaic !!!!
Andrew Copeland
Jamaican cat
J Lester
Did the cat throw up blood
Rena Frost
This video made me feel so many emotions, sad, happy, hurt
Unicorn Jizz
So, all Rastafarians smoke weed? And it’s a “Rasta” cat because it’s fur got matted? Lol
spooky taterchips
“Oh that dog should be put to sleep!”
“That dog is a vile animal that needs to be killed!”
“I hate dogs because of this.”

First of all, suck it up buttercup. It’s nature. Everything will do what it needs to survive. Even you. Secondly, you’re just contradicting yourself. You’re saying, “Oh that poor cat deserved to live but the dog doesn’t.” So if a cat attacked a dog, the cat can still live? No. If the dog isn’t tame, there is nothing we can do about it. It’s instinct. So if you can’t understand that, then come back to school and learn the food system. 🤦🏻‍♀️
Jacky Trikster
I have 3 dogs and one night my cat got outside and didn’t come back so the next morning I was woken up from my sister saying the cat was dead because my 2 of the 3 dogs got to it and killed. So yeah it happens with nature
Greg Shuffield
jesus the guy dont have scissors to cut through plastic
The cat was the real dreadlock master
Gucci 10
Spider Cat! :D
cutie swirl
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