Rasta cat: abandoned cat’s matted fur grows into outrageous 2-pound dreadlocks - TomoNews

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PITTSBURGH — A cat who’d been neglected by her owner with Alzheimer’s disease was found with fur matted so badly it had become dreadlocks.

On December 16, the Animal Rescue League Shelter in Pittsburgh posted these outrageous photographs to Facebook of a cat in desperate need of a cut. The cat’s elderly owner had Alzheimer’s disease, and last week, his family had him moved to a nursing home, deeming him unable to safely care for himself. Unfortunately, he forgot his two pet cats behind.

Paul Russel, a distant relative of the elderly man, showed up to leave some food out for the one cat he knew about. Walking around the house, he saw something raggedy bolt out from under the bed, and down to the cellar. Using a flashlight, Russel searched around until he spotted a cat, covered in matted fur that weighed in at roughly 2 pounds. 

When Paul Russel brought the cat into the vet, they anesthetized her so the long overdue fur-cut could finally commence. Now freed of her unwanted fur coat, the cat, whose name is Hidey, now has a new home with the man who saved her.

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Scorpion Gaming2
man I hate that f@cking dog who attacked those kittens!
CobraTheCat 22
I feel bad for the kittens who were killed by the dog.. they didn't even get a chance at life!
Alexis Uslternhighmer
obviously didnt burry bart deep enough
amar sway
lanlan is soo cute
the persistent pussy
Cumulo Nimbus
Cats are my favorites! I can't watch these animal abuse videos about cats anymore and I hate fucking dogs that maul them.
Cumulo Nimbus
Oh my freaking fucking, God. I seriously cried real tears for that freeway cat. Did you hear the meows. The whimpering little beautiful kitty. I want to hold that kitty so badly.
Iswati Wati
Ya alloh kasihan
Jazlynn Kreloff
at my house I take care of a stray cat he is so hurt
cadence 888
Cat !!!!!!!!!
Liselotte Joosten
Omg poor bart....... i would not forgive myself if I found out I had buried my cat alive...
Vv Silva
That is sad but thank god that he put on their head and say help that poor dogs cats and more
Dianelaine JesusLives
God bless the man who saved the cat who's head was caught in a can.
Dianelaine JesusLives
God bless you Sir, for helping the Freeway cat.
Wish there were More people like you.
Caelie Teneyuque
poor cats that little cat with the head stuck and the other scared almost half to death by the highway
Bagel Cat101
why does he talk to the cat so much? it doesn't understand...and it can't talk back. it's a great thing what he did but it got annoying
i thought those was rats..
Keisha TGM
WHY DO PEOPLE DO THIS STUFF LEAVE THEM ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD but there are good people that save them
Juega con ksi méritos
7:41 I wrote story bout them at school and named a cat after trooper <3
Melody Chen
Joey Mantka
LOL.. She looks like my Calico Cat.. Same color pattern on her face..
Space Cat Games
Why the man not put the little cats in the house? Why the wolf eat the little cats??
Braiden Douds
🐥=This is Greg.
Greg doesn't know how to swim!
1 like = 1 swim lesson.
Don't let Greg drown die in the sea of comments!
Dr. Crow
the sad cat is so cute 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢
Anaya Siraj
7:21 wtf?XD
KawaiiRed Panda
At first I thought it was snakes on her fur
irdina uzma
That was so sad ;-;
Icecream Kitty
I LOVE CATS!!!!!! 😭😭😭😭
Icecream Kitty
The second story I fricking cried
Sinclaire Sibert
the man that saved the orange tabby is my hero I have a pet cat and it is an orange tabby!
Cette video me redonne espoir z lhumanité
Rachael Lopez
i that God for saving it
SaRayah Gilbert
Who ever abandon that cat in a strate up idiot and crazy person..😡😡
The last one mad me cry like crazy because I'm a cat lover
Shamarah Franco
8:07 fuck that dog there !! ohhh I'm so sorry I can't just..... uggghhhh!! I hate that dog there..... he ate the poor little kittens..... ohhh I love cats, but how could dog do that to poor little kittens.... maybe he is irritated...... ohhhh come on!!
Mady Raupp
2515 dislike some people have no hearts
Grell Sutcliff
the part were lulu appeared made me laugh. who is the narrator 😂😂
Hanna Takahashi
wtf dog why!!!!!!! why hurt the kitten!
Lalie Garcia
the cat looks like it has wings
Serenity Kasper
these are the videos that make me believe in humans
Candela Sandoval
el del perro que mato a los gatos deberían cuidarlo bien mis perros no pelean 7:v
i have a cat that look like trooper next to me
Nightmare SSJ50
8:05 I hate dogs and dogs is big ol bag of dicks because I saw a kitten saw a dog and a dog attacks a kitten, thats why I hate dogs so much and I hated it so much!
I like how you sing and your ideas cool Lee
hope they feel fantastic right now. if that happened to them then know matter what I still will love them we no its sad but don't worry you will forget about that one and you will like the new one you got.glad to help god bles yall
Del phox
3:33 so cute :p
Rebecca Killah
i want to save all the furry babies out there :( how can someone hurt or abandon such cute babies.
Irma Silva
the nine tails!
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