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PITTSBURGH — A cat who’d been neglected by her owner with Alzheimer’s disease was found with fur matted so badly it had become dreadlocks.

On December 16, the Animal Rescue League Shelter in Pittsburgh posted these outrageous photographs to Facebook of a cat in desperate need of a cut. The cat’s elderly owner had Alzheimer’s disease, and last week, his family had him moved to a nursing home, deeming him unable to safely care for himself. Unfortunately, he forgot his two pet cats behind.

Paul Russel, a distant relative of the elderly man, showed up to leave some food out for the one cat he knew about. Walking around the house, he saw something raggedy bolt out from under the bed, and down to the cellar. Using a flashlight, Russel searched around until he spotted a cat, covered in matted fur that weighed in at roughly 2 pounds. 

When Paul Russel brought the cat into the vet, they anesthetized her so the long overdue fur-cut could finally commence. Now freed of her unwanted fur coat, the cat, whose name is Hidey, now has a new home with the man who saved her.

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Kaylee Bashaw
so sad i love cats this is the saddest YouTube video i ever 😖😢😖😢😖😢😖😢
Dolofolo Lawl
the zombie cat made me scared
Who knew that the Jinchuriki were real?
I thought it was a nine tails!
Mande Loo
That dude was rough as hell getting that jar off kitty's head
Ethan Russell
Rasta kitty
Jesus Sanchez
tefelisito por salbar ASE gatito
Soulja Boy
FUCK CATS!!!!!!! doggy boy
Fluffy Supreme :3
The only one I cried at was the last one 😭 FREAKING DUMB ASS DOG GO DIE IN A HOLE UGHGHHHH!!!
i know baby
Poke Puffed
That poor cat with its head stuck was probably a stray looking for food. Poor baby.
Smol Paula
That poor calico cat...
Eliana Bieneman
Octo-Cat 🐱🐙
Jenna Spence
Lucky, I've always wanted dreads
The persistant PUSSY xD
Kyle Yang
The animation at 00:45 is fucking priceless!
Wilfred Louis Dela Cruz
OMG! Why people have to kill and leave other pets to die omg those Peale are just bad and I am so angry of them.😤😤😤
Stich Is here
4:18 😂😂😂😂
Cookiemations - Animations
better said "pasta cat" ( get why? )
Oh, and I'm pretty sure that cat has depression!
I'm NO JOKE crying my heart out for the freeway one. I want a cat of my own so bad, why the living hell would someone just leave a cat out in the highway?! Oh, I know who, A BITCH WOULD!! A FUCKING BITCH just whoever did that should just BURN IN HELL!!! It makes me so damn pissed that someone just left it out there or let it run away...this cruel world. ❤️
Liane Clément
so sad 😭😔
cats don't have 7 lives
special bluebell
what the fuck
Italian Republic
It looked like a fucking Nekomata Meshpile.
Melissa Lanuza
Dragon Tamer
Bless all people that help animals in need. I couldn't bear seeing an animal that wasn't guilty of anything bad.
AWizardMummyandMartian ImUnique
where is Venus?
AWizardMummyandMartian ImUnique
How do animals survive without us, don't they clean thesmelves.
Mushpop mushy
this made me cry. good job bro
the video should not be a joking matter .. I hated the narrating
Red_Giant_23 selangor
the sad CAT LMAO, im so sad
Omina Sultanova
I think theres a thing called a wild dog idk xd it was one of those wild dogs and Real dogs dont eat kittens lol im a dog lover and cat lover.
Sara Vandano
The sad cat is Ryuzaki
Please look at him
Salvador Macasinag
so cute abandoned cat
Ronson Laltanpuia
That bleeding mouth cat 'MEOW' just makes me feel so sad........ I just wanna cry out loud.. 😢 God bless you Richard.....
Scorpion Gaming2
man I hate that f@cking dog who attacked those kittens!
CobraTheCat 22
I feel bad for the kittens who were killed by the dog.. they didn't even get a chance at life!
Layton Rupp
obviously didnt burry bart deep enough
amar sway
lanlan is soo cute
the persistent pussy
Cumulo Nimbus
Cats are my favorites! I can't watch these animal abuse videos about cats anymore and I hate fucking dogs that maul them.
Cumulo Nimbus
Oh my freaking fucking, God. I seriously cried real tears for that freeway cat. Did you hear the meows. The whimpering little beautiful kitty. I want to hold that kitty so badly.
Iswati Wati
Ya alloh kasihan
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