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PITTSBURGH — A cat who’d been neglected by her owner with Alzheimer’s disease was found with fur matted so badly it had become dreadlocks.

On December 16, the Animal Rescue League Shelter in Pittsburgh posted these outrageous photographs to Facebook of a cat in desperate need of a cut. The cat’s elderly owner had Alzheimer’s disease, and last week, his family had him moved to a nursing home, deeming him unable to safely care for himself. Unfortunately, he forgot his two pet cats behind.

Paul Russel, a distant relative of the elderly man, showed up to leave some food out for the one cat he knew about. Walking around the house, he saw something raggedy bolt out from under the bed, and down to the cellar. Using a flashlight, Russel searched around until he spotted a cat, covered in matted fur that weighed in at roughly 2 pounds. 

When Paul Russel brought the cat into the vet, they anesthetized her so the long overdue fur-cut could finally commence. Now freed of her unwanted fur coat, the cat, whose name is Hidey, now has a new home with the man who saved her.

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Dj Kitti
Allison Rae Banks
spider cat
Stormy Cloud
It's SlenderCat! like slenderman
Randell Alino
Hello my name is [Morgan]
They did a really good job of amputating Trooper's leg, because he honestly looks normal.
Melody Forrest
Melody Forrest
Awwww this is sooo sad:'(
Hey its the Savage little girl
Lol I love the sad cat ITS SOOOO CUTE the person talking was soo lol
tumor heaven
Jack jaws
i'd be happy if the 3rd cat came back
Ruthless Gus
6:50 9 lives right :D
Purple Guy
Abby Schwarz
Sick graphics
Poor kitty that dog so mean 😒😒😒🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱
DerpingGamer AJ
What does a Native American burial place have to do with it?! That's offensive to us Natives!
Thats so sad ;0;
Like who would do that >:0
Brieanna Schwab
Awwwwww Trooper is so cute!
Ann Mizze
That injured cat had me crying at 3am. Yes, 3am. Poor kitty.
A Stereotypical American
in the animation the cat was smoking pot XD
crossline punchline
Dude this was so sad i love kittens
Nina Zheng
OMG lulu
RafPo B
Yurio Plisetsky
these people are the best people in the world, i would give anything to meet them.
lol i love the sad cat one
Lotte Plantinga
zombie cat is fake
Kendall Queen
3rd one laughed my head off 😂😂😂
Alexa morales
looooo made me cry with laughter
bossgamer2016 boss
i cried soo much poor cat ;(
MrMoshi Senpai
its a kyuubi
Cyrus Playzz
luna the cat
awwww pure kitty cats
i love my four cats so much i just want to comment that and i havent and will not watch this sad video
cutie pie
poor cats
casyttube Vanbuuren
sad i cry
living horror
nobody cares about the hair, why the fuck is the cat smoking out of a bong
The narrator is so funny. sad lulu haha. New subscriber :) keep up!.
Dragonite Chaos
Pls sub to meh comment you sub then I sub back
Fajar Amalul
damn its sad look cat sad
Ms. Mangled
8:06 THIS is why i'm a cat person.. -_-
Keara 112
the dad cat has down syndrom.
Panic! at the twenty-one chemical crybabies
idk why but the cat with the jar on it's head made me laugh a little too much
Kathleeni Hendricks
first there's grumpy cat now there's sad cat
Tricia Aura Uy
Amy Wells
well I'm glad there OK.
sophia hamidah
5:22 I think it's so cute of humans helping that poor cat awww ...
Kitty Katz
is it bad that I literally had a melt down?!?!?! said between sobs
Ender_Cat 1
These people are amazing!!!!!!
Ender_Cat 1
Poor things
Angel ShadowGgem
the cat that was on the high way POEPLE ARE DEMONS
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