Tiana Becomes A Mermaid!! Toys AndMe Family Fun Video

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Hi friends:)
Today i became a mermaid and had fun with my Dory Fin Fun Tail,the waves in the ocean were really strong today so i went to the pool for some more fun:)

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little betty gamer200
where do u get the mermaid tales?
ava woodings
if u guys didnt know on the rocks there was a lizzard!
Keylianis A Melecio
Tiana A Hai
Zeeshanandomar gaming vlogs
I love Tiana and I love her videos I like all the videos and she's so kind girl
Isaac Miller
I love your tail
Shanipua Alexander
love you t
steven rawson
علي علي
ت يونوجخاممتليرة
Clare Broxholme
Charlotte Findlay
Where did u get the tail from
christian miranda
my to💙
Kevin Zeelie
HiTiana A en Bike fan
Kevin Zeelie
HiTiana A en Bike fan
ניקול אקציבש
how old are you tiana?😙
Mika Rahman
Thong Ly
láo toét
Lilly Scruggs
I think she is Areal
DanniMarie Chirino
Jamara King
love it
Denise Folkes
I like that
Ally Hinchee
that is is not how you swim in it
Adriana Hoyos
Lisa Cox
hi love you mermaid tail
Nene Da Costa
Wow Tiana A love your videos and your baby video 😻
نبأ هيثم
شلابسه صدگ ڜذب
Sherma Lawrence
I wish I was a mermaid
Sherma Lawrence
I was I was a mermaid
Sherma Lawrence
I wish I was a mermaid
ahm mha
l LAIKe too for uour videoes Like like too too 💒💒🎡🎢🗼🎪🗽
tiberiu sterie
i love toys and my
Celine Gracia
tiana ihave mer miad too
Amira Amira
Hi Tina ILove you
Marie Serna
Tiana looks like dory
tonya lyles
where are ya'll and how much is to get in the beach because my family wants to go on a family vaction.
myjjoi johnson
can I do that with you
Qiana Wilson
can I have one
Fluffy Monkey
Are you dory
The Chicks
Hi my name is Taylor and I'm six years old Tiana I like your videos so much
Geena Sangwan
tiana is looking cute in this costume😃😃😃😃😃😃
Jazz Honda
i love mermaid tail
mitsj5 jaimeandseanarecool
does anyone play roblox i do
mitsj5 jaimeandseanarecool
i love your dory mermaid tail tiana i wish i had one and can you please tiana give me a shout out on one of your vids PLEASE!!!!
Alma Mesic
Bebe Areizaga
thanks again for all the Cripps cave Creek and you are I am going in spiying you are I love you please
Cindy grossman
Èlizabeth Belanger
Rashu Dhakal
where are u living Tina
Valentina1096 Mendoza1096
o que fantástico
cookey Cook
I love you
Dona Dey
Na na
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