People Face Their Fears in Virtual Reality

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"What even is happening? I'm in an office!"

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Don't Let Go! Skydome Studios

Licensed via Audio Network

Giant White Knee Tarantula Spider
Davies and Starr/Getty Images

Film Footage courtesy of Shutterstock, Inc.
Used by Permission
Hotel Corridor
LeoPatrizi/Getty Images

Ashley Alderson
0:08 guy used to work for fine bros
Dank Owl vlogs
London Dupree
Sweeties Candy Review
Pause at 2:12 and you can see the troll face
Pink Ninja
That scared me and it's only on my iPad
Balisong EUR
2:12 troll face
“I hope there’s not a snake, and there’s not a cat”
Me:That a big transition....
danilo carvalho
damn, this is so black mirror.
Paige Salazar
Left person: Does it seem like you can cut it?
Right person: Yeah let’s try!
spider half flings off plate
Left person: fearful scream
Martin-Jesse Lim
Wow did Zac actually leave FBE for Buzzfeed?? Why?
Random Crafter
i won
Shambahala the Wolf
Does it seem like you can cut it? Yeah let's try it....AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
Sabrina Zheng THK
Anyone got goosebumps?
Awesome KidsLIT
I would like just close my eyes in the gogles
Wolf'y geoid
It was funny when he said these are white pearlescent arms I'm nervous
x Luna's World x
I have high-quality headphones and the spider in my ear got me SH00K cause of how it goes left to right >:(
Fernanda Rios
Yoongi:It's just a spider it's small
J-Hope:So are grenades and bullets
Derpy Chicken Nuggets
"It's like the sound of someone eating potato chips" 😂 👏
Isabella Tv
In the end it was so scary
Lol it sounds like someone eating a bag of crisps
anthony O'DONNELL
Why is the only coloured person in the video. Have to make racist remakes.
rebecca vawter
dont put me on here cause i hate spiders i have the phobia cause i got bit by one
Masa Cuf
mari macaroon
I FELT the spider crawl up my arm
Andrew Milles
Can Courtney please be fired
i love horses AND more
if i was one of them

you wtf
Royal Solaris
The girl destroyed the microphone...
Joshua Plays
omg no offense but the black guy is halirous
Fan_Girl101 Xoxo
Fear factor anyone?
Funtime the proxy
Their mom calls them and they die
Shayla Lewis
This is random but her cupcake tattoo is super cute 😍
H&N Slime and more
I remember doing this years ago! xD

I screamed and let go at the end when the spider jumped onto my face ;-;
I would close my eyes
Alice Cheshire
Carson Upenieks
Please leave me your too close!!👌👌👌
It’s harry potter all over again
Luna idk RANCH
I wouldn’t get scared... I’d just be like “oh why’d you look at that”... like everytime I’m in a haunted house I never get scared and laugh sometimes
Lenni Kaippio
2:11 nice trollface
Haha that’s the dude from fine Bros when did he quit
Michelle is me honestly 💀💀
Bear Fox
Why am I watching this before bed????
maisie g
The end made me jump from watching this 😂😂😂😂
brooke bishop
I mean black person he's funny
brooke bishop
I like the brown person he was funny
Adam Man
If you eat crab you should have no problem with eating spiders.
Nala The Savannah Cat
School and homework is scary
Angus Young
“I’m just gonna pretend it’s someone eating potato chips.” Lmao xD
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