Whats the titel of #2 I couldn't find it
Adelino Denzel
You speak too much and too wrong baby. ...but you still having room to grow
Daniel Diorio
I am big fan of Saturday night and Melissa McCarthy.
Yogi Daniel Seoul Korea
Grizzly claw
let me see huh the best one is when she doesn't show up and you never hear from that fucking stupid ass bitch. basically she sucks fat ass bitch
It's always a pleasure to have things explained to us by a dumb, self important millennial.
Mojo Jim
This van Lanningham b*tch needs to shut the f*ck up.
Eat em n Smile
yes I agree this lady is funny I been laughing at her comedy for quite a while
Davidera Durando
You succesfully accomplished to make a comedian legend look like a total loser... "fart sounds and sex jokes"... srsly?!?! f**k you!!!
PF Heller
huh, thought you were 12. you have such a limited vocabulary, let's see.... Your level, gutter garbage. So, one nut, you are a total, connote, waste of space. Do not respond, it's all the same words in different order. go back to your dismal, slithering life. I can sell you a rock to crawl back under if you lost yours.
Pam Melton
Casey Schofield
she is amazing to me I think the one of the best scenes I have seen her play in The boss where she has her Scouts beat up they're rivals in the street
Antonio Patelidas
all I heard was you're single lol
SepehR 2.0
shut up bitch and dont waste time show me melissa!
Youd be better off just showing the clips. No one wants to hear your bullshit.
Hood County Investments
I'm a white male, and a Trump supporter. Will that said, Melissa McCarthy nails the Sean Spicer skit perfectly. Even Spicer wishes he could act like that.

Well done.
Martin Ellenberg
Linda Sommer
The funniest woman ever!
Narrating ruins it
Sniff Heinkel
Fuck Melissa McCarthy. Shes just a wanna be Rosie O'donnell and she ruined Ghostbusters.
I hope she dies from being such a fat unfunny cunt.
Linda Pearlman
She's the best
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