$39 Massage Vs. $490 Massage

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“I have no idea what’s happening to my body right now."

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Beautiful African woman relaxing spa salon Face Body massage concept
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Woman wearing face mask being pampered with spa treatment
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Beautiful young woman relaxing at spa salon Face Body massage
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Four Season Los Angeles
Aqua Thai Spa
Tikkun Holistic Spa


"Did you come here on a date?" yep, just me, her, and a fucking camera crew on a romantic date
Rachel Smith
i liked this vid just because she referenced The Hobbit :)
Elle Hogg
Expensive vs not as expensive pools
Cross Mckenzie
"Now's the time when we get naked" an hour later and I still don't know when she is going to let me know why I am naked.
logan gilley
why is it so foggy in the car? Getting hot and heavy? lol
Smilyfry Curly
Am I the only one who thinks Michelle looks like Alicia Keys?
Bill Maykuh
Does anyone want give me a massage - I have a sore penis.
Are the two chinese guy at the start twins??
Alex Smiler
I fell asleep watching them getting massaged
شادي برو
Nice Photos
$25 (cheap) vs $350 (good quality) cocaine
Tomáš Jeziorský
Hey, no truffle oil massage at Four Seasons?
Do worth it snow cones
TheLastOne ToAsk
we're all here for the thumbnail
Tyre 2k17
Can you do a Season 2 👻💀👻💀👻💀👻💀
Salma Osman
Who else ships it? #Jelissa #Mordan
Ernesto Aguilar
I don't like change
Random AL
Why does the girl with glasses look like my cousin ?
Superintendent Chalmers
Ok... at the 4:30 mark I wonder if the guy is secretly just trying to cop a feel.
kelsey crandell
"Massage fact: I got my period today!"

chokes on coffee
Madeline Scott
I feel more relaxed by just watching this.
4:44 yeah , she is definitely in the moment
Billy Sou
How about apartments in L.A? And Buzzfeed does sponsorship with auto companies. So Worth It autos can be an idea.
Alex Vanlandingham
Just get your friend, boyfriend/girlfriend, family member to give you a massage..Paying someone to rub your body weirds me out
Harry Rigby
i'm scared to go and get a professional massage because i feel like i'm gonna moan really load...
I want to get a massage like these, but I keep reading that 15% to 20% tips are expected, and the massage is already expensive as it is
qadd vffjedjd
worth it edition on weed #millionviewsidea
Camper Fox
Massage fact ... " I just got my period this morning... " Best fact ever, hands down !!!
Мария Marrista
Nice massage video, very helpful!
thrice bang
"i'm going to have to really be blown.... out of the water." at a massage parlor. is this thing on?
Dilynnie Cathey
One day, I'm going to work at buzzfeed.
Shereene Lee
F14 skills
Pause at 6:16 I swear the other girl was supposed to win🤔
Joana Alves
i felt relaxed watching these
Milo The Cat
Woah a $490 massage Is better than a $39 massage? Who would've known!
drink me
i have never had a massage. ever. but it sounds nice
"It was 'There & Back Again'. The Hobbit. I don't know." MY FAVORITE PART
Tbh, I don't like showing my body especially naked....
So, is there any massage with clothes?
"I think I know who can be in the worth it video"
Hmmm Hey
Gotta love those girls throwing themselves onto the wall. Awesome. More nut than us guys.
if u a massage therapist u get to see ppl naked lolz
Alyssa saldana
You can feel the sexual tension.
Squishy Lover
My brother is friends with someone at BuzzFeed
~DO this budget but with HOOKERS~~
Rokiah Jawi
tunjokan tv3kpda anjoran balkes
Rokiah Jawi
ka tv 3 balkes
liz london
I get 5 dollar massages
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