Mangosteen Mina
It's nice to know that there are still thoughtful people
Gamer Thebro
Wow nice some people are nice
WeepingWillow 1204
I almost cried! thank you all who have helped homeless people and starving persons! God bless you all!
Rudi Hartono
ill help him no matter what
wiktoria szumierz
I would do the same even when I would be freezing
Angel Miracle
something like this actually happened to me, middle or end of December, i had just gotten back from a cheer competition, i was waiting for my dad to get at the school, no coat because i expected him to be there, a lady got out of her car and gave me an extra jacket she had, and i returned it when my dad got there.
I am from oslo
use your glutes

im sorry too much?
Randomness Tube
it's norway most people are nice there... try that shit in new york
It's probably warm in the back of my trunk, here get in.
MyDogRoleplays AJ
awww i would definitely help him!
Juan Resendez
I will always try to help
Icelord 2756
If you would hurt that kid you're a huge bid IDIOT ok!
Ryan Beats
This has so many likes I can't put my own like I LOVE THOSE PEOPLE WHO HELP 😀😀😀
Waldemar Michalski
skandynawia , i wszystko jasne
Hahaha Hello
is this social experiment channel real or staged
Kool Kid
This is fake you can tell because they didn't blur the faces of the people interacting with the boy (the actors)
Charlie Glanvill
Give him hot cocoa
thatalien turtle
I would give a freezing child everything I have warm on
Aww faith in humanity restored ☺️☺️
Victor M
It would be interesting to see what would happen with a child of another race or skin color.
Zach Hutson
indont think this is really good because u pretty much am taking people's stuff with a fake person. I hope they give them back
Berkay Oguz
who cuts onions :')
1:33 fuck
Shirley Pedersen
I love all the people there stop to help those there needs it. My deep respect to you!
Amy Cooper
subscribe if your name begins with a letter
Martyna Holland
The same experiment was in my country, and reaction was terrible. Only few people helped him. Some people in my country are judt bastards.
Mommy_Cassidy Grace95
reality is most people wouldnt give their jacket to him not that i would blame them.
people gotta take care of themselves too lol.

but if like i usually do when its cold, if i had a sweater and a coat yeah id give him my jacket but not if i was wearing some short sleeve shirt
at least im being honest
Lovetts Ball
I wood give him or her my Jacket and my money
ger newfie
unreal how people just walk by or stand there, one day they will need help and hope karma kicks in
Gwen lucky
you should of done was
point laugh at the little fag homo
then tell himt o get a job then walk away and be like WTF are you doing go home little homo HAHAHA
Josh Daley
Michal ride to my house or something
Princess Pink Msp
Esther Payne
omg bless these people they are so nice to actually help. omg
I love my country, If it weren't for donald trump, my country​ would be even​ better!!
irene k
that is so sweet
heyyyitttzzz saaammmy
awe this makes me happy
Rosalie Huston
I Wouldent be a butt and help them
Green Day Trash
it's obvious this was fake :/
The Wild Rose
The old lady giving her scarf made my day
Prince of all human race
is this fake are real
jhtegj c
help the kid
Reanna B
yes for sure
Shawniqua diy
33 BYE
Jones' Electric
people are kind and generous
Geisel tu amiga
que hermoso es saber que aún existe gente buena
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