DIY Puppy Dog Food Dispenser from Cardboard at Home

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DIY Puppy Dog Food Dispenser from Cardboard at Home

In this video I show you how to build amazing food dispanser for your dog, cat or any other pet :)
You need jar, 1 pipsicle stick and of course cardboard. Just follow the instructions in this video and you get awesome food dispenser!

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"Merry Go Slower - Distressed" Kevin MacLeod. Creative Commons Attribution (

Will this work for my cat?
Melissa Burr
My son would like to make this for a school project. Any written instructions with specific dimensions?
Chandler Boultinghouse
Spills when putting in jar

DARN IT!!!!!
Princess Juliet
candela magali ovando
Auspiciando royal de paso
bibi pro pro
Grace Sanchez
I subscribe
Super Samuel
I don't have a dog but how do you refill the dispenser
Flor Cely
Guaooooooo que pro es lo mas chebre que he visto
Colita Kirita
Colita Kirita
In real life: dog will start to play with a thing, eventually eating too much food, then knock dispenser down, tear it apart and shit all over the house due to a overeating - dont trust everything you see here - dont be retarded.
Yafavv Nai
3:50 is the best part

Did I get you😂👌💖
Madi Bootsman
Can you refill the cointainer?
Hayden Beckett
When you think about it you don't need to do that much stuff
Mimi Ngo
I was gonna make this and other doggie items but my parents sold the dog for bad grades ;-; I miss her so much
I just found your channel today, and I’m already subscribed! I love your content!
Terina Barlow
Where do you live
Veronica Ammons
What if u need to refill it??
Abigail Kangas
I wish I could do that stuff😂😂😂
Suni Arely Canul Sosa
Yo quiero que pongan las medidas😭
Deedles Lilly
That is AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!
Tmc Gamer
my version is so much more messi...
ปัง ปอนด์ ปราย เกเร
Sonja Bentayeb
Thank you
Sonja Bentayeb
Nice firy goode
erniuke siliauskaite
erniuke siliauskaite
Alleeyah Smith
Smart, but my dog wouldn't take his paw off the lever 😂😂😂
Brooklyn KENNEDY
so much work but good use
Bernarda Mazas
I subscribed and also i hit the bell.
octavio Gutierrez
cool man this guy is the best youtuber ever
Patricia Cruz Gomez
Alguien me dise que rasa es pliss porgabor
amelka Erfort
pleace the cm and mm
Lianne Brown
You make it look like 1,2,3
Luis Jvs
Mája Lachová
Solαire of Astorα
This dude is like Phineas and Ferb version, but with cardboards.
Pak Wids
Make a cat home
Яна киса
Я что одна здесь русская ?
A.E.P Equestrian
Dude, do you even know what measurements are?? It's a DIY... DO IT YOURSELF. We can't do it yourself if we dont know how big the pieces need to be!
Warren Boyd
Pieter Snackaert
this is just what i needed for my new puppy billy
Brianna Salcido
I love your chanal
Maria Clara
caralho que foda
Watch attack on titan
You are the best👍👍
Watch attack on titan
How do you make these things😱
ert dfe
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