This Made Martin Lawrence A Marked Man By The Illuminati

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They dont like ppl who wants peace, black upliftment, creating more for black ppl and God etc etc..HE WAS MARKED FROM THAT POINT ON...

daniel white
IGrewup StillDeontefrombladensburg100
word to Martin Lawrence who is from Landover and same county where I am from he went school with my father love it.
Ayla Vasquez
the shit martin speaking right now about to bring me to tears dis some real shit
Jay rock
Word I know that's right that's my O.g man! #Godbless and protect Martin Fitzgerald Lawrence Amen!🙏
Areeshia Holloway
they played on my fav 1990 movie
Earnest Hammond 3rd
Christianity movies will always promote the biblical characters to b white due to the simple fact that their racist & don't want to accept the fact that most of the biblical characters were black including Jesus himself.Rev 1:14-15,Dan 7:9,Dan 10:6,Song of Solomon 1:5-6,& etc.Once u look at those scriptures with an open eye your mind would b angry with your religion of Christianity n which is a pagan man-made religion just like all the rest of them.U need a relationship with God n the spiritual realm because God is a spirit John 4:24 & once u have a relationship with God nobody can't tell u nothing on how to walk n faith or how to walk with God because God is already leading u to your promise land.So u must become spiritual n order to get on the same page of God.
Earnest Hammond 3rd
Man Martin is speaking that truth that needs to b heard for the people never live n the lie because Satan is the father of Lies.U can learn how to have a relationship with God over at TIREO WEBSITE TIREO YouTube Channel.
How many years ago was this interview taped? So why isn't Martin dead yet?? Stop glamourizing your fucking distraction and wake the fuck..know what?on second thought,just stay asleep.You"ll only get in the way. 
I don't blame the Illuminati, I blame amateur's for what happened.
MarCherie Thompkins
Sherri Roberts
No sound??
Lawrence Lugar
Silly/stupid title. -- if someone or some really powerful group wanted you'd be dead by now.
All these so-called illuminati videos on youtube are dumb. Wtf is 'illuminati' anyway....any executive in a suit is an evil illuminati?
Nyesha Tolbert
I love him!! he was a amazing person I feel his soul threw this video..his heart and his intentions where good! that's what made him targeted he wanted to uplift the black community
LaDonna Victor
Who are these powerful people that everyone is afraid of? Let's start posting their photos and make them scared of us!
gus chigguns
Great interview
Julia Wolf
you right martin
Floyd steel
Idk how this specifically made him a marked man, I've heard celebs say realer shit than this but anyway martin is a legend
Spencer Guest
go leafs go
wayne melanson
lmao u need a better mic huh, get a job
wayne melanson
please donate???? wtf
Kelvin Crowe
Where are the comments!
Markale Fowlkes
I respect Martin Lawrence for this so much 👌👌
R. Christine Young
Amen Martin. 4:46. watch it.
ChiCityHigh !!!
Play 👀 kinda sweet.IJS
deadpresidents 27
Lets not allow martins words to die off in vain. My hope is that every person who watches this lives their life (even if just for today) with LOVE, peace, and empathy in their hearts. Lets break down these racial divides and turn the TV off!! spread love
This is just like 2pac letting people know or make aware About the East Coast West Coast war is just a made thing to sell records.. Dividing people and Conquering them easier... We have to STAND AS ONE!! Together we Stand. Divided We fall... Martin's Mom is smart and intelligent named him after MLK Jr. and JFK... 2 people who spoke out against illuminati Leaders who don't care about the REAL PEOPLE OF THE WORLD.. JFK spoke about Private Banking Industry who is run by Satanist Rothchild Family When There is WAR they make their money by loaning paper money that isn't really worth anything it's just paper.. But because they have this power and (stolen Gold from countries) that countries will not get back... They get their fake paper money back through TAXATION of a NATION.... Stay Strong Martin Lawrence #Killuminati
Jay-Boi Robinson
I don't know why it made him a "marked man" by illuminawhatever we already know this stuff...
Jose Carrera
This is NOT racism by any means. Martin simply spoke the truth and gave an invaluable insight to reality. The deck has been stacked against us (minorities). I love people. White people are not "evil". The world has been manipulated and driven by their desires. I agree with Martin's views. Although, he missed some important facts. We have to refute the falsehoods put forth by the ones in control of media, movies, music, and entertainment. There is no illuminati. We the people of color are not footstools. We are the cornerstones of life. We are compassionate by nature. Forget the thought of "god". That does not exist. Belief in the UNREAL is the
cementing of your servitude. ELIMINATE the false faith in the paranormal (god) and you will begin to be on the level of the godless that rule the earth. They are godless because they know we ARE the gods. Stop looking up to the "heavens" for answers.
DAMN!!!!!! Real F'N Talk........
Ace Massey
PREACH Brother Lawrence!! PREACH!!!
God is Coming soon!!! The truth doesn't even matter anymore smh help us lord!! Look what happened to Kanye for telling us that something is going on!
D Wint
Am I the only one hearing noises in the background while he is talking like a searching radio in the left airphone with high tones, like a binaural beat? Its annoying and really gets into your head.
martin Lawrence was woke
De Soulpowered
Beautiful! Thnx for posting.
Corey Richardson
So now you know why there's no more A.H. shows being taped💪🏿👊🏿
Martin is passionate about people and the him always
Brad Schwenzer
remember this as a kid. didnt know arseneo had another show recently but saw katt williams on it...thanks to youtube.....prob let him on some obscure channnel right...also fell for billy shiton....till i saw ross perot dominate the debate. perot tried so hard to inform with the charts and graphs...was to young to vote tho :/
Cool Breeze
Man f*ck illuminati! Why do some people believe in that sh*t? It's a joke!
Cloud Hazie
The era where a grown ass man cn sit on a table and swing they feet while sucking on a Lilly pop and not be considered gay.....
stephen williams
There's one thing that my own African people make mad that we do. We are racist and stupid against our own. The light skin vs dark skin wars have to stop. The lighter women are better then darker women nonsense has to end. The feeling better because I'm mixed bull crap is childish. The hate towards our blackness has to fucking end to. The not accepting a black Spanish speaking person is not black has. To end at the end of the fucking day. WE ARE DARKER TONED AND FUCKING BLACK. Pretty soon American norms are going to be light skinned people with curly hair. think I'm playing do y'all see how many racist white mens daughters want a black man or mixed black man?? By 2050 or 2030 mixed black kids will be the norm in America
V. Z.
What's with the title? The title doesn't go with the show.
Jason Babcock
Hey look don't think that privacy is available these days it's just a word, well for me it's just word now because we are like puppets being controlled by the governments and illuminati's sticks. Freedom is not an option we are all controlled like the world is a prison for innocent and guilty humans and we are just sitting there like food going to be eaten and as soon as the government or illuminati takes its bite we are all gone and brainwashed to them there will be no religion except for the one they teach us and they will be the god but we all know who we follow and will not let the so called New World Order take control
Danie The Poet
love Martin
Jason Mcmillan
Everyone has their own opinions and everyone has the right to their own opinion it's just funny how when anyone gives their opinion it's automatically the job of someone else to destroy what the f*** that person just said
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