This Made Martin Lawrence A Marked Man By The Illuminati

illuminati vs martin lawrenceilluminati exposed 2017hollywood satanic riturals


They dont like ppl who wants peace, black upliftment, creating more for black ppl and God etc etc..HE WAS MARKED FROM THAT POINT ON...

D_1BlacKarican Stallion
wow, what happen to this Martin? this interview was just as good as Jesse Williams speech.
that guy is so different now.
try and ask for a photo, help or autograph now.....
What year it was?
Cynthia Gentry
Gay fucker.... $$$ Is him..
Sean Ferguson
fuck the illuminati
He aint pull no punches. Yall better appreciate Real Talk. That shit is a scarce commodity nowadays. People that give you undiluted truth are targets of those who intentionally misinform. Go Martin👏👏👏👏
Denzel Payne
That Toronto Leaf jersey still the shit though
Dallas Winfield
Thanks knicole B
Bo Rod
Crack is whack
now look, as soon as anyone gets arrested its all over social media before they even see a judge.
Ham Eggs
he was just high yall love to put shit on successful black martin is funny and smart asl
Dallas Winfield
Can somebody tell me if it's true that kid and play is married to each other is that true
Tony Fastlife
8:40 mark he exposes government being responsible for our entertainment
The biggest surprise in this vid is to see that not only Martin, but Tommy was still alive (read had soul) while sitting next to 5 dead yet animated entities... Very telling considering his recent demise.... On same note BOLO for marin f lawrence! He stay MIA
Todd Wiggins
Brilliant interview, it's just funny to see these old clips and realize just how camera lenses have improved in the last 20 years...
Ronald Brown
the 90s was the last great decade. Personally, it was the 70s but the 90s was the last decade when family mattered. People TALKED to each other.
Paul Avery
Easiest interview in history Asenio just sits back and say the occasional yeahhhhhh....!
Corey Gregory
The title was fitting! Because that's the only way to get people these days to sit and listen to something that's real! If the title said Martin dropping knowledge it would got way less views
is Illuminati the name of Martin's crack dealer ???
Nohemi Richardson
that's right we are here brother and you are in my prayers
Pooh Whitaker
you are right about why they started targeting him as well as 2Pac they don't want us regardless of skin colors the truth is skin color has nothing to with it we all brothers and sisters apart of each other only one race of people and it is human beings only the powers that be do not want us coming together as one uniting not such thing as black and white people or anything in between or different races again different races skin colors black and white people and all the other names label's labelling is a man made racist social construct purposely designed to cause destruction deceit corruption hatred killing racism prejudice lies separation poverty pain and suffering pagan false religions false pagan holidays God's and Goddess deities entities to devide and conquer us all true deception !!! That's have Faith only not all the world's man made false pagan religions gods goddess holidays ect. Just have Faith only in The Most High our Father and Creator! please turn away from your wicked evil ways people and from the wickedness evil cults of this world!!!before it is too late!!! :-)
0:55 Is that Shaun King
Desmond Walker
Real Talk!!
I Mari
How do we put a dent in it?
girly girly
they came for him.....right after this show
iam Lee
take notes fuckniggas, this is what u call SWAG... I mean Martin got it all together.. u niggas running around with jeans on tighter than mine, talking about you a real nigga, nah nigga, Youza real bitch.
Dee Devlin
nothing but a fucking biscuit lipped niggger monkey motherfucker
Dee Devlin
nigger monkey boy
Dee Devlin
a biscuit lip monkey motherfucker just like every other nigger subhuman piece of shit fuck up
andre bryant
God gave him a blessing to meet blew It with that arrogant comment. ...some good points over all
steven valencia
Real shit Martin dropping knowledge equality for everyone
Brooke Umpen
anyone else notice his hat, HNIC. head nigger in charge. lmao. but a lot of truth spoken
Michael Franklin
Yo!!! That was super dope.
John Collins
Guy was so hyper and twitchy. Strange
E.J. Manghram
Hopefully One Day I will become a comedian like Martin & Eddie and The Other Greats and get in films, I Know The True Grace of God, if you believe in Christ he will do all kind of wonders for you in return, My Mother tells me to always be holy and have faith and one day me and my mom were walking out of goodwill and this lady stopped us and started a conversation with us and She told me to stay Focus and Said she sees something in me and I'm going to be great one day, all I have to do is stay focus and believe in Jesus and don't let satan come between me and gods relationship, also my aunts cat was sick for sometime and I prayed she would get better and well and she did but unfortunately she died 4 years later, I don't see, but other people do, They keep saying I'm going to be big
Miss Shalè Natè
When he succumbed to the illuminati HE was NEVER the same. Not even the same funny
Charles robinson
Furious' speech in Boys in the Hood! Watch again!
Lady Tee
Martin broke that thing downnnn! You go boy!
martin Lawrence the goat
Jerry Key
sounds like your a racist u want all black people in your films but white people cant have a all white cast 16:00
JayaR 15
I don't need this broken down. I fully understand why the Illuminati wouldn't like this.
Tre Suavé
Eras of consciousness in this interview
Jamil Lewis
Arsenio was looking at Martin like, they gone get you!
Marqueal Sandy
Martin is one of my favorite comedians. I glad he spoke so real shit
Sir Don Juan
much respect to martin for keeping it real.fuck the haters.much love for you martymar.
isaac rion
Martin is the man
Joseph Hernandez
faith is everything
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