Targeted by the BOULE people; not Illuminati! Black people are controlled by The BOULE! Our own it's a not a bloodline; but they operate in the same fashion!
Cedric Willis
2 of tha m0st greatest comic's of the 90"s aka the golden era da last best era ever
Alexx Arson
I want that hat
Kungfoo Joey
Get that young blonde girl out of here and safe, if time can be changed then get her here to knock on my door and I will take good care of her and she will be safe, promise x
Kungfoo Joey
Just out interest is there more black on black crime in the US than anywhere else on the planet? and is US murders mainly black on black?
Martin and 2 Pac have similar characteristics
Arsinio sucks!
Austin MacDonald
wow much respect πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘βœŒβœŒβœŒβœŒ
Gus Gonzalez
lol lol lol fuck you arsenal!!!! I loved the twist!!!!
Ask Me
Karl Kani....damn. Took me back
Dee J.
Dee J.
I miss these days.
Kingg NiccLo
The comment of IGNORANCE & HATE need to stop!
THIS IS AN EXAMPLE OF THE SPINELESS WEAK PPL WHO DWELL ON THE NET with harrassment, bigot-ness and evilness, behind the PROTECTED SAFETY of their solo basement apartments in their parents homes. We all know if they ventured out and spoke these comments 2 any man they'd be held responsible for their ignorance. So they use the comments section to say things that they are 2 afraid 2 speak a word of in real life amongst actual people. I personally pray 2 cross paths with these types of cowards. I have no qualms with exorcising demons.
I'm loving that HNIC cap he's got on.
Yzi Emmanuelle
Martin Hat: H.N.I.C (head nigga in charge)
Mr E
I've ALWAYS Loved Martin, He Knows How To Communicate Without Harping on or Dragging anything out. If he wasn't a Comedian He could have Been a Teacher or an Excellent Lawyer πŸ˜‰
Mr E
Martin is SO Right !!! We Should ALL Be Happy.
Arsenio was THE SHOW !!!
am i the only one that gets no sound on thism
Kimberly Fraizer
Hello, My Name Is Kimberly Fraizer and I'm a fellow Youtuber and I just wanted to know If I may borrow your video for a little project I'm doing soon. If not, I understand, I just didn't want to be one of those folks that use other people's fottage without permission. Thank you and have a good day. Kimberly F.
Mofo Jackson
I like what Martin is saying. And I believe there's some truth to the Illuminati. How this ties in enough to make the title worthy of what it is, is beyond me.
Giovanni Ortiz
LoL same black dudes in every damn movie... sooo true
M3l4nin P4r7icl3
Something happened to Malcom Lawrence. This man disappeared from view but he was saying all of the right things. I was too young to understand any of this when I was a kid so thank you for the opportunity to watch it again with the wisdom of an adult who's seen first hand everything Martin is talking about.
patrick costello
Sure miss those days. Black people were much more free to be themselves , music was better and racism was not as bad.
Now it's like the owners want us to be against each other.
I know Play and Martin Lawrence are blood cousins. But the real question is do they really even get along??? They rarely ever speak about each other and u don't never really see them around each other.
Emam Muhammedd
786 Speak truth Martin " Keep the Faith when everybody else abandon U G*D aint going nowhere."
This was powerful
Hazel Greene
No audio?
Mr Martin lawrence dropped the truth man.
Tony Von
where do you sale your soul, a lot of people would like to know. people in the hood are fucked up, their people hurry
Walter Haynes
Martin is droppin knowledge but... Cocaine is a hell of a drug
demetria Saine
nicole watson
Great interview with Martin Lawrence!
Mathew Griffith
Everyone should have the children and 20 somethings of today watch this. Just Sayin'
F Life
that hat tho πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
20 years later and the white (jew) executive still don't know what he's talking about.
you can b funny on telling the truth , it's not hard but the powers that be don't want a loving world.
DuShaun Sanders
My right ear is woke.
Lyndal Archbold
True statement
Johnny Brown
Paul Young
those government MK ultra programming dictating what you see and what your allowed to consume in their industries (Navy Intelligence of psychological warfare) are your programmers and suits sitting in on the contract meetings and have already vetted the entertainment, entertainers, etc way before the contracts are drawn up
Azeem Ben Ysreal
Onansha MalchiYahu
its funny because martins spirit at this time was very simular to 2pac shits crazy
Anthony hatter
no sound?
Dicky Sirus
Racism is one thing that's still gonna exist in this world so far as blacks and whites live together
emory Wright
this is before his major fame so
Gozie Obioha
Same Martin that played the role of Shanene on Martin. Basically saying it's ok to be a female if your a man lol weak kid.
prince John
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beech ass neegga!!
My gang name is illumanti jacc I worship LuciferπŸ˜ˆπŸ‘½

oh yes Fucc your like button
Goonsquad Beepbeep
This is a wonderful video thanks for sharing this interview!
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