kidplenty colon
he pranked me, so i took his team
kenzo guillaume
Insect sheet age reality scene grave.
Juan Avila
Jamal a legend man he the greatest at crossovers 🔥🔥
Thao Nguyen
He is so nice!!!!!
It's painful to watch a prank on someone too honest.
Funny how Crawford is now in Timberwolves
BlAdE samura1
I'm a kid and i don't have a hoverboard
Higas BBall Vines
Zack Lavine of the TimberWolves?? Didnt Jimmy and Lavine Know He Was Traded To The Bulls😂😂😂
Jamal Crawford lf the LA Clippers?? Didnt Jimmy And Jamal Know He Signed With The TimberWolves😂😂
Zion Kim
Zach went to Jamal's first team and Jamal went to Zach's first team... trippy
K.T.productionZ 1
Zach lavine of the Chicago bulls and Jamal Crawford of the Minnesota timberwolves
Emely Meier
acquisition strip retire should cold note house spread.
1.sub to me
2.comment when done
3.I'll sub back
Little did they know that Crawford would be the one on the Timberwolves and Lavine wouldn't be
Lucas lima
"fellow star"
Free E
Jamal said there would be retaliation, now Jamal is on the Twolves and Zach Lavine on the Bulls😂😂
They were almost teammates too
DraxTheDestroyer 69
Y'all did em wrong
kay illa
Zach's GF Hunter is hella fine god damn!
Justice On
now they are teamates.
Now Jamal is on the Timberwolves and Zach is on the Bulls
Johnny Gallegos
now they both play for different teams.
Stephen A. Smith
Jamal signed with Minnesota as payback
Eat Hugs
Osman Avila
there teammates now
One of the best pranks...Jamal was such a good sport
Randy Canela
yo Zack lavine looks like lil pump with no long hair
Ritvik C
This is why Kimmel is the goat show
Ritvik C
Now Jamal is on TWolves lol
Harri v'Jah
1:14 those dem hospital shoes?
nope! They Curry 2's!
Noah Williams
Is that the dude from 17 again?
Screw this guy for disrepecting the legendary Lt. Dangle.
And now Jamal is on zach's old team

This dude will do anything for money
Noah Somer
jamal pranked zach by taking his spot on the wolves
I came here hoping the prank was the deal with the bulls I left realizing this was before the trade and now us bulls fans face an uncertain future I don't think we will survive
wait how did jamal not recognize that actor hes famous af
Now they're teammates
Thomas 5426
This can't be real
gregory preisser
It's funny cause they're not on either of those teams😂😂
LaVine with Gucci Shoes
Well now Jamal took Zach's spot on the T Wolves
jamal went to the Timberwolves and Zach went to the bulls
violet harrison
Rise constant woman talent across save killer desire fee.
Ruben Santana
AAAND Zack gets traded from timberwolves and Jamal joins timberwolves....
Travis Warren
Wtf why can't he jet ski but Steph Curry can?
Max Gross
Alfin Rifansani
when they both realize they will be traded in the future..
Jacob Krause
I think the fake director guy is the guy Victoria left at the altar in how I met your mother
Jamal took his team lol the revenge
lmao now lavine is on the bulls and jamal is on the timberwolves
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