Black Lightning Trailer Hints At A Super Family

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We’ve got our first look at the CW’s newest superhero show, Black Lightning! What can we expect from the show?

Official Trailer:

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No crossovers, that's selfish! They're just ignoring the other DC superhero shows.
Astrid Dececco
Well CW has six Riverdale, Supergirl, Arrow, Flash, Blacklighting, iZombie, and LoT. CW just needs one more show for a show everyday of the week.
Turquoise Supreme
Thunder was with the Outsiders and she was a lesbian with the half-Amazonian Grace
Chantell Neely
love bonds them all #supergirl
Chantell Neely
supergirl will thrash black lighting @Melissabonoist @girloggstell @most powerfulgirlintheunizers
Kevin Morris
China Anne McClain
Alexander Bethea
Gotham has to be one of the best turn around of a tv show. The first season was bad. The second was okay. This current one is good.
Vincent King
I do not know much about Black Lightning but it looks good to me.
Originally I was turned off by his ridiculous super suit and the over saturation of super shows. But Wow, sounds like the daughters really make this a more compelling story.
Jean-charles Matthey
I love Gotham and I don't understand why There is so much hate on this show
Bryan Carter
The Trailer wasn't good but I really like the character of Black lightning. It won't be as good as Riverdale or Arrow but it won't be as terrible as Gotham
deyon jamison
Dude explain why Gotham is a shitty show ,, I just think u are nuts
BMV The Movie Fanatic
Flash is the best show, Arrow getting better, Super girl is pretty unnecessary and basically Superman + Flash + Supergirl, Legends Of Tomorrow is a waste of money, Riverdale is dumb but weirdly investing, Gotham is a disrespect to Batman comics but it has started to ignore it and you just have to take it as a show called "Bat Boy: Origins OR Bat Gordon", and Black Lightning looks like it could be on the level of Arrow. Just saying, though, they really need to cancel Legends and actually involved Supergirl in crossovers more. I'm done.
BMV The Movie Fanatic
The show looks darker than Arrow. Well except that suit. That looks like Flash awesome.
Jun Moreno
eeew I think I'd get screen junkies but I get these posers...the hell.
Michael Terndrup
I hear Static Shock is suppose to be on the show
DreadHeadGamer 1
Am happy for Black Lightning but I really want a Static Shock show but am a give it a shot maybe he can make a cameo on it.
Frank Cuevas
Allow me to correct the title: Black Lightning Trailer Hints At A Horrible Show
Joshua Wierschke
Can I be the Matt Key of DC?!?!?!
Todd Nicholson
The only other time I've seen Black Lightning in anything is this SNL sketch about Superman's funeral back in the 90's.
Gotham is my shit. So dark and gritty and feels like Gotham.
Now if only Constantine can be revived
I'm ok with this show not getting into the arrowverse right now. Let it stand on its own, let it be its own thing and let us not try and over crowd the arrowverse. The cross over episodes are already hard to pull off as is, we dont need a brand new show also trying to get its fair play as well
The show is shot in Atlanta... not New Orleans
Jacob Staten
Not familiar with the character but it has to be better than Arrow.
Robert M
Whatever happened to a Vixen series
I'd say Gotham is better than the CW shows now
isa isa
gotham on fox isnt that bad
DeVaughn Brown
Not in the Flarrowverse until those ratings show up
Dan Grundl
screw that... more cw!!! give us mooore....i love gotham!!!
Alberto Alperpaşa
Just bc people don't share genetics, doesn't mean they aren't "actual" families.
Uma Descandant 2/ China Anne Mcclain
Troy Prince
Duhhh he's daughters have powers too
Salvador Navarrete
Way the small fight scene is better than a lot of the fights in Iron Fist.
Jackie Deluna
Black Lightning was the first DC black super hero
Black panther was the first marvel black super hero
I'm seeing a pattern here
Niall Hannon
My name is Jefferson pierce, about a decade ago I roamed the street as the hero black lightning, but I gave it up to be a better husband and father, but now crime has risen and no one is there to stop it so I must become black lightning
Marco Williams
It's on CW so nah I'll pass 😒 , Netflix is the only network with hero shows that I'll watch, the rest are meh 😑
I will give it a go why not.
Kamron Thurmond
I would have preferred a live action version of Static Shock, but I will watch this show all the same. Love DC and Berlanti Production.
Phil Hubbs
Just what we needed...more superhero stuff, yay!
Astrid Dececco
CW has six, they keep forgetting about IZombie.
Xavier Aristide
Lol Freeform definitely could be Marvel's CW
Justin Mercado
Thinking about it now. Black lightings armor costume looks a bit like black bolts costume. In terms of the two white line things on the front coming down. Idk it's probably a just me but I prefer the original costume they showed in the trailer. But I understand Y he needs the armor tho
Han Ng
So this is a time-warp, blaxpliotation, "The Incredibles"?
Dustin Osborn
This looks really good!!!
Jo'von Boyd
Black Lightning is clearly WB/CW/ DC's answer to Marvel's Like Cage!! lol
Owen Conway
Riverdale!!!! Riverdale!!!! Riverdale!!!
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