Aakash Gharat
Wat a movie live on you tube
Amber Leaf
OK, I watched it last night and I enjoyed SOME parts of it. But it could be so much better if it was better casted and if storyline was improved. The only thing that was perfect in it was Sofia Boutella. The fact that she is Algerian makes it even cooler.
Laura Lorincz
I NEED TO KNOW which Paint it black remix is this
0:51 - 0:57 I'm scared
Azmi Caseer
2:30 Is it C O D black opps 3 theme music
Nkarchakan Tiezerq
fairys.n junk
Nick cage should of done this..
Where is Arnold Vosloo? 😣 disappointed
Whammy Cheng
It was interesting that a Mummy appeared in the Modern era, yet it was sort of sad we didn't get to see a military army go against an army of supernatural zombies. Shrug, well if another Mummy movie comes out, it would be nice if multiple things occur like an Alien Invasion; imagine Aliens trying to invade earth yet earth is already suffering from an Evil Mummy already creating chaos.
Hеre is reeeаllуу full ааnd hd Thеe ММММummууу => https://twitter.com/39f3e0ca8580de6e2/status/872271960381640704
MrSurprise 22
This film was all over the place
Seung Yang
Is it wrong that i think Sofia Boutella is hot both normal and as the mummy? I know its wierd but is it wrong?😍
Emma Pigeon
Is this means egyptology is now part of the scientology? btw what a shitty movie, I want my 10 bucks back mr Cruise
Rebel Alliance
I need a version of this Trailer's Paint It, Black! It sounds badass as an orchestra and a chorus!
Sal Lee
The ancient Egyptians were scientifically proven (look it up) by DNA that they are in fact mixed with more middle eastern and european race than western-central african race, please look up the facts before you talk trash, just because it's africa doesn't mean they are black smh
the virgin Mary
so like that ain't me but that is me getting buried alive thanks a lot amenet. I can tell because I've still got those bandages on...
Muhammad Syafiq
the mummy
عطر الورد
احد من العرب يجاوبني هذا الفلم تم عرضه ام بعده؟؟
CoCo Butter
did no one else get a uncharted vibe from the movie
mohammed abdul Quader
Milligun Institute De Press
Валькирий Иванов
A film in excellent quality:http://festyy.com/qMfzFR
بنوتات عراقيات
Why all the horrible things found in iraq even in this movie they found the mummy in iraq (mousel)
Erin D
This movie sucks it's weird and the other two mummy movies before it like the mummy returns r better
Вячеслав Булаткин
Free Download The Mummy (2017) HD - https://plus.google.com/communities/118144300548481431123
Brent Murphy
did anyone knowtice the mummy us from kingsman o_O
It was a great movie!!
Can I get the remix to this
Lexi martin
i quite liked this movie but i wish when making the movie they made it more about the mummy's back story / history and less about Tom Cruise trying to stay alive
Sofia à love you from algeria 😘 you are thé best
Иван Балянов
I Love You Sofia Boutella!!!
Cesarina Colon
como la busco
Cesarina Colon
yo quiero verla pero no me sale en español
austina paolone
It looks good. Make curious.
Alicia Wolseley
new trailer now
Isabel Keen
Watch the new
David Ceballos
Awesome cast! Tom cruise still killing it! Great job bro!!! Jake Johnson Yes! Well made movie very enjoyable!
wesley vianen
i knew this song it's called Back in Black!
Mhamad Omar
Black ops 3 song XD
Angely Garcia
Just two words:
Bad Movie!!!!
ryan burke
i love this movie so much
Di Maria
Am I the only one who thinks that the villains are much more awesome than the heroes.......????
Heroes are boring..they are like headless chicken.
Meh.. Fuck hollywood. Ruined Brandon Frasers life together with his ex.
Squeaky Lynch
Great movie. Bad reviews of the movie are the only bad thing about it. Bunch of cry baby critics don't like anything anymore. Seriously you critics are the ones ruining the movies. Just fuck off!! Assholes.
Vikram Prince
I'm waiting this movie next part
Vikram Prince
Awesome movie the mummy
Vikram Prince
I wish I'm watch this movie next part with tom cruise
What a shit movie
edgeman 2100
Love this song doesn't match the trailer doe but like the Egyptian themed remix
van kk
Tu Raak
Why do I spend some freaking money? every thing is here! -_-
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