Austin Lucifer
I know this is a little important but.... that's what good pussy sounds like
X Official
oh noooo xD my imagination is going to kill mee xD
one reason why I might move to texas
I've come from demolition ranch wow this was a big surprise
Julia Caldwell
What an angel I'm so glad he got the help he needed
What is up with these YouTube Censors?! Have they or their bosses never studied the Constitution? Jackasses
Tom Strait
I love the vids but i hate youtube for their policies on having to sensor a medical procedure
Zoey Brown
This was probably the most happiest dog and episode
Lance Naff
My rescue dog has this problem I think. She's a big pit like him.
James Wilkinson
Are there such things as prosthetic sockets for dogs like there are for humans?
Nina Wayne
I don't understand why he couldn't have just relocated the bone.
Aubsy Newell
lol we can see dog balls but not blood?
ivy utube
ivy utube
482 thumbs down ..hmmm... The really internet trolls ...
darby walters
If I fostered dogs i would end up keeping them all
H Downer
lol the jokes
Wylae Cook
Don't blur it
You dont need to censor your videos.
Youtube itself says its allowing graphic content for EDUCATIONAL purposes.

You got 1.6 Million Subscribers, tag the Video under Medical / Educational and write to Youtube Support about it.
jenna beans
so cute:)) i want him ❤️❤️
isabel norton
I hate that they had to sensor this, ppl should be able to learn about this :(
NikkiFeisty82 Gaming Videos and Vlogs
Nice puns! Very Pun-ny! Hehe
Marisa Bonner
That leg thicc
R3dP4nda 666
That intro.
andrew killian
If the animals are in such good spirits like this guy how do you know that they are in pain? I'm sorta just wondering how you decide if surgery is really necessary or that it wouldn't make much of a difference in quality of life.
Lydia Mullen
I wanna see🙁
vicky jones
See you soon 🐾🙏🏻❤️
Literally A Hat
Good ol YouTube, ruining their own platform.
Austin Walker
Where are my testicle Matt?
He's so cute :oo
Beast Gaming
What is that dogs breed?
nessy Rohrich
Hey vet ranch. Have you ever gad an animal wake up while in sergery?
Senor Grav
It’s crazy to people dislike these videos.. bitch ass niggas probably
Chris Smith
I'm dumb, I actually looked up "K9P"
Chris Smith
This is why people don't like the YouTube, love the content creators, but hate the people behind YouTube
So Tree
Lol K9P kanine pee
Masha Nikulina
Aww I found the surgical vids really cool because not often u get to see the animal surgeries in detail and progress. But ah YouTube has its policies. Will continue learning from u guys
GamerOfNerds! Aka GON
It's technically considered education so you don't have to
White Choc.
Bere678 0978
dude why didnt you just put the joint to place!?!?!?
Random dude
Damn, why did you blur it, dude?! It would be interesting to see what you did!
Fred Flintstone
Crazy how that dog can run like that without bone connecting one leg lol.
1.2 million views in 1 day.. gee!
SamuelExplosive Gaming
Why did you blur it
Karoline Ingemann
Actually this happened to my dog. We had to put her to sleep. I wish you were there. I would have loved to have her for a few more years
Post them to and put the link for the uncensored version in the youtube information!
The Diamond Girl YT Sims
It's very funny
Hacked Banana
Keemstar swearing viciously without any sense= not censored. Vet Ranch Educational videos of surgery= censored
Good Job Youtube, You have become Un-Free Publishing now
My cat named Mr. Meowsers
one reason i watch is so i can learn
Jordan kuhn
You know i really wanted to see that
kawaiii Potato cat
What does he smack them if there are hurting😡
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