M Bura
Hi, you made just good jobs, regards😘😘😘
blake anderson
couldn't you stick in back in the bone
Annie Wade
My puppy's name is Oliver heh guess I will get that alot
Steve Cobblestone
the only bad thing about theses videos is that music
Hi there greetings from germany :D,
I found this channel yesterday but this is the first more recent video i watched, and i have to say that this is really sad, that you have to censor the content. I just cant get it, why it is like this, this is such high quality content where others have to pay a decent amount of money to learn and see this when studying.
Hope you can find a way (or have already) to keep up your great videos and work without censoring :)
Kal Ramsey
Love his work!!! He is so good at what he does.
Ashley R.C
i don't understand why people flag these types of videos, if you know that your squeamish then don't watch it. also the videos ar made for educational purposes not for entertainment
Matthew Harvey
What's with this YouTube censoring lunacy? Why would they do that?
Donovan Cooney
It looks exactly like my aunts dog.
AKNativ3907 GT
Mannaggia A chi mi ha cambiato nome
fuck off youtube
'A little graphic'

The one video that was blurred out during surgery.
Random Girl Of Awesomeness
One of my mom's friends dog was ran over by a car and left there we think it was because she was a pitbull, but they had to take the bone out but now she is doing well
Ainsley Harriott
Steve Palmer
Awesome work Matt you must get a ton of enjoyment helping all the animals you give new lease of life too
7:16 has me cracking up idk why
Carina Russell
444 dislikes is just rude that mean ls they don't like to help animals. Animals need more help if you want it to live. Love dogs. If ur the one who disk-liked this video u should be ashamed
Kimberly Wolden
YouTube frikin suucks πŸ˜‚
K Nogne
Whoever got to adopt this beautiful boy is so lucky. Such a good boy.
Christina Johnsen
Omg!! He's so cute I love him!! You guys at Vet Ranch are amazing!!❀️❀️❀️❀️
Connie Cochran
this message is for the creator of youtube.

dear youtube,

the rule that u just made for Dr.Matt,couldn't get any worse it is the worst rule I have ever read I was learning from the surgery footage because my dream is to become a veternarian but I cant learn if they have to censor it out so I want to thank you for crushing my dream!!!!!
Keaira Tucker
(throughout the video)BRUH stop hitting the dog you know he is in pain
I totally would have named him Pirate
Cara Leigh
loved the intro πŸ˜‚
Dank Howell
the words and bad jokes end at 0:47
We can't see anything you show us
Night Cat
honestly I'm not very squeamish when it comes to stuff like this and I actually think it is fun and entertaining to watch and to learn
Chloe Tabbert
i'm nine, i watch this evry day
Puppy vlogs and more Albarenga
NUH I want to see its just blured out and your other vids you can see and idk why there gonna idk to the vid but people need to see what to do or how it would look like if there gonna work in a vet
Maniac 360
Don't blur it out it's the best part plz
Hip joint hits it
Kristy Hughes
When getting older, will he have hip problems?
Abby Scott
Tough guys were pink
Ol' BabyBeard
so whyd you guys have to cut off the bone? why couldnt you place it back in the joint the way it was supposed to be?
i see it I'm a kid
Eddie Roque
fuck you YouTube
Jill Cipher
YouTube needs to seriously stop being a worthless cunt and actually check out the videos getting demonitized. This is educational, and tbh really not that gory.
Denise Shephard
he isn't neutered he needs castrating
Spencer Lamontage
here in Franklin country our vet got shut down it was an shelter too so now the anamals have no where to go
you turned these vids from interesting to boring.....thx YouTube
The Wolf Games
I have the same name as that dog.
send this dog to Los Angeles. I miss having a pit, and this guy is handsome
tbird 1360
Mr. Matt-
The censored thing needs to go!! The videos don't seem that educational any more, but I will still like and support the channel because u are AMAZING. #BESTYOUTUBER.
Tiffany Ruby
love your videos
Lisa Holis
I love the patch on his eye!
Lainabaina N
Simone du Plessis
I need uncensored!! πŸ˜•πŸ˜”
Apo Phenia
So wait a second... I can find nudity, softcore porn and illicit drug use on UToob but I can't see an animals life being improved? We live in some pretty strange times right now.
Salabh S.G
Coming from the demolition ranch page, this felt like an alternate universe.
Hunter Plays
Why dislikes how can you dislike someone helping animals!
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