The Happiest Suffering Dog I've Ever Seen

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Keiron Gaming
just wondering why does not Dr Matt just pop the leg back in instead of cutting a bit of the leg off
Samual Iam
H2O and K9P I know a plethora of dog lovers who will get the biggest kick out of that.
this is a load of bull, youtube seen people cutting animals' heads off in nepal all over youtube......yet a little surgery needs to be censored....... bet it's a bunch of anti gunners looking to hurt you somehow for demoranch.....
Pedro Ferreira
Videos are not being "removed" they're being filtered out of the restricted mode, stop over-exagerating facts to fit your narrative. Yes, the filter is awfully thought out, and there isn't any option in between the two extremes, but this isn't the end of the world like all yall trying to make it seem like.
Stephanie Williams
You tube you're getting ridiculous, this is an educational video and it teaching us subscribers about how he helps distressed animals. it's not like it's offensive, it's ok to show T and A, but the care of animals
get your act together.
R.C Equestrian
PINK IS MANLY COLOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!! PINK MANLY ROAR!!!!!!!!!! Hahahahahahaha
Tigah GamingYT
Dumb YouTube Had To Put Censorship...
Batusi Nights
Ok so the dad jokes were pretty bad but I must admit I lol'd at K9P ;p
Matt i wish you'd show the real surgeries via another source if necessary
Maybe you can post uncensored clips in hidden videos which are not available unless you have a link? Just an idea
Halla Bb
KalyanaMitta 96
The beegining of the video feels like Im watching Adult Swim. lol memories
Elijah Wade
Has anyone notice he looks like Finn Baylor from wwe
Nicole Morote
I'm a 12 year old who wants to be a veterinarian which sucks for me because these sensored parts in the videos is part of my learning.
dippin daddy
YouTube policy sucks ass
Hey if the place doesnt break down can I work there Ik a lot about animal
k9p was my roller derby number!
R3V 69
Stupid youtube why censor the stuff they always warned people before grphic surgeries
taylor gates
Is this the guy from DemolitionRanch?
Leslie G
What happened to the Vet Ranch intro song?????
This really sucks. You tube is become the Gestapo. We should just ask them to hand out costumes and they can tell you what to do.
Flower Power
Let's start a boycott!!!!! Lol
Derek Ortega
Just set it to educational there's a video entirely on sex and YouTube lets it slide so just set it to educational and you can pretty much put whatever you want
jereth gryphon
liked thecjokes
I actually enjoyed seeing the surgery...I found it pretty intriguing and informative!πŸ˜”πŸ˜•
justowit idoitwithchains
God forbid we see reality. as many people that subscribe to your channel I wouldn't think they would touch it.
Woodsman 11
Screw google, they censor surgery? Wow. That is stupid
B0rkB0Rk Doge2
The dog is like, " WHAT IS PAIN? I DON'T UNDERSTAND IT. "
Alpha2283 Aj
aww he looks like a boxer mix, boxers are always smiley and happy I have a boxer/bulldog/pit bull mix and they are the most craziest dogs ever they are always so sweet!!
Alpha2283 Aj
it looks so much more graphic with the blurs lol
ik there is no logical reason why but that start was hard to read it took me like over 2x slower. but there isnt a logical reason why.
Broom Stick
I don't know why blood is going to effect kids instead of taking down educational videos like this they should take down Toy freaks throwing around food like a bunch of cavemen. smh youtube smh.
Vet Ranch should make their own web site where they post these videos.
I would totally go on that.
Nazarena Salvatore
No!!! Why is it censored!! I hate you tubes new rules!! I don't think it's gross. I want to see them uncensored!! :(
Bridget Brooks
It is absolutely ridiculous that I can watch an excision of an abscess or cyst and 30 seconds later watch your videos with the most important part having to be blurred out because some lil somebody cried wolf because they saw a leg bone! Who do the other 98 percent of the people bark to, to get this crap cleared?? YouTube did this a short time back and Vet Ranch put a disclaimer in the right many ways do you have to say muscles and leg bones ahead?
Mila G
I am absolutely disgusted that Youtube has the audacity to flag your educational, non-offensive videos while there are plenty of other videos on Youtube that have a justifiable reason to be censored or removed and yet they're unscathed.
Janeece Goldade
Animal science major and cant even see what surgery looks like because of new rules. Thanks Youtube.
Eleanor Holroyd
If you want to help but can't donate money, consider downloading an app called resQwalk that by walking you earn money per mile for charities. Its only a small amount but every bit of money helps! Vet ranch is one of the charities but last month only $4 was raised so if more people do it more money can be raised to make a difference in more dogs lives! Please share this so more money can be raised for this charity!!!!!!!!
Lucy Farrell
I'm a little late but my cat just got diagnosed with cancer. 😭😰 she has a tumour in her abdomen and its cancerous. The vet said there is nothing do about it and she is going to die.
Jaydrian Rodebush
im 14 and ive been wanting to be a vet since i was two i am getting a basketball scholarship and i am going to go to college for 8 years and im going to be a vet i hate youtubes rules it sucks i need to know how to do surgery
i know you said in the past that you couldn't give medical advice without actually touching a dog but i have a minor breed question. we have 2 dogs they are half chihuahua half dachshund and baby the one that's more of a chihuahua when she get's excited he start's to wheez and cough almost like she's choking but she's still moving fine acting fine this only happens when she gets really excited like when i come home after not being here for a few days (due to divorced parents) if you can't give advice i understand
Lol Lol
I love that spot on his face! gives the guy some charmΓ™
Mariolys Amanda
What type of dog is he
The fact that it has to be censored because youtube doesn't realize it's a learning experience angers me.
You see all these people showing stuff off they shouldn't, and not removing there videos.
But this?
Seriously YouTube?
What are you doing?
You aren't using your brain very well.
It's learning not somebody getting naked.
But good video guys.
Love ya, hoping to be a vet when Im older
make the category educational then you dont have to worry about censoring
Caroline Boivin
I admire you guys, you and everyone that donate and make it possible! Thank you for posting your video, you are doing a fantastic job!
Anya Vladim
Honestly, that's the type of surgery I have to have on my wrist that i broke (crushed) two years ago. After watching this, I don't think I want to have it lol glad the pup is alright thou. Such a sweetheart ❀❀❀
my littel sister is so cute JT TV
why did you do that to the video
YouTube is getting ridiculous now.
That's a super happy dog! :)
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