Aaron Taylor-Johnson Wins Best Supporting Actor at the 2017 Golden Globes

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Aaron Taylor-Johnson accepts the award for Best Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture at the 74th Annual Golden Globe Awards.
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Jimmy Fallon hosts the 2017 Golden Globe Awards. Celebrating the very best in television and film, the popular, star-studded event held at the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills is one of Hollywood’s biggest nights, honoring both television and motion picture achievements.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson Wins Best Supporting Actor at the 2017 Golden Globes

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Vegan Peasant
He is gorgeous and his wife is lucky! He's 26 and she's old.
I watched it and his character appeared in my dream and tried to kill me it was awesome
alice moh
I just want to cry. why can't I have such a hot British guy. 😭
Fadi Antwan
How does a 26-year-old have 4 kids??? He sure has been productive!
Que mierda, ese premio debio haber sido para Michael Shannon, lastima que no estuvo nominado. Por suerte Aaron Tylor sera recorardado como el antagonista menos memorable de la historia. Por eso los Globos de Oro son un asco, son solo publicidad :P
Patrick Chole
He REALLY deserved this. That character is still stuck under my friggin skin. Really intense.
Eric Viola
Woah his wife's like twice his age?
Layne Staley
He thanks his wife, but the camera shows his mom... oh,wait.
He was really amazing in nocturnal animals
He totally deserved it. It was his best performance. Love him!
D. Vaughn
He deserves it !! very talented young dude
My Name Is Mortimer
To go from Godzilla to Nocturnal Animals was a brilliant move. This just goes to show that big isn't always best (in terms of NA being a relatively smallish independent film as opposed to Godzilla's blockbuster big studio film.)
Karmin Marie
Andy T.Anh
from a shy awkward guy to a confident good actor! least he doesn't say "you know" that much anymore LOL
Dem H78
He ain't gonna win Oscar, that's for sure! Mahershala Ali the coast is clear!
William Loyd Tooher IV
Michael Shannon robbed his Oscar nomination.
Ben Gay
The rightful actor from Nocturnal Animals got nominated for an Oscar instead of this guy. Go Michael Shannon! Well deserved.
tulley vaughan
This dude wasn't even nominated for an Oscar lol.
Theja ravi
He really deserve that good...that he got even ryan
Adam Dow
Didn't even get Oscar-nominated.
Kyle Oxenham
He wasn't nominated. Oh well.
Al Pacino FanForever
Ok I think it's gross how she's over 20 years older and could essentially be his mum but when he said your my soulmate I couldn't help but think that's cute
She does look kinda younger as well to be honest
I couldn't tell she's pushing 50
Die Handiquacks
I can't since when he got so handsome????
cc fanatics
that's how you give a speech after winning an award for acting. not going on about politics.. fully deserved!
eww bro ur wife is the same age as ur mom, 4 kids too, u got anchored by a 50yr old, how blind
Enoch Wong
He deserves this award, certainly scared me in Nocturnal Animals..
Lizzy Donovan
Haha marvel better want there quicksilver back
This Anonymous
When they pan to his wife vomit.
That's his wife?....ew...
Daniel Cazorla
He was amazing, scary, brutal and brilliant in Nocturnal Animals! WOW.
Nata Aldana
Wow the only thing I can think off is his wife! What a lucky woman for reaaaal. She must have the most amazing tips ever to win a man's heart
As great as he was in that movie, I would have picked Michael Shannon from Nocturnal Animals.
Carlos Guapacha
Tom Ford is also a great director! Talented motherfucker and he's HOT! Supposedly he's the only one that made Miranda Smile lol
Heaven is a dirt nap
Next, Aaron will gain two hundred pounds and portray Mc Serch in the biopic "Pop goes the weasel."
Andrea Long
I love u Aaron Congrats💛
Cile Sancar Şahin
his wife is old and ugly but he loves her.
wow four kids. he looks about 19.
Aron Tamás
His winning kinda surprised me but in a good way!
Hope he'll get an Oscar nomination, he gave a really scary, convincing and impressive performance in Nocturnal animals!
Putte G
I had NO idea that he was English.
Fifi Trixiebelle
He really was phenomenal in this role. Deserved to win!
jacqualine may chan
That kickass guy? OMG SO HOT
Did he name his daughter "Water"?
Eileen Pizarro
Congrats to Aaron but Michael Shannon is brilliant. He steals this movie.
Mobley Hernandez
Mahersala Ali probably should have won, but people who haven't seen this movie need to stop speaking on Johnson's performance as if it wasn't deserving. He was astonishing.
He's so adorable! I love how he reacts when Ryan Gosling wins
Paula Lima
his wife look like his mom looool
He deserved this award, amazing in Nocturnal Animals! I was getting all chocked up when he thanked his wife!!
Make sure to return that award to Mahershala Ali before the end of the week.........
The Eye
what the hell? mahershala Ali should have won
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