Bayan Al Jendy
I stopped the video on Bale face GODDAMN WHAT A HAMDSOME GUY 😍😍😍😍😍
Muhammad Faizan
this is too much sex on tv at one time
Margaret Dell'Oglio
sab san
Never into gosling. Have always into Brad. 💋
Pedro Bakale
the heaven for girls
uchechuwku Okere
clash of the beauties
Valentina Zujur
The curious case of Brad Pitt indeed.
I wonder what kind of hair gel does Gosling use? 😂
As an actor, Ryan any day over Brad. The believer, Half Nelson, Blue Valentine, Drive, The place beyond the pines, Big Short, La la Land and Blade Runner. That in half brads years. As for looks, well Ryan in the place beyond the pines. Need I say more.
MaRi Ko
Ryan ❤
Daisy Shahrk
qedd asda
Caca Caca
So rude
Sandeep P
So, just in case if you wondered, Brad is 17 years older than Ryan.
Lewis Hampson
These two girls in my psychology class told me I reminded them of mr gosling, I had no idea who he was at the time though so I didn't know how to take it. Did they want fucking or was it an insult?
Boba Fett
Holy shit that "Wooooow" in the beginning.
Bo Bateman
Classic Brad..
evan birb
brad pitt's smile at the end is so cute they're both adorable in this!
teenie beenie
the elegant hot brad pitt makes gosling look like a horse faced goof.
caveman Versace
I'm a dude, and I think I just grew ovaries.
Evelyn Y
I'm that person in the back telling "WOOWW
Jack Sprat
Jesus with the fake bake?
Brad is old enough to be his dad.
nunky kumala dewi
They seemed like good buddies. Joking around smoothly like that... hilarious 😀😁😂
they really don't seem to like each other!!
Saeed Khan
How the hell does brad Pitt look younger
Manuel Torres
Brad Pitt looks like leonardo diCaprio on the Titanic movie
Martin Wind
brad pitt grow some fuccin balls and push his little fuccin ass out of the way. your brad fuckin pitt! you got a long career ahead of you. act like some new comer gonna punk u out
Is brad aging backward ?he is soo🔥🔥🔥
kickass monkey
toooo muuccchh testosterone
Beck Kozck
Does ryan gosling know the guy near him is Brad Fuckin Pitt???
New Age and Old Age
Spurious Flatus
Now we have "Blade Runner 2049: the Musical!" featuring the smash hit "Tears in Rain", sung by none other than the one and only "Ryan Gosling, LOL! xD
Oscar Olsson
"wow, WOOOOW"... hahahah
Michael Barrett
Millions of ovaries going crazy during this
yasmine alshobaki
Woooooow hot hot hot
I never thought I'd see Ryan Gosling lose in the looks dept. Brad Pitt is really that dude
Khal Drogo
These two should do a comedy together
brad's haircut is dreadful, whoever gave it to him should be fired immediately
Bianco Nero
Next to B-Doggie Ryan looks like utter shit!
Selin Q
You are fucking 53 years old Brad. Why are you still handsome
Justin biebe
brad Pitt is still fuckin beefcake
kazi 06
Benjamin Botox
Vogue Vouge
If I was a man, I wouldn't wanna stand next to Brad presenting anything. Specially in Hollywood. No one can't beat this perfection. I used to think no one could top young Marlon Brando but with Brad ageing so gracefully, he is a perfection in ANY AGE.
I'd watch a movie with them as bickering brothers. Yup.
Brad Pitt is pretty
Ryan Gosling is pretty damn talented
jerome jose
bradpit is true californian allmost all of them look younger
shahab khan
brad pitt is much better than ryan gosling
please brad pitt.. make a movie with johnny depp...
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