AJ Styles hurls Shane McMahon through a car window: SmackDown LIVE, March 14, 2017

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"The Face that Runs the Place" launches a brutal assault on the SmackDown LIVE Commissioner.


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AJ Styles is just incredible
Aaron LeGresley
Should have been Dean Vs Shane for the Hardcore Title
Mr. Krabs
He need some milk
Maaze Mahmoud
Shawn Michaels isn't gonna face styles so WWE gets someone with the same initials lol
Muzzammil Syed
Was there really even anyone who actually wanted to see Shane wrestle again at this Mania before they set this match up in to effect? Or was this something where Shane set it up just cuz he can?
koby tracy
who thinks aj styles and aj lee make a good couple
Azza Barakat
idk why always aj styles bites Shane machon
AJ's work punches are PHENOMENAL
om Kewat
om Kewat
Greg ???
No Shane
Sheem Salman
an just kicked Shane's butt
Tracy Aiello
Oh wait the car behind he Cadillac was a Nissan okay never mind
Tracy Aiello
How come the car before Shane came was a Cadillac but when aj Stlyles snook up on him and slammed him Shane ran into a Nissan instead of a cadillac that is so obvious
Fit Finlay
fokin aj estiles
Tushar Zala
I admit AJ now finally you looks heel..
wow Aj is such brutal-uber hell
Manam ahmed
yes he ask for this.
Maria Vasquez
A.J still my favorite no matter what
wolf435 Xbox live x360
Nice tape holding that window... ECW ECW ECW ECW
Jaime Ramirez
the pain is real. this script looks so real man lol
AJ Styles should be arrested!
Not the Real Kevin Nash
Maybe Shane McMahon vs AJ Styles won't be so bad after all...
Omar Bob
m name is finlay
and I love to stop a fight
Black Clouds
Aj Styles on TNA impact, NJPW mode. Go AJ
trending times
this was real
Devesh Mahajan
Shane is a vermin.
Jeff Jet
Is that Finlay?
Dalia Jasso
Tna vs wwe
Ghost 030490
please wwe do finlay vs aj styles wrestlemania
Wait, is WWE actually getting good again?
GIVE ME SOME PARAMEDICS XD sounded like a SAS soilder.
Lexxi Starr
My name is Finlay and I love to break up fights.
Bryan Echeverría
I felt so comfortable watching a beating like this, I know it's scripted, but this storyline made me feel it was real.
Sinister Lantz
The cameraman didnt help him 😢
Steph F
I hate AJ but Im very happy that he got fired
AJ bluest
Lavone Thompson
2017 version of Shane mcmahon vs Kurt angle 2001 king of the ring??? Hope they have the right glass this time
Giovanni Rodriguez
wwe is coming back lol
Pj Montrose
What watch is Shane wearing?
umed meena
Aj style is right
David T.
we need more of this.
Allie Fan
bleeding???? this blonde bimbo Rene Young don't know what she talking about. I saw no blood 😂😂😂
watch as smackdown live slowly and slowly becomes a ruthless aggression era 2.0
Raja Umer
AJ vs the bEaSt 😍😘
Ben Hardcastle
Here's a good idea- have aj be traded to raw have him reunite with the club and make the faction the most dominant thing on raw and have cesaro or someone like him be traded to smackdown and make them wwe champion
I loved every bit of this
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