The Strange Drowning of Natalie Wood

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Who killed this Hollywood star?

BuzzFeed’s hit docuseries Unsolved True Crime follows conspiracy theory enthusiast Ryan as he deep-dives into the mysteries surrounding the most notorious unsolved crimes in history, in order to convince his dubious friend Shane that sometimes, the evidence isn’t always as it seems.


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Actor Robert Wagner and Actress Natalie Wood, 1972
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Natalie Wood
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USA - Crime - Blue Cavern Point on Catalina Island
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Scene from Miracle on 34th Street
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Portrait of Natalie Wood and Christopher Walken
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Coroner Discussing Natalie Wood's Death
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The Isthmus Cove
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Restaurant Visited by Natalie Wood Before her Death
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Natalie Wood and her New Husband Standing at Front of Church
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Natalie Wood in Gypsy
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Natalie Wood In 'The Green Promise'
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Rainy Eagle
Okay, sad story, she drowned, and I don't want to take attention from that.. but, he got Dr. Lakshmanan Sathyavagiswaran's name AMAZINGLY
Suzannne Ember
I gogagogagogoogagoo for (Wheeze)
Aracely Claros
i really hate this channel because it has tragic death and MURDERS!
Violent Ambassador
When he said "pop that thing in The water and see what happens" I was thinking pop a shark on land and see what happens😂
Casey Hutton
Robert Wagner hit Natalie on the head with a wine bottle, pushed her in, then buried the bottle in the sand.
Night Owl
OMG I JUST REALIZED SOMETHING!! Shane is the sherlock of buzzfeed
Brooklen Rasmussen
It was lime cat
Mythical Music
That was so good omfg. I'm binging all of these as I'm new to the series. THE HYPE IS WORTH IT OMG.

Real talk: I have a phobia and she would have never gone into the water just voluntarily like that. Something must've happened.
Hiro Anton Kibata
Since its all most Christmas they should do a video about the Lawson Family murder.
Like of family guy brought you here too lol
P Hoffman
One possibility is she had a fight aboard the ship, and that is why she was injured and bruised. We know she was having arguments, and maybe it just got out of hand. However, she wasn't murdered. She tried to go to shore to escape and fell off of the dinghy, where, being drunk and tired, she drowned.
TheTrue Ragu

Three w's. It's not significant. I'm just pointing it out.
This is so sad though
Shane has a pretty good Christopher Walken impersonation
mxdnight lune
A cold mf case
Bedhead Ren
Shane's fear isn't that weird. There is cases of drug dealers inserting heroine into unwilling particpants so they get addicted and become reliant on them
Natasha Jameson
Spicy Mija
Am I the only one who rewinded Ryan saying "Dr. Lakshmanan Sathyavagiswaran" about 5 times because whAt
Stephanie Frank
GYPSY IS A CLASSIC MUSICAL THEATRE GEM YOU HEATHENS (but also love the show, great job and all that)
Siamee Yang
Buzzfeed Unsolved should look into the case of Elisa Lam, creepy af
Everyone pull out a condom!! Shane pulls out a condom

I'm always ready, baby. Wink
Paula Tarin
Why do they always fight about sharks and bears?
Janet Seidlitz
It is totally a rational fear Ryan, lol.
Vicki Ng
This is already solved!
Hella creepy that the fortune teller's premonition came true...
Haley Petersen
I went to Catalina Island once. I remember my dad saying something about this case. Its crazy that these actors got caught up in all this and we still see them in movies and on TV all the time.
idk I find walken kinda suspicious
"theres nothing more to it"
"it was an accident" did her cause it? why would he have said that?'
as if he was covering up for Wagner or just stopping the case before they find out who IS the ACTUAL murderer
Maybe a Flying Spaghetti Monster got her
Don't be scared of heroin it just feels like god hand made a blanket for you and you just feel really warm and relaxed and fall asleep, it's really overhyped
NobleWarrior 04
Is it weird that I share Shane's fear of someone forcing a cigarette or a drug into me, and I'd get addicted.
Shawn, just so you know, bears are actually pretty damn threatening. Over the past few years, there have been some issues here in CT involving them.
Alyssa Guinard
Do an unsolved on the 52 hertz whale 🐋🐋
foxy the pirate
Why did wood go on a boat if she was told you shouldn't go near/in water!!!😱
Allison Young
I swear... one day we will hear, “Today we will be discussing the mysterious death of Ryan and Shane.”
Natalie Wechter
If she was so afraid of water why did she have a yacht ??
Susan Sirrs
ok the bear is more of like a household animal, definitely doesn't strike fear into most people. plus, bear spray. and as for the shark i can't agree either, while it's definitely a scary creature, it's number of actual killings is very damning to its validity. imo, i would say the black mamba is definitely scarier than the two, if not the scariest. there's a killing machine.
Disha Firoz
"Rebel without a cause" ❤
Mori Angel
Well since the fortune teller was right about the drowning, why not ask her?
Cathy Wright
my theory is someone probably sneaked on the boat, saw natalie bashed her which probably explains the other people hearing her scream and yell for help then got on the rubber boat ride to shore throw her body in then water then fled the scene
Richy Do thing
You see that thing when one of them talking that human thing scared me all the time if you can get it out
Chelsea Braga
The guy on the right sounds like the old man reading his story in the Rick and Morty episode Look Whose Purging Now
Your narrative and pictures are wonderful, and your banter is priceless!
samantha mcmahon
Misquitos are the cause of most deaths, also pigs kill more people than sharks do yearly.
Ellie Hightower
Pause my question is what the heck is that doctors name like oh my goodness.. okay continue
drama- lama
17:24 what kind of name is that?!
Todoroki Waffles
17:25 uhhhhh... can you repeat that?
Lauren Lavender
OKAy is anyone curious like is this john payne who had his boat parked near by THE john payne aka gaily from miracle on 34th street????!!!!!???
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