Game Theory: Exposing Metroid's HIDDEN Threat (Super Metroid)

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It's the age-old question, one of the biggest mysteries of our time: WHO are the animals in Metroid and should you SAVE them or LET THEM DIE?! Today I'm tackling this intense question with science and some deep lore from Super Metroid and Metroid Fusion to figure out who these little guys are and why they're even there in the first place. Only then can we figure out whose side they're really on!

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Ticci Toby
ihave a theory that proves youres wrong first youre so called alein bird looks like a a de evolveb choso geez
Caelin Bevan
This theory has been approved by peta NOT!
Keaton Reel
But animals are cute matpat
Ryan Ehresman
make more Metroid theories
boi boi
oh oops mat pat you said my thing in the end
boi boi
if there infected then way would they take the ship they could leave her to die and fly to planets didn't think that matzot
Ethen 135
It was dumb how Peta said support team plasma, when their true motive was to have everyone one else release their Pokemon through brute force so that they could take over.
Mattpat, the x attack on the station is explained right at the beginning of the game.

Samie's suit parts infected by X were stored on the station, and SA-X used a power bomb to break free
Ink Wolf
..........face pam WHY WHY
omega joe
omg fusion was my first metroid
Archelios Anyone else see Master Chief's helmet in this? .-.
bob lblues
and what if the metriods malfunctioned and killed more than the x parasite what if the detected the germs on things and killed that or some hacked the metroids hmmmmmmmm explain that btw plz do
bob lblues
maybe the animals have strong immune system like there system is made of poison to the x parasite and maybe they are smart creatures also made by the guardians things with ablites and there survival tatic is to look dumb so creatures Miss judge it so it can strike. also make a threoy on fricking bleach how people do that ban kai thing
Shadow thief
I love the Metroid series
cough immune system cough alien skill cough
Tyler O'Neill
the x parasite is the flood because it takes over the host and kills it. the flood in halo does the exact same thing. you can make Samus in halo reach.
Deoidre lewisZX75
Something told me that the Metroids are good.
"Adam": i already scanned them thouroughly. no X infection.

Favoriting this for the excellent explanation of the speedrunner culture of saving/killing the animals.
Apache 25780-S
Completely unrelated, but why would you show an Omega Metroid at 5:40 while talking about X parasites taking over hosts? Seems a little counter-intuitive.
Judah Coffee
Ok, I have just 1 thing to say about this theory. IT. IS. WRONG. And I have a pretty good reason for it. MatPat, you yourself said that METROID FUSION was the last entry in the timeline, and so... if the animals knew the abilities in SUPER METROID, how would the animals know the abilities, because the x took over SR-388 first, and so (this next part is very vague) unless the wrecked ship was on sr-388 in the first place (we dont see it in metroid 2, so... yeah.) HOW WOULD THE ANIMALS ESCAPE OR EVEN GET TO ZEBES IN THE FIRST PLACE? i mean, its not like those animals could just conlure a massive ship out of thin air... so, if there IS evidence of X being on zebes, it would probably be a lot more noticable than just 2 speices of animals being infected... I rest my case.
Anna Xiao
call peta
Logan Stanway
so if you kill the animals nothing dies, but if you save them everybody dies?
Gabriel Granados
die you mad man
[Gamer_ _Guy]
the sprites are cuter than the picture
horus dark
oh Matt her power armor was the cause of the destruction
I actually really like the new tail from sonic boom
Dank en
matpat you could be easily be wrong and on the there could be a experimenting​ lab In the lab their DNA causing their blood stream to have a chemical reaction to the x virus and possibly have altered
their brain power within the experimentation within the proses of the experimentation
honestly am surprised you overlooked this possiblity and concidering you are a proffetional

but hey that's just my opinion
I thought shinesparking was just for speed runs...
Am I alone in thinking that, before they were lit up, that the combination of Knuckles and the Badger whose name I cannot remember looked like Klonoa's main character?
Thing is, if you kill the animals, they can't save you in fusion.
Pratyush Kumar
Yeah I like the part where you talk about them being able to fly the ship but have you consider that the ship could be any sort of ship like a escape ship which is ment to blast off before the explosion.
the courier
Molly and Abby
Uhh MatPat, The comments are saying your wrong...
I don't know why but I love coming back to this theory...
Kenny Bicking
Funny story peta doesn't really care about harming animals. They simply believe that we shouldn't own "pets"; and that pets as a whole are inbred abominations that are too stupid to be independent. ie we forced their dependence of us through selective breading techniques.
i think metroid is a pretty cool guy, eh shoots aliens and doesn't afraid of anythign
I thought this was a good theory until I played Fusion and it literally states that that animals are X-parasite free
Johnny Sythe
Metroid Fusion 2 confirmed.
Also there discolerd in the difrent games but that's a difrent theary
Anton Bengard
This guy is crazy... I love it!
Temmie Flakes!
I don't even know what Super Metroid is ;-; I want to know though. Looks cool.
Daisy Meloetta
This aint nothing! My sister posted this video where she pretended to have split personality disoreder. Now THAT is not just cringe, it's CRIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNGGGGEEEE!
Karel Hnedkovsky
Matpat, you dumb little boi! They ARE native to Zebes! They used the ship you fought Phantoon in to escape the planet! 🙄🙄
maxjax 22
The Black Plague of the future
make PETA cringe? really? Have you looked at thier stats?. They steal pets just to have them killed. 90% of all animals involved with PETA are DEAD. PETA doesn't want animals domesticated at all and if they areshould be put to death. Did you see one of thier last advertisements where the used a whore ro raise awareness? Wtf Mat Pat. whats happening to you?
da enderkidsam
you sould do a theory on john and jane doe in roblox
mat pat thank you ssoooooooo much for describing everything before you start the video because I've never really played a non portable video game ever but i still like the idea of them so I really watch these just so I can learn more about these awesome games
Jamie Fitzpatrick
Maybe the virus can't or dose not kill them but instead is merely able to us them as a cryer (Dun dun dun)
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