Game Theory: Exposing Metroid's HIDDEN Threat (Super Metroid)

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It's the age-old question, one of the biggest mysteries of our time: WHO are the animals in Metroid and should you SAVE them or LET THEM DIE?! Today I'm tackling this intense question with science and some deep lore from Super Metroid and Metroid Fusion to figure out who these little guys are and why they're even there in the first place. Only then can we figure out whose side they're really on!

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Crazy Waffle Guy
I like 🐶
Crazy Waffle Guy
I hate 🐱
Karl Kelley
lol so awesome
reading comments about the lore of series make me want a new metroid game post fusion but with samus suffering side effects of the metroid dna, absorbing a lof x virus and be blamed by the galatic federation for the destruccion of the BSL
one two
The only thing is, the X cannot infect Samas, they would have to ultimately kill her by some technological means once she kills off the rest of the metroids. If all the remaining metroids are killed off, the only hope for the survival of the galaxy against the X would be the lingering metroid in her DNA. Her DNA would be the last remaining hope.
Logan the kid
you used my dog in the into but she's retarded
Rxj the Unpopular
I don't mean any offense, but you said that deadly parasites disguised as cute animals plus an ignorant sucker was a match made in heaven. I say It's a match made in Hell.
Marla Bitran
Eh... I didn't even play ANY game of the metroid series (beck this video is what inspired me to write my book, I'm writing a book) but I heard that Adam the AI confirmed that the edicuned and decorra were CLEAN FROM X INFECTION. Watch the video that disproves this video.
Also if in metroid II samus killed all of the metroids and she's part metroid so there's no reason for the edicunes and decorra to save her if they're X infected, if anything they should attack her with even more power.
Marla Bitran
What do you mean pokémon are alien animals? Pokémon are their version of normal animals OK
I mean even if it was true, they could be whatever constitutes as "good" X-Parasites considering what the SA-X did at the final boss of Fusion
Did anybody notice the death star at 5:11
Animals were saved, GDQ viewers made the wrong decision.
Fiona McCann
Or the Shinespark and Wall Jump could have been inspired by the animals.
Sveti Sava
matpats the best I love watching him
let's see why the animals should die...

for the 15th time...i have a problem
The GamingGengar
Ever look at this on the Dachora page? "The Dachoras, along with Serris and possibly the Chozo feature abilities similar to the Speed Booster. The Chozo are said to have created their many items based on their physical capabilities."
Daniel McDonald
I swear I remember Adam saying the x parasites don't infect those without any combat abilities
1:56 ... Titty bear's cheeks
Jordon Cole-Samuels
see the whole in your logic is that the metroids passed them too. if I had to think about it. I'd say as I did earlier that they are the finished product in killing the x.
Will Phillips
AGDQ is now!
Noah Comer
the metroids didn't undergo training for what they should kill, so really Samus is fighting two threats. Also Samus was informed before she even saw a metroid. I know this because I came back here after reading vol. 1 of the manga.
Doesn't it say in Metroid Fusion that they were not infected when they boarded the ship?
The theory still works if you view the animals as a fail safe. A parasite can survive in an organism without killing its host. The X Parasites can still be in the bodies of the Etecoons and Dacoras in small traces. Given what we see from the X Parasites, they do seem to share intelligence-somehow. It would explain why they scanned alive on the ship, and assuming no one entered their habitat directly, they could be in there for quite some time without the entire station becoming infected since the locks prevent their movement. Lastly, there's nothing stopping Adam from lying. He's already proven untrustworthy and his main objective is still to capture the SA-X. But if you listen to how Samus convinces him, she only convinces him to consider them a threat. At no point does he really agree, he just devises a new plan. Samus won't allow him to complete his objective of capturing an SA-X, and albeit it's both dangerous and risky. A MUCH better plan would be to convince Samus to blow up the station, crash it into SR388, eliminating the X parasites forever, and transporting the few fail safes of the species in the form of cute, fuzzy animals. That way, the Federation will be the ONLY governing entity to have access to the X parasites, neutralizing their threat and allowing them to manufacture SA-X's later.
Jacob Pierce
Creator 2020
AGDQ is now gonna just kill the animals
Ghostster The Axolotl
Forgot to watch this one
Demon Steve
0:47 Peta does realize that the reason Team Plasma wants Pokémon freed is so that they would be the only ones with Pokémon under control, making their team the most powerful group of humans on the planet by default and they never really cared about the well being of Pokémon, right?
Oluf The Explorer
Speed runs = Zzzzzz
Jordon Cole-Samuels
or. the other way. the animals were created by chozo to also have the ability to kill the x. we never see them attack the x or the x attack them. for all we know the animals got full of eating them and the x know they are dangerous. when samus is given the antibodies to absorb x the x stop attacking samus via charging her well without their shields. the x know she can absorb them and choose to stay away. flying in weird arcs. these animals are cute and less likely to die by passengers or officers. in this I believe the metroids were prototypes cause they look like giant cells with teeth to be honest. it's not something people won't feel threatened by if seen. even mother brain looked like it was evolving into something else. maybe those animals are the finished product. or maybe they were the prototype. since they were probably given this ability later in their lives. the metroids were probably created cause these animals while having the ability to eat the animals didn't solely feed on them. and were benign.
Cool guy 49
Watching this to get ready for agdq 2017
MaxAwesomeness GB (Max)
Actually, you can save them and kill everyone!!!!
Alright, so why are they locked in a room near the surface in Super?
The only thing I can think of is that the Space Pirates forced them there using the metroids (or the mocktroids) to... maybe save them as a weapon for later? Or to take them out with the destruction of the planet. That has to mean that the Space Pirates have somehow learned about the threat of the X and... want to try and harness it in some way? Is that the real reason they're trying to clone the Metroid?
Strong... Urge... To Buy... The Metroid... Games... Must resist...
Jonathan Bodine
peta already justifies the murder of animals
Taran purewal
Great theory but one problem. The computer confirms that they are not x hosts
Zachary Duryea
Maaaat... in the first few minutes of gameplay of Metroid Fusion, the story explains that the X Parasite was brought on board via Samus' suit, which was infected during a mission. The suit was then removed from her body surgically and stored on the space station. The X took over Samus' old power suit and began multiplying from there. As far as the animals being infected.. there would be no explanation to the small offspring of the Dachora. The X would simply just multiply itself. The intelligence of the creatures is irrelevant considering the protectors of the universe are bird people. if they can learn, they can certainly teach. If your theory about the animals was accurate, then the X infected animals would have infected anything and everything on the planet already, including Samus.
Alexandre Domingos
I have a theory of my own: this guy doesn't play the games he creates theories for and is just reading some forum's badly defended fanfic theory. I had stopped watching Game Theory and decided to come back because of Metroid. Not worth it.
Andrew Jones
I'm 4:35 into this, and this is my guess as to what the theory will be/what point it relies on. (Incredibly roughly, of course.)

My guess: The animals will go on to become invasive species and wreak havoc across numerous ecosystems.

I'll be back in a bit and I'll tell you if I was right.
Bit late but:
Was Adam/Computer Infected by X as well in Fusion?
Would explain somethings like his shift of mood and that he allowed Animals to get on ship when saying that he scanned them and concluded they were not carrying infection. Holy ** he was X all time and all that was ruse for Samus to fly nearby, human ship and spread X and strike after a week to increase spread, if Samus could not be stopped.
Exonaut Productions
This theory is wrong on so many levels. I'm not gonna waste a whole wall of text explaining why, others here have already done that. So I urge you who doubt to go find some comments that disproves MatPat's Theory and please educate yourselves. MatPat's word is not Law and it is "just a theory" a wrong theory, so I implore you to not believe his videos 100% of the time, a man can make mistakes. My only issue is that so many accept MatPat's theories as absolutes, in this case he is 100% wrong, and people believe him, thus spreading misinformation, and when misinformation gets spread, people get dumber.
That0neKidGamer - Minecraft and More!
Here I am at 9:24 eating pocky and using a piece as a guitar for the intro music. Man I love it!
Crimson Imperial Gaming
PETA: People Eating Tasty Animals
Talon Estes
Is it me, or does X sound a heck of a lot like Kirby?
by that logic everyone is infected
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