Game Theory: Exposing Metroid's HIDDEN Threat (Super Metroid)

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It's the age-old question, one of the biggest mysteries of our time: WHO are the animals in Metroid and should you SAVE them or LET THEM DIE?! Today I'm tackling this intense question with science and some deep lore from Super Metroid and Metroid Fusion to figure out who these little guys are and why they're even there in the first place. Only then can we figure out whose side they're really on!

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TheUnReal Review
But Asura Kill More Annimals.
Kioshi The Yin Wolf
Pfff im gonna put money in for save the animals

i wanna see the world burn ^

I don't need help...
Bob Tucker
Go to therapy #mat pat
Woomy Ngyes
Kirby is an x parasite!!!??
Benjamín Alcine
Mat I wanna ask you something who or what created the x parasite
Samson Nite
this makes me want to play the original Metroids owo

i've only played the prime series
Ella S
lol this was made on my birthday
Brian Shivley
Joshua Vares
This video makes me want to beat Fusion. Thanks!
Thewhitearch 2000
Well the cute animals that helped Samus in super metroid lived on planet zebes and escaped. Later after metroid fusion comes along they were in a habitat that wasn't touched by the x and when they went away they knew to go to a ship for safety and the x only got there because they dropped off samus's suit there where the x were and started to get to the other animals except the ones that were from super metroid and that why your theory is wrong game theory.
Do people really have that much money they don't know what to do with it?
FML Titan
So Sam (short name for the main character) is evil!?
Ricardo Lucas
MatPat is wrong again... Oh well...
Lucas Snyder
Good job in poke tournament deluxe
RobloxGaming jelly
soorena123 azimpour
i dident like it
soorena123 azimpour
d-12-i d l y
Pascal Gagné
the theory not work for the fact is x-paracite is not zebes the x-paracite is on sr388 and the metriod was create on sr388 and the animal was on zebes and and in metriod fusion the animal in safe zone in the lap plus the ia tal us thos are not affited
go back to old into
Debbie Boyce
Matpat I think it learned by it's self not because of the x parasite!
Wouldn't they inatley be afraid of her in fusion since her DNA is infused with metroid stank or whatever?
Joy Gamerguy
He explains well that x does take the host, kill them, then carry on as the host with bad intentions(5:40 ish) but if that's true and as he says, the reason they are left alone is they're already infected by x, (9:30 ish) then why would they help you, as the player? If they are infected/copied by x, why would they show you these abilities to help you if you hinder them(x)?
Lee Richards
So is Kirby actually an X parasite construct?
Joe 527
Well it show that the amails are 100% not infatiad.
So the X's are like the scooper from Fnaf: SL?
Gaming_Dude and The Master Gamers
I have a question, I don't have metriod nor do I know the back story much but why do all the planets containing Metroid have structure already built on them? Please tell me if anyone knows, and if nobody know mat should get to it if he hasn't
Joseph B
This is why I miss the old game theory
When Matpat actually put some effort into these theories instead of focusing on GT live
When I look at this channel now, all I see is a let's play channel
Alpha Flygon
me: hi
some random person: how dare you!!!!!
Alvaro Allegue Fonte
You kill Metroids because they became wild, they weren't fighting the x parasitie, they were fighting EVERITHING. Oh, and i think Samus should know about the Chozo's plains, she is like one of them
Max 2117
Theory: Nintendo, making psycho plumbers and wrong-doing heroes,

Nintendo is evil.
save the animals
lock em up
study the X-parasite
defeat the threat
Anders Galen
Thumb down for not letting me skip the advertisement
Jenny Gonzalez
the ship you think they piloted and crashed was acully a space pirate ship YOU destroyed in zero mission
Vee Plushie
The correct answer is SAVE THE ANIMALS. Why?
Because we have already taken over. It's too late for the rest of the galaxy
according to the desc i shouldn't have subed
yoshi plays
As they say blonde girls are STUPID 👱👈🖕😠
LolzaDvanCe Channel
PETA wants a word with you matpat
Technicly... The theroy is not true. The Habitat where you fing the animals are X free. And there is no way for the X to break through. and if they where X then Metriod prime 4 Is going to have X in it
Rubin Sapphiere
Don't worry. PETA loves dead puppies and justifying senseless animal murder, they won't cringe at this they'll add it to their favorites to watch it over and over again (Btw this is me criticizing PETA, not this theory)
William Stark
I always thought they were sentient aliens. They survive twice and the bird ostrich was a chozo descendant.
Brandon Sinues
Sir I like sonic so screw you
8:58 gave the video a thumbs down 9:20 gave the video a thumbs up lol
The theory to put an end to GDQ's Save/Kill the animals incentive. :)
Mabye they are like jackles from halo like they are smart
unknown contact
i was legit about to say all the things about Adam and the SA-X and their roles in the x in the space station. then i saw all the fun comments
Sid Walker
Isn't the wrecked ship the one we were in at the beginning of the game?
Sunsphere2 m
Wait, more power, super skills, ability to absorb organisms and technology's power. Is kirby and x parasite?
Allert Zwaan Jr
maby boba fett kil dem
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