Game Theory: Exposing Metroid's HIDDEN Threat (Super Metroid)

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It's the age-old question, one of the biggest mysteries of our time: WHO are the animals in Metroid and should you SAVE them or LET THEM DIE?! Today I'm tackling this intense question with science and some deep lore from Super Metroid and Metroid Fusion to figure out who these little guys are and why they're even there in the first place. Only then can we figure out whose side they're really on!

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More powerful tech? Sorry X, but you shouldn't have gone after the iPhone to look for more powerful tech.
Silver Tongue
Hey Matpat, think you can make a video exploring everything a metroid can and can't do? And if they have any weaknesses other than ones given in canon
The N3RDMan
As much as I like your content, I can't see how this theory could be true. As SomecallmeJohnny (like his vids too btw) mentioned, the X parasites were able to infect the BSL station when the SA-X, an X Parasite mimicking Samus, was able to escape the capsule it was contained in inside the quarantine bay using a Power Bomb, and it was subsequently able to duplicate and spread X Parasites across the station. If that wasn't enough, other people (myself included) remembered that the ship's on-board AI, which Samus nicknamed "Adam", scanned the creatures and found them to be X Parasite free. I don't mean to spread any hate, but I just don't see this to be true.
Trash Osu Player
Is this why the mimicked Varia suit saves you at the end?
I got you a real game theory: Samus died in Fusion. The one that survived was SA-X. It has all the memories of Samus Aran but is not at first aware that it's not the real Samus. In Metroid 5 Samus has to battle against her instinctive desire to spread the X parasite but also use the new abilities that the X gives her, like the ability to morph into different animals. There's also interesting philosophical questions about the worth of life. The X parasites could bring peace to the universe. Instead of all the different species fighting against each other there could be only X that rules everything. The Galactic Federation is just as bad as the space pirates. They're developing biological weapons to oppress the entire galaxy. Samus should take them down and the last boss would be a giant robot that has the mind of Adam Malkovich downloaded into it. In the end Samus has to kill this father figure of her's and make the decision whether humanity should be saved, but doomed into eternal suffering, by blowing up herself with the ship or whether she should live and eventually the X would take over everything.
Brandon Ruggles
This theory is terrible and anyone who buys into it should be ashamed to call themselves a fan of Metroid.
Vampiric jellyfish...

"This isn't even my final form!!!!!!"
the legends let's plays
yknow that bounty hunters are givin bounty's depending on the situation right? so what if samus was givin a bounty by those bird things (sorry I forgot what they are please don't hate me.) to destroy them?
and that brings up another theory... what if this is all a rouse? the birds are allowing the parisites to live and infect others and not doing anything about it because they simply don't want to?
And now I watch GDQ
or it could just be an oversight
Wolfgang Valentine
I thought the wrecked ship in super metroid was the space pirate ship that blows up in zero mission I may be wrong but I think it is
Doesn't The Computer In Metroid Scan The Etecoons And Dachoras As Not X And Gave Them Shelter In The Ship?
Samuel Brown
does he realize adam scans them and says no X's in these guys
"there is no way to not offend pp online anymore"
No... We never included those retarded attention hungry PETA whore as humans since the beginning of time.
Kody Kemplin
matt pat at the beginning of fusion samus was infected they took her power suit off sent it to the station the computer said the sax used a power bomb to escape where her suit parts were
Honestly I know this theory video is old, but it still makes me mad, just like every other GameTheory, all of these videos are based on flimsy evidence, outright ignoring a game's lore/fictional science/in game events, and trying to use our own, and going wayyyy too in depth, to sum up once again what every other comment says (hopefully I don't miss anything).
1. The Etecoons and Dakoras come from planet Zebes, while the origin of the X virus is on planet SR388, and we know from a lore standpoint that the X virus have never left the planet until the events of Fusion, due to the lack of Metroids on the planet to eat the X, because Samus killed them all in Metroid II (aside from the Baby, who was taken into captivity). Therefor they couldn't have been infected before being on the station.
2. It makes perfect sense for the creatures to have escaped both Zebes on a escape pod, and pilot Samus's ship in Fusion, they are shown the be highly intelligent, even though unable to speak, but they can do mamy operations and things a intelligent humanoid could do, and their abilities (the walljump and shinespark) could have easily been looked at by the Chozo on Zebes while creating the Power Suit, as in real life we base MANY mechanical ideas off things in nature, it makes perfect sense.
3.There is literally several lines of text in Fusion, devoted to the creatures, as the on board computer Adam, calls you back frantically to your ship to not only tell you the main power is out, but also that creatures have boarded your ship, and he has identified them as the healthy signs from earlier, and that they are specifically NOT X INFECTED, which he would very well be able to tell, as he can literally identify almost all the other X in the game before you meet them and fight them, as well as their location, not to mention the ship itself couldn't be infected, as X call only process data organically (As seen by the X that downloaded the Varia Suit), yet cannot infect inorganic sources, only mimic them organically if they have priorly infected a attached organic part (as seen with the SA-X and Nightmare.)
4. And my final reason I can remember, there is literally no way that the Etecoons and Dakoras could have brought the X virus to the station as not only mentioned throughout my other points that they come from Zebes and the X virus comes from SR388, as well as the fact that the virus hadn't left the planet until the events of Fusion, we ARE FLAT OUT TOLD from the start of the game, in the opening sequence, that the virus was brought to the station from the infected pieces of Samus's suit (which later become the SA-X (and it's copies)) which were removed when she was infected on the planet and injected with the Metroid serum, the X virus was spread throughout the station due to the SA-X's escape.

End of logical evidence to disprove stupid theory

The universe is already safe, the B.S.L station and SR388 blew up together, ending the X virus, it is currently not to be worried about.

But how will the public view our actions? They probably won't understand. ;) (Nice refrence inclusion, eh?)

Anyways do your god damn research people or you get deticated fans like us on your tail.
But Adam analyse them to check if they were infected with de X virus and say that they were fine.
You Wish
The Etecoons and Dachoras weren't attacked because they were trapped inside the controlled environment, the X were on their way to kill them having just learned how to open the door, but Samus saves them in the last second.
When they arrive at the ship, Adam tests them and concludes they are clear of X so he lets them aboard.
They are not infected.
Nathan Mitchell
Actually made a sprite of a Metroid out of Perler Beads (They're these little plastic beads you put on boards with pegs then iron the beads, awesome for making game sprites) in celebration of the 2 new Meroid games coming soon
inb4 thats the plot of of metroid prime 4
if the animals were killed by the x and Metroid's kill the x wouldn't the animals been dead by the metriods?
Kutiel Kalupto
while i dont deny the possibility of it, have you considered that when samus saves them in super metroid they simply left through an escape pod of some sort? this would mean that they wouldve always been native to zebes and did not arrive from an outside ship
super Mario and luigi
if you played zero mission you would know that the space pirate ship was the wrecked ship and dont just make random stuff up
Stephen Priest
uhhh they donate that money right ? 800k?
Kostadim 789
Wrong completely wrong
Piotr Kruczyński
0:48 pikachu supports team plasma... So he wants unova to be destroyed
AntiRoxasAMV productions
I just wanna say the top comment here pointed out that the computer said that the animals where clear from the X, and so do many other comments here, but that's still unknown. If we go think about it twice matthew smith might be right, but as we go think more about the biological aspect of a Virus then we notice that throughout the game The X-Parasite is capable of adapting, which is the normal behavior of a normal virus though it might take years for a Virus or a parasite to adapt we see that X is capable of adapting within seconds or hours.
For example:
One of the biggest threats for a Normal Virus or Parasite are extreme temperatures - X-was capable of adapting really really fast.

Think about the scenario in Metroid fusion where Samus needs too deactivate The meltdown process. We see that X is not just capable of being a Mimic it can also Copy your memories. The X actually are Intelligent and they have some sort of communication with one another.
So if we think about all of that, it might be Possible for the X to trick computers and scanners.

After I saw This video I just Had to play some metroid games and I saw The dialogue as well. I started Thinking over and over thought that this Theory of MatPat is wrong but it is not.

in conclusion to That:
There is a possibility That the animals are infected with the X but also a possibility that they are not.

And now I came up with a really interesting theory:
even if they were not infected like In the theory they get Killed and infected after samus set them free.
The whole ship is Full of the X they killed everything and copied it. So how comes that those animals are the only animals that are not being infected? I mean X is all over the station... In the room right before you see them to be accurate.
I think it's impossible that they made it to the ship without getting infected.

but anyway thats just a Theory... A game theory, theory! xD
Dwarfee Pixe
I just gotta say matpat you kinda messed up with this one...good effort though
Nick DA Host
Margie Theiss
I like dogs
Another fact that you over looked: "The X mutate their host and assume complete control over its body. Uninfected creatures within the BSL station are normally docile, but all turn against Samus once an X inhabits them. X Parasites react adversely to the presence of the Metroid cells within Samus and therefore will force their hosts to attack viciously and relentlessly."
drake scipion
But now Samus have Metroid DNA in her blood, when she will find out who the animals are truly are they have no chance
Strand lp gaming
YOU ARE CRAZY. In real life we inspect animals and copy them. Exampel sharks have a specal skinn and we copy them vor swimming-suits. And more
Strand lp gaming
Ooooor the tecnology of the shinespark is Taken from the animals .
i can't wait for the new Metroid games
James Linahan
you're just grasping at straw with this one man
king venom
How dare you say that about sonic
0:18 Im doing mass genside
Ryan Kilian
So it makes Sense that the series is over because after Fusion, Metroids are dead (Except for samus) and the can spread... so if the series were to continue it would be post apocalyptic... but if samus can absorb the "X" her children would or she holds Metroid in her DNA can they make more vaccines from her to save the universe...
wat am I talking about
Marcus James Flint
Hey MatPat! I don't know if u know that that the "shall we" u say at 0:56 is exactly the same as Koro-sensei of the anime Assassination Classroom , i don't know if u have watched it , so if u read this would u mind making a theory on Koro-sensei being real? Please watch it if u haven't and do a theory if u can.☺☺☺
tinee123 F
or.... they were on the same planet as mother brain and had a color scheme of the metroid and mother brain was creating metroids sooooooooo...... they can be immune to the X parasite... ALSO THE THEORY OF THEM BEING NOT NATIVE CAN BE A HOAX!!!!!!! they can just be intelligent...
Abel Binyam
Why with the fasion music
Nightwing 25
so cute.😍
Frogman Warriors
You said mario is evil for killing animals in video games
Dr. Walrus
I really like this theory mainly because I like the creativity but also because I don't like animals, and now I have a justified reason to kill them in one game...

Just one game...
Jake Plays Piano
No! You ruined the cute animals!
TinyCloud 7
Jack Austin
What is a 'cringe'?
The PUN isher
the x wont be able to copy memories because memories are not physical things they are currents in the neurons you mentioned this in the deadpool epiode too
CyberFilm Productions
The villain for Metroid Nintendo switch is Mother Brian Confirmed!
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