Bad Kids Driving Parents Car! Tiana Crushed Mommy's Birthday Cake Under Car (SKIT)

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Hi friends:)
I hope you enjoyed the skit,bad kids driving parents car again i ruined my mum's birthday cakes crushing them under my parents car,yes i was driving again and it was lots of fun.

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Safa Mohamed
can you really drive a car ????
Comedy Gaming show
Can I get 100like because it my birthday
Ally Ardoin
pore mom😕
Juliann O'Connor
You are wasting good food there are pore people in the world
Maddison Luker
mommy is right do stop Tiana and your so lucky so think about the poor people and stop being in grateful
Jade Fullagar
you more hurt your mom's. feelings after what you did
Marley French
Happy birthday
Chocolate n Vanilla
we love are mom's
tanisha Cledanor
happy birthdaybprinnses
Eighteen Barro
any people don't have any food but you , you just waste them all so please do not , do it again
Awesome Owl01
in the fridge i saw your dad with the camera
Louise Goldsbrough
Natalie Alcaraz
Tiana can you do more of stealing daddy's car videos please
chuchelandia 123
Happy birthday for your mom
Elboussairi_hajar Loujayna
hi Im louja. why are you doing this foolish things kids in Syria or Somalia are not finding food shame on you either you should do something to help them
camille salomia
that cake looks tasty
I feel so sorry of that cake
Bill Kos
did she rily drove that care o,m,g
Carmen Rodriguez😜
Christine Winrow
my birthday is the 17 th of april
Zh Kg
Hi guys it is ila and I have my friends acount
Serenity Poela
my sis is a big fan. she copes you, but it's a good thing because your her person to look up to
Serenity Poela
my sis is a big fan. she copes you, but it's a good thing because your her person to look up to :-) :-)
aimee Rushforth
Kylee Affeldt
I love you and your family
Kuba Lenard
I know tiana isn't a bad girl like that but maybe it wasn't her mum's birthday
Haris Namani
I like your song
Lundyn Leggett
you are so bad
Too big to complain she is 9 I'm 8 I don't complain
Lorena Lopez
Coralys soler
Se apago
Ruby and Lily -
Makes no sense in England we drive on the right
Michael Delagarza
poop mom
Michael Delagarza
yay tiana
bb scootering
don't waste food people in africa would love this
Akinola Bola
oh no my cakes!
bouaouiche nassira
Ciara Ritchie
I love you 😍 so much love the song
Clodagh Masterson
I love your videos and I am your biggest fan ever from amelia
Ailsa Scott
LilCutie Msp
That's Food ugh why did u ruined it
Kisha means
more like bad tiana
Ammar Aladimi
Kawsar Ahammad
My birthday is in the same day !
Xulybeth Gonzalez
good gril
Big Mama Mendoza
I would also like to relax if it was my birthday and eat cake in my room with silents
Saima Esa
Jokes aside, waisting food like this is just horrible
kacie stevens
tiana is bad from kacie age 6 and kacee age 6
J Davidson
please can you do you do more videos of this
Ben Djalil Ghalil
master of the games
Happy birthday to the best mum 🎂🎁
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