Bad Kids Driving Parents Car! Tiana Crushed Mommy's Birthday Cake Under Car (SKIT)

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Hi friends:)
I hope you enjoyed the skit,bad kids driving parents car again i ruined my mum's birthday cakes crushing them under my parents car,yes i was driving again and it was lots of fun.

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دلماOraib Shahbari
Happy Berthday
Gzh Dhg
stephanie zeidan
did tiana realy drive
sebastian Thomas
Byron Tumlos
this thing is a bad influence
RUDE wow
Sean Bennett
happy birthday Share Gif:
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Share Gif:
Share Gif:
Share Gif:
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Share Gif:
Taylor Shelvin
That was carazy
I'm hungry
alice biancardi
shnth Sneth
يا كلبه يا ملعونه 😫
shnth Sneth
كولي زقي
Chishee Sakru
does anyone like tiona
Libby Rose
Yasmin Khan
please do not waste good please some don't have it 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Tina Tina
you are so bad to your mom it's her birthday
em luu
It's my friends birthday can I get 9 likes
ناصر م
الي باسوري يتمنونه متستحي على واجهه
Claire Ingham
She was bad
Fatou Kane
Can you please do more bad baby driving power wheels 🚗
Traniya Cigar
Hi girl you see me now
Glendi Domingo
Do not waste food tiana
Molly and angel's Channel
noor abo sada
You have a brother?!
Doreen Filippis
Hahahaha that's how I treat my kids it is so funny
fun time foxy
Youtube For Life
nice that tou got there 😀
Jazmin Olivas
Three siblings
Me and my sister loved this one.
Grainne Drummond
Nice car doe
Myra Menton
Follow Abby millinson
Myra Menton
Could I get 20 likes because it's my 9th birthday
Keitu Taulela
cake is nice
Nantaye Wantee
best fan
Miguel Arredondo
Was the cake good mom?🤗🤗
Angelique Flores
your a good kid
I love this video
Roberta Banda
Mayra Ramirez
Your so funny omg your so bad 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😎😎😎😎😎😎
jonathan casipi
di poh ko natutuwabkse sa mga vidio nyo poh may sinasayang kayong pagkain
Cindy Guan
oh my gosh!
Arlicia Adams
Your home is so beautiful
Kate Bitler
i love your vidoes
so much
Saray Tavera
no me gustan tus vídeos eres horrible y malgstas la plata en todas esas bobadas te cree es la más mas la niña con mucha plata eso es lo que te crees y subes vídeos a youtube presumiendo toda la plata que tienes niñ engreída
Twenty_One_ Crybaby's
OMG no her Yeezy's! So ungrateful! 😤
Grace Letchner
Let's say my ass would be rad as a tomato
Super girl
Do you live in mansion
JR mini Brice burns
Did you a Tully drive I love you
Satyja Beaulieu
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