Bad Kids Driving Parents Car! Tiana Crushed Mommy's Birthday Cake Under Car (SKIT)

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Hi friends:)
I hope you enjoyed the skit,bad kids driving parents car again i ruined my mum's birthday cakes crushing them under my parents car,yes i was driving again and it was lots of fun.

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Jesus Coronado
stop those cake Aretha yours stop stop stop stop
Lps wolf girl 52 52
Lps wolf girl 52 52
Little kids are watching these videos and I guys r supposed to be role models?
Elizabeth Jamieson
Unicornlover 174568
Ungrateful some kids don't even have b days
Rachel Newnes
You are very happy
Gitte Borød
Anja tijana🤓🤡
Jeric Tambuli
Tiana is soooooooooooooooooo bad 😠😡👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻
Simone Pharris
Those cakes are beautiful
Leilani Estrella
I love you tiana
Leilani Estrella
I will get you
Tyrocjcjvune West
Keishon Pierre
poor cake you ruined it on your mom birthday bad baby
vasso avgerinou
Jo ar notgod gel entb im siries!
Mandy Sandy
these videos are getting out of hand...
Jeremiah Jones
Mommy is bossy
Emilia Campo
You happy barthay
Spiderman League
as a mother i find this video to be a learning lesson, therefore in this video she has given attitude and now is shopping for her birthday as a parent that would be a take away because of her attitude but in this one you have chosen to teach kids that if they whine they will get what they want.
Emmanual Adeshoetan
Oo bustid.
Keira Bone
Tiana you are so checky to you mum.How can you drive a car and you are only 9 year old.
د.رضا الصيفي
Georgia horner
I think you're mum is upset like If you agree
Sam And Fiona Sarical And Estrella
I love tiana
Madison Allen
Why are you so north what if a kind kid saw it and got bad mannere
Ramir 1029
Who realize there was a camera at 3:20
Lola Mcdonald
The mom should have beat her when she slap her
Pesky Galaxy Girl
You guys should really stop making these bad baby videos! What if some kids look at tiana like a role model and try to do things that she does. It might just be a act but little kids won't know and they will think it's the right way to behave.Instead I courage you to make good baby videos so kids can learn the right thing!(And that I don't care song is not good either because my little sis keeps on singing it when she does something wrong)
Chan Veasna
Hesdine Preciado
Tiana try this game it is awesome it is called Akinator
Snow Angels Daycare
There really good at acting
omg what a waste
Evie Harvey
Hey Happy Birthday Tinas mum
Evie Harvey
Dose Tina really no what how to drive
Lana-chevelle De Wit
wilen julie op mijn kanaal aboneeren
Tamila Olhuzzr
Tiana is so stupid😠
Corinne Tanguay
Happy birthday to you! 😊
Lidia Almeida
i whish that i can driv
Lidia Almeida
i wish can driving car and what tina is doyig is not funny and i dot fik it funny
Mildred Ombok
How can Tiana ride a car .How can a nin
Pesky Galaxy Girl
Rather than squashing cakes with cars mabey you should think about some poor people that can only dream of having cakes!!!
Nuchie Nuchie
Breanna Baez
Now donate to the food banks
Arkan Saeed
Why do you guys do that video if children will see that they will have really bad manners
Holly Hall
I feel sorry for her mum
Clara Does Things
Waste of food wow
Andrea Brown
Tina is a bad girl😱😱😱
Georgia horner
Your mum must be angry 🎅🏼
نور نور
تف على هاية قنا
نور نور
استغفراللة يا كافرة مو بس انت كلكم كافرين حتة اهلج كافرين
نور نور
حرام عليج
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