Fast Amtrak trains in snow! W/ lots of horn

acelaboy123Amtraktrains in snowacs-64acelaacela expressamtrak and snowRhode IslandNortheast COrridor

Videos were shot both east and west of Kingston Station in Rhode Island 
Oh yea....and one plane :D

el gato
so cool
nice engineers, honking hello at you.
Vincent Baretti
Cool video, especially the train at 2:20-2:52. Camera was zoomed so close in at first it didn't seem like it was moving as fast as it was.
Lachie Tod
Excellent shots, really like the footage in the snow - coz I like snow! Lol!!!
What cam were you using?? Was impressed by the zoom and the quality of the shots. Keep up the good work. All the best from the UK.
At first I was like "where's the snow?" And then I was like "oh there is the snow!"
Rob Catt
Great selection of shots especially the snow scenes. Hope you didn't get too cold shooting them. Happy New Year, Rob.
Cal Gary
How do they get those speeds on standard track? Did they upgrade the track?
The last train had 627 leading, which is the one that struck the backhoe in April.
I like the footage! But fast trains? Man, here in Europe 100mph are regional trains, the national and continental trains speed up to 180-200mph 🚅🚅🚅
Bruce Tharpe
There's only the new locomotives
Bruce Tharpe
R.I.P my favorite Toaster AEM-7s
Triple D III
Where is this???
Tomassi Racing-TEAM 76
nice video!
Sweet vid! I'll try to get out there tomorrow and try a few new spots.
Awesome Video Ryan!
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