Popular Bollywood Actresses Who Married for Money

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Popular Bollywood Actresses Who Married for Money

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10. Celina Jaitley and Peter Haag
Celina Jaitley could not get so much fame and popularity as a Bollywood actress. This adorable and hot lady married the businessman and marketer, Peter Haag, belonging to Austria. She is currently living with her twin babies and husband out of India.

9. Tina Ambani and Anil Ambani
As a bubbly young actress, it was expected that Tina Ambani could achieve both fame and money. She was a resounding success back in the 1980s. She was chosen for marriage by Anil Ambani.

8. Dimpy Ganguly and Rahul Mahajan
Dimpy Ganguly used to be a lesser known model and actress when she married to Rahul Mahajan. The two dated each other for some months, and finally tied the knott. Dimpy was able to create huge furor in media.

7. Kim Sharma and Ali Punjani
Kim Sharma, unfortunately, could get not many successful movies in Bollywood. This beautiful and dusky beauty of movie named Mohabbatein dated a handsome Spanish guy named Carlos. Suddenly the things got changed and she married to Ali Punjani, a businessman of Kenya.

6. Ayesha Takia and Farhan Azmi
Ayesha Takia is a beautiful and adorable model, television artist, and Bollywood actress. This hottie married to restaurateur Farhan Azmi in a grand manner, and their love is still in air.

5. Vidya Balan and Siddharth Roy Kapoor
Siddharth Roy Kapoor is a successful producer of Bollywood. It was rumored that Vidya Balan married to Siddharth. Later on the news was confirmed to be true and the two are living happy life.

4. Amrita Arora and Shakeel Ladakh
Shakeel Ladakh was a divorced businessman when he met Amrita Arora and they decided to marry. Amrita is one of the Bollywood actresses who got pregnant before marriage. Both have two sons.

3. Sridevi and Boney Kapoor
Sridevi is one of the most beautiful and successful Bollywood divas of all time. This adorable lady gave many hit movies. She married to Boney Kapoor after his divorce from the first wife. Sridevi and Boney Kapoor are living happy life together. They first met when their project named Mr. India was started.

2. Juhi Chawla and Jay Mehta
Juhi Chawla has long been famous for her innocent and impressive smile. She is, without any doubt, a very pretty and gorgeous Bollywood female. She chose to become a housewife and married to entrepreneur Jay Mehta instead of carrying on her Bollywood career.

1. Shilpa Shetty and Raj Kundra
Shilpa Shetty is a hot and incredible Bollywood actress of all time. She married to Raj Kundra, a famous and rich businessman from Dubai. Now they are living happy life and have become parents.

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Power Full
is video me kareena kapor ko bhi add kar lete
jahedabegam sayyed
Tehreem shaikh
wtf😂😂😂 ayesha didn't marry for money foolish people 😑😑
Every girl does that ;))
what the hell where is kareena kapoor?
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Nice Video :)
Salma Vora
Wt abt kareena nd saif
Jilu Mohapatra
shubha jaggi
rubbish. they had enough money
Pooja Bhardwaj
lol bullshit..
what an unfair video firstly because how do you know they married only for money?? Secondly, no one would think of doing a video of bollywood actors who married for money! This video is sexist!
Xabiba Moha
go get a life✌
Marian Thomas
the person who made this video is one dum ass..he must b not knowing that these beautiful women thm self has money
Tanisha Srivastava
Have they conferenced that they have married a guy just for their money...it may possible that they really love each other...all rubish...
shaista riyaz
haaan..rahul mahajqn k mamle me sirf dowlat hi thi...q k ladhki ek bht hi aam ghr ki ti,...r dowlat, r rutbe se shqdi ki...wo bhi toot gai...
shaista riyaz
money ka swal nahi hai yahan pr...achcha ye btayen k ambani ne q ki teena se shadi..??? q k ambani ko ek khobsurt ladhki chaiye ti,teena filmo me achchi jghe pr thi,khobsurt. b ti, jo ambani ko chahiue ta wo ambani ko mila....usi trh sri devi k mamle me hua, sri devi top pr thin, lekin unhe mohbbt hui kpoor se,r kpor ko bhi....agr heroin ko paisa chahiye tha to wo bhi kam drja nahi rakhtin thin...mrd be waqoof nahi hain k kiso b ladhki se shadi krlen..unhe. bhi badhi r khoobsurat heroine mili hain akhir..
Durga Sharma
unlike vedio
Sri V
Aishwarya married abhishek becoz Salman made her life miserable and vivek oberoi also left her when she needed most, she prefered a stronger family to protect her from this guy. Karishma was cheated by abhishek for ash. on the other hand karishma is a famous kapoor khandan beti n remember she was on top when she married and never entered films and only leading her miserable family life. It was not these 2women who married for money but was cheated by the men in their lives.
Bailhorn Babail
media can write anything😂
Erwin Rommel
how are these old cocks going to satisfy them, I think providing of gigolo is a part of the contract.
falguni soni
this is cheap thinking
Aasim Ahmed
that's what chicks want
Rudib Ad
sridevi,,,juhi,,,rani mukerjee,,,r top 3
Rudib Ad
can u name a few actresses who married for love???
They are have money why would they marry someone for money....
Ejaz Sahib
Almost all actrices are extremely greedy.They are just after money and nothing more.
Daily dose of my early morning laugh 😳🤔🤔😁
ahmed Khan
shocking yaar
ahmed Khan
I also dont believe juhi husband is this
Gayatri Nambiar-greenwood
Perhaps succesful women attract equally succesful men?
sumana roy
ambani to jisse v shaaadi karta sab ye hi bolte..lol
Happy ToBeHere
Wow, so a rich person married another rich person! How shocking!!!! drops puja ki thali
gourab saha
Men make civilization, being rich is a manly thing, real men should run after money, not after girls. A successful rich men should never stick to a single women, either be it's successful/pretty/ young girlfriend or famous/ pretty/ young wife. Respect women, love women, marry women and give them shelter but never be a poor monogamous twat. Men should be cunning enough to manipulate their money, property and children legally so that their legal wife or other women can't make them bankrupted. Only weak men complain for women prefer marrying rich and famous, instead they should try to upgrade their financial situation for personal benefit, not for women but remember always that more than half of women population still prefer young men with good looks and good health over money. Settling attitude of men is so estrogenic that it literally kills men's very own testosterone induced undying attitude and behavior. Keep in mind, nature gives menopause to women, not to men.
Lolly Pops
you Guys dont have a life like how do you know they Married for money fucking idiots
bindia arora
Raj kundra proposed her not she was before him
sridevi had much more money ... she was actually tired of her own family who were exploiting her and eying her hard earned money ,.... not that i support her for breaking another home still the title doesnt fit
Mani B
in sbme se do ,teen populer hain, bhen k laure uploder
akash shekhawat
no wonder.....
no girl wnts to work hard to become rich.... she jst wnt to marry a rich guy.....
the short cut..... bitter truth.
Rahil Shareef
bahut acha kiya hai businessman me saath shadi karke mere jaise bekari ke saath to shadi nahin karsakte hai bhai sahab aap ko itna jalan kiyon hurahi hai
Madhavi Ayyagari
Its in very bad taste. We do not know what happened in their lives and no one has a right to make these judgements!!
Bishshoy Das
Standard bhi toh match karna chaiye na.
Abhishek Math
My dream is -- I want to marry an international model
Indian girls are aak thu :|
shrestha sushma
nonsense, i don't think so.
mast maula
throw money and pickup any Bollywood bitch.its simple
Ahmed Raza
SULTAN Official Trailer Review Eid 2016

Zohaib Khan
god juhi's husband sucksss
Sona Beeharry
Come forward with proofs that they married these men for their money. Otherwise live and let live. That's it.
is there a reason as to why you think that they married for money? it is just an opinion then I guess
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