CRINGEMAS CHARITY LIVESTREAM - Pewdiepie/Markiplier/Jacksepticeye/KickthePJ and Emmablackery!

We'll be live at 6pm GMT!
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Charity Livestream for (RED)’s fight to #endAIDS

Dan Howell
I want to make a septic cracker
why is pewdiepie such an arsehole to jack?
Tracy Henderson
Canaan Herrington
hey hoo left a dislike on the video that is charity
Making a bookmark for my place 5:02:17
Carmen Arueta
You know a big problem was that I'd be laughing at Jack and Felix and then I'd look at Mark of PJ or Emma. I'd see what they were doing and I'd starting laughing even harder.
BangtanAbbie 방탄 소녀 정찰
I showed so many friend's this and they ALL thought Jack and Felix were going out, me and my friends all ship them now, jelix sails away!!
Louise Doyle
Pause at 1:18:37 .. Mark's face doe..hes like: "Fake the smile! Act like everythings okay! ILL FKN KILL YOU FELIX!! Sigh No Mark..just relax!"
Louise Doyle
I literally melted when Mark sung silent night.. 0.0
Nancy Perkins
jelix confirmed
Nancy Perkins
my grandma asked what i was watching and i said a Christmas charitey fundraiser

and i got away with it
caitlin MC
dur is the cringiest youtube
Mama Wanja
Hahaha the part where Jack has to sing really seems like he's just bringing Felix into it to embarrass him as much as Jack was embarrassed.. like 'bitch, if I'm going down you're going down with me' lol I don't ship Jelix but I'm really loving their dynamic so much lol ❤️❤️
England is my city...
WWTV/ 王大哥
can submit me
Drake Jumper
“I see the jifs already”
jake vs stuff
Olivia Hall
Jack needs a dog!!!!! ☺☺☺☺🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶
unbelievable gaming
tell jack to prapose to ema
Silver Arrow
This was the episode that introduced me to PJ and I am eternally grateful
Alexplaygamer gamer
felix to be aying the truth your kinda mean to emma she seems to be nice

btw I watched thi when it came out I just made a channel couple days ago
Tracy Henderson
Tracy Henderson
I want this every year even if we beat aids I WANT THIS STREAM EVERY YEAR
skittles arelife
why do u dislike this. its just abunch of weirdos having funXD
Jesseram1 Vlogs
Danielle Kierig
This is what I like to call Mark's hair's hobo stage
Felix: You might have f'ed our channels, but the charity

Danielle Kierig
Anyone else just super jealous of Emma?
Goofy Wolfie
poor poodipie I think jack failed the handshake because he wanted XD
Danielle Kierig
Pewds trying to get PJ to kiss him at 1:21:56
Danielle Kierig
I love how Mark is just blatantly man-spreading throughout the whole stream.
mark looks so depressed why are they doing this to him :(
Canaan Adkins
Quick someone put one between jack and mark before we miss the opportunity😂😂😂😂 #septiplier
is it just me that ships Emma and PJ?
pandaben olson
They should do this again
Aksel Stevens
Glitter Queen 123456
I did it I watched all 7 hrs
Solesurvivor9 Soletto
Thank you pe-pe-penis
Gothywolfwars -
As soon as the Mistletoe comes out. PJ DO IT. SEPTILPIER AWAAAAYYYY!!!!!!
Gothywolfwars -
i wish I was Edgar. He gets snuggled by Sean. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!
Naima Shamshad
Where is ken :(
Random user
the real meaning of Christmas is waxing people's legs and failing
Gerald Zeller
Bird Entertainment
6:53:07 ;)
10:36 😂 She ship's it
Marcy The Vampire
4:13:59 when jack said DAMN i laughed so hard
RetroDragon 459
I ship Emmaplier for some reason
Sean Walter
None ya Beez
Mark: sings
Me: has a heart attack
Stella Bella
dang Jack is a good singer
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