poor impala
would like they eats lioness instead
Frank Kearney
Loads up three promos over the last scenes effectively blocking the video.
Steven Sam I Am
this is fake. nice edit job tho
looks kinda fake and robotic
Ric Diaz
Wow...... never knew hippos where that mean! I guess I better stop calling my brother a hippo. He might attack me!
That open mouth attack is deadly.☠
What do hippos eat? Anything they want.
Ronald Reagan
Don't fuck with hippos
Colin Jenkins
Well damn...hippos don't fuck around lmao.
Kevin Fearnside
Haha, the first one looked like she got caught pick-pocketing and tried to trot off nonchalantly. Hippo said "Oh Hell No!"
Don't want Schadenfreude
2:02 surprise motherfu**r.
Rynard Wakefield
b zanon
i'm quicker than any Hippo and speed wins over size all day long
i'm 190 pounds ,so an Hippo is about 65 me....a nice left hook to the liver should do it.
Patrick W
I kind feel bad for the rhino because it didn't have its horn. More than likely a piece of shit poacher stole it
Ali Risay
hippo dilawan su.. asu...
Tone B
Hippos can be so viscous
Fernanandez Silaban
Hippo is the best.. yeeahh...
Juanito Morales
I want see Rhino vs Elephant jajajaajajaja
Almendra Del Carmen Navarro Orellana
Hipopótamo carnívoros :/
De'Amazin Fox
Anyone wanna play Hungry Hungry Hippos?
adam fadili
oooooooh 0
Ran To
wowowow cool
richie black
That's rhino look like it doesn't have any horn
David Levesque
I was surprised. I wasn't sure thinking River Horses were so aggressive. That's Burke
1:53 that's only because he had no horn and didn't do nothing
King G C
A plenty lives was saved lol
Rex Anderson
I starting to dislike hippos.
Calvin Smith
Wow...I had no idea Hippos were so aggressive.
Supreme Leader
Trump, mourinho shld be one of the victims in this video.
Addy Joe
They just kill
Jack Sprat
Frigging hippos ain't nothing nice!
Anton Iliev
Hippo is NOT the most dangerous animal in the world!
Fox Chavez
Hippos or dicks
Christopher Paffrath
I wonder if those lions regretted their decision.
I think that first lion was dared to go and attack a sleeping hippo by his homeboy buddies.
Jose Santana
I hate fucking hippos. They just kill because of the pleasure of killing and that's not fucking fair.
Moé Ramirez
that lion reminds me of little Japan waking up the Grate Giant US in WWII.
Luis Gonzalez
I always thought hippos were friendly
Jason Lycett
Fuck me that hippo domminating that rhino amazing
Joe Vang
Hippo being the real bully
s3d _AB
i thought they eat grass !!
Kinda felt bad for the rhino who has his horn removed, that's like a tank getting its main gun taken off.
Pobre cabeza
Deu sorte que o rinoceronte tá sem o chifre
1st lioness very dumb for sniffing big butt then strolling about.
Chloe Watson
It sure chews like my friend Annette Hove.
Majid Ali
2:03 really scary
Mexico Ball
I love hippos :D
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