UFC 207: Amanda Nunes Octagon Interview

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Watch Amanda Nunes in the Octagon after her victory over Ronda Rousey at UFC 207.

Andrea Hoyos
what's the tweet Joe Rogan made that she is refering to? can someome tell me?
Steven Sonoma
fuck this Brazilian bitch. stupid ass cunt sounding hella stupid. dah dah dah I'm a stupid Brazilian dah dah dag! 😂😂😂
frank Lopez
:16 Lmfao! stupid round azz head looking like a ripe tomato
Roddy Fortin
muy vuen merecido Amanda Felicidades! toda una campeona y Ronda rousy mis respetos la mujer que mas a defendido el titulo espero verlas denuevo y dar una gran batalla
"Fuck Ronda Rousey" shes getting big headed that belt will come off her waist once she stops ducking Valentina
george mikal
this makes my junk hard
amazing how brazil can harbor some of the most beautiful women and the world...and (see above) some of the most hideous monstrous mutated beasts in the world.
chad ryan
Rarely deer cancer sort mention whisper upon
Abigail Sockeye
when amanda eats the taco she eats the butt too
joe is so high man ahaha look at him nodding completely toasted
Be Lieve
Ronda's new movie is called "Mannequin 2". A woman gets a job in a
department store window working as a mannequin. No one walking by can
tell she's real because there is absolutely no "Head movement".
This is #1 bullshit.
Marcos Rojas
jajaja congratulations amanda
Trevor Harris
It Is all over!!!!!!! Mike Goldberg 1997-2016. Very sad how that was the very last "JUST,LIKE,THAT!!!!!" that we will ever hear :'( we'll miss you goldie.
Chris Taylor
0:15 I can't imagine what Rhonda was feeling
Gamer Boy
She looks a lot like Cameron Monaghan from Shameless..they have the same face :))
akiro josue lopez tang
Si que masacraron a la Ronda Rousey, creo se retira definitivamente de las peleas
Zero sportsmanship from ronda, never deserved to be a champion if thats how you act in defeat. Conor said it best "I'm cocky in prediction, confident in preparation, but always humble in victory or defeat".
Ronin Dog
Nunes is missing her ding dong! she used to shower in the boys locker room
Ryan Qutob
amanda nunes looks like young ma
tech geek
'i'll break her arms with my face' -ronda rousey
Allister Graham
"Ronda Rousey was never my friend" - Dana White
Mr Phuccin Brizzle
that woman is a grown ass man.
Vigilant Paradigm
Heard it through the grapevine Ronda played UFC2 on PlayStation after this fight and got knocked out again!.But You didn't hear that from me.
I knew once the lesbians got in the sport they would dominate.
Kai You
0:22 Herb Dean thinking "this bitch is CRAZY"
Xander Zalander
Dana White really fucked up with this one. They should have let Amanda fight Julianna Pena at the end of summer. Pena was the top contender and many felt she earned a title shot. She had a decent chance against Nunes. And more importantly, Rousey had a MUCH better chance against Pena. Ronda couldn't have faced a tougher opponent than Amanda. I still can't figure out what her game-plan was. Was she hoping to take Nunes into the later rounds and gas her out?? She should have went straight in there like she did with Sarah Kaufman or Julia Budd - thrown a few quick punches to close the distance and then get her to the ground.
Chris Taylor
I don't recall this many people calling Ronda overrated until she lost to Nunez or even Holm. It's like they're only saying this now only because she lost, but they weren't saying it before.
Jose Rivera
Love that woman!
The Best MMA Fighters Overviews
Why does nobody mention the fact Amanda Nunes and Urijah Faber must have the same Dad or maybe the same 'Russian Supplement Supplier', only joking I'm sure she will take it on the chin!!
Christopher Tucker
Rousey is pathetic,and her trainer Edmond needs his ass kicked with that garbage he sells her.But good for rousey,no respect for people or even the girl who jus shot her in the face with her fist.Rousey I never liked, a pure cunt.I said all u need is some good boxing and u could beat that bitch up.Rhonda is all hype, I jus hope she don't kill herself and I mean that.
Purple Haze
Now everybody knows who Amanda Nunes is!! Great job girl you are a true Brazilian warrior!!! I am glad Amanda trashed Ronda after the fight as Ronda is a disrespectful bitch couldn't give Amanda the respect she deserves!! WE LOVE YOU AMANDA NUNES!!!
Real music/Authentic WWE 2k Footage
She's a man that's why she hits so hard 
David Rey
You heard it here first Nunez will lose her next fight.
buddy holly
lmfao amanda knocked ronda straight back to hollywood
Nathaniel Gregory
Amanda has pillow fists. Can't believe she couldn't knock Ronda down with all those shots
FFS can you not see that shes a TRANNY
Im very much new to this world, having worked camera for 2 fights its making me more interested in this world of fighting

I think, just buy watching this fight and Ronda's last fight
Ronda is done I think she retires she looks completely defeated
Daniel Lindqvist
Ronda showed bad form by just leaving like that.
But Nunes.... i guess the saying "be humble when victorius" doesn't apply to her....
Where's the respect?
Viktoria Berezova
Eric Stenzel
so you guys shit canned Goldberg without giving him any kind of sign off, or tribute!!!??? Union,no more Goldie, watered down fights left and right, the best guys are injured or jumping ship. I didnt buy this card. in 11 years ive only missed 3 UFC pay per views. not that this would matter but im out, never buying a UFC again. the union will destroy the fight game, and all these new faces will sink with it. good luck UFC.
Ислам Гаджиев
Конор лох петух
Ислам Гаджиев
Cody vs Macregor. Cody win
Ислам Гаджиев
Conor Macregor beac
Young Blonde gets violently fisted by Brazilian Lesbian :- Pornhub
AnnaElisavetta Vonnedozza
Wait Ronda didn't even shake her hand!!??? She was a great competitor!!
I'm Atheist
Ronda has a sooky face and attitude
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