UFC 207: Amanda Nunes Octagon Interview

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Watch Amanda Nunes in the Octagon after her victory over Ronda Rousey at UFC 207.

gareth cooney
sore loser but there's a sore winner too
Teebz 1000
anyone else think she's kind of fucking gorgeous?
what did she say at 2:52? :)
Metro Bradsey
fuck i hate nunes
Simon Henrichsen
I sort of feel bad for Ronda Rousey. I think she has enormous issues with her feeling of self-worth. It seem like she feels that anything short of being the best is equivalent to being garbage and that all that matters in life is accomplishments and even then, it doesn't matter if those accomplishments are now in the past. If she does feel like she has no worth unless she is the best at all times then that has to be a truly awful outlook in life. I could be completely wrong and she could just be a coldhearted bitch, but if I'm right then I hope she gets some help. Even if she does and returns to her former shape, the division just evolved to the point where a complete dedication to a single martial art will leave you in the dust. I'm happy that she helped make the womens division more than just a niche.
RKO!!!!! Ronda.Knocked.Out
Miesha cupcake Tate
Don't talk shit about my girl Rousey like that ok!
Noah Grobben
when's she going to fight again
To Pe
"You are stiff as a board, I'd snap you in half, a-and that's it" - Joe 'The Lioness' Hogan
peepoh... less stoppa dees ronda rousey nonsense!
pouyo b
conor macgregor is a fucking true champion man. lot of respect for that guy. they way he took the lost vs nate diaz deserves respect.
Joshua Calosso
amanda nunes is the champion but dosent display attitude and or respect as a champion based off from what she said, forget about ronda rousey, bitch, she opened so many doors for women and ronda was the first UFC champion
Joshua Calosso
i like to see her fight someone like holly holm,cyborg or cat zingano, all with great standup, cat zingano destroyed her with elbows, shes only fought grapplers since becoming a being a champ,she thinks sinnce shes taken out the top fighters like rousey and tate who were nearing their careers,miesha and rousey were easy for he, she destroyed them in the first round
Sanfaez Khan
Miesha to rousey: " she dont even no how to hit pads "
kr pushkar gaharwal
fuck u amanda
Gianny Cardenas
Amanda Nunes is pure class like most brazilians in mma
Joshua Calosso
not that i have anytging against amanda,but the attitude she showed in victory talking alot of smack,but that was disrespectful
Ranao Nyga
Why id this fight remind me of when Joe Louis ko the fuck out of Max Schmelling? Ronda even wobbled around like max
Thirrara Vasconcelos
Amanda eh barril!
the truth is here
stap diz ronda rauzee naansensi
Gabe King
Amanda hugged the fuck out of Joe
Ryan O'Sullivan
rondas stand up is soooooo bad. I know she specialises in ground game but If she is confident enough to fight stand up you would think she would be at least error better than this
Siergiej882 Kowaliow
Fucking bitch ran away cowardly.
The softest part of a woman's breast is?
That night was the best time to get some pussy from Ronda.
Santino Rocco
would love to turn Amanda nunes straight dam
Lucas H.
ronda rousey suck my dick
Team Rousey
não vejo a hora de cair
Team Rousey
esse inglês dela é uma desgraça
Kk 121
this was longer than the fight
People don't understand how hard people from other countries want things more then us
Enlighten Me
poor rhonda looks likes soneone just shot her dog 😔😔😔
Nick Kirchner
what did Amanda appreciate to joe?
Ruben Olguin
Any Portuguese speaking ppl wanna translate what she said at the end?
I'd fuck her
Jasreen Singh
People think shes humble?
Jasreen Singh
i want rhonda to beat her. come back strong rhonda
A J Rodriguez
She outboxed the fuck out of her. Rousey's coach taught her absolutely 0 footwork.
Trae Murphy
gorilla vs cheerleader is all i that i seen.
Ryan Sea Level
Her sign of silence after the fight told me all I need to know...
GTA Xbox 360
Did Bruce Buffer have a cold that night?
Nakul Dev
damn shes badass
"I'm the shampion!!!"
angad mahanta
losing is a part of life.. Ronda doesn't knows how to handle a loss
todo o que você precisa saber! #
a amanda deixa o cinturão nos estados unidos essa tola a ronda é muito melhor
Jawad Baig
I think Nunes was a hooker at the age of 12 in Rio
Hamza Khaliq
Who is this guy? I didn't know Ronda Rousey was fighting men now.
nothings nicer to see ronda and conor destroyed and down
Philip Bujalski
Outside of Nina becoming the next stawweight champion I agree with everything she said.
lolo cat
its so disgusting how losers who dont know anything about fighting and have nothing to do in their life but to envy successful people and who dont have balls to do what ronda have been doing are celebrating her loss .. that shows how weak and pity you idiots are, i swear you will never ever accomplish what ronda accomplished, so keep laughing at your selves.
Andrew Munoz
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