Nick Iezzi
rousey is one of the most overrated fighters ever
SmileMore -
Ronda looked like a nigger mom who just got beat up by her nigger dude 🤙🏻🇦🇺
Soy Sauce
Just wait, if/when black people find out Amanda Nunes has more than 1% black in her, they will try to claim her just like they do with every other athlete with traces of black in them.
Denis Popovic
This brazilian english is so fucking annoying damnnn
realist bob
this girls is full of shit,,,,she beat a beaten ronda than pulls out of valentina fight...
Funny how Dana was sad rather than mad that Ronda lost. Meanwhile, other champions get treated like shit even if they win.
Wallace Damasceno
Amanda Nunes Wins! Kkkkkk
nihga comment
she said go retire Rousey , lol go do movies
Broken Matt hardy
She is a sweetheart
Hassan Syed
this marked the end of the Ronda nutthugging era thank you Amanda Nunes and holly holm
Wanda Melson
Amanda nunes is a freaking OG
0:13 thats a heavy look wow
J Montana
Joe you slick bastard you heard her ha
the Name
I hate her so anoyeing hope she gets fucked up
Significant Nobody
Ronda couldn't even congratulate her, yet while on top, she had everything to say
What a legend!
keepin it real
Mike MMA
once again she's to much of a coward to do an interview.
Elimelec Alberto Hernandez
Thus ending the legacy of Ronda "Bambi Legs" Rousey
brandon smith
She looks like she would really stink
Mateo Fin
wow michael jackson actually alive
I Know You Did
I thought my behaviour was realy manly. Well i do not after this video :D
Joshua Allen
bet you any money after that beating...if someone played nunes' voice on their phone while rousey was chilling...she'd automatically jump up and run LOL

Trust me...she knows she could NEVER beat nunes...rousey is done...she'll
just sit back knowing she got that ass kicked to space and back and totally just realize she is the lesser fighter than holy holm and nunes haha
Alfonso Verduzco
would have been worse if she knew how to punch
Earn Money Online
ronda walked away like a pussy cat and amanda had big heart to hug her team member
Earn Money Online
good she beat ass of ronda
Teebz 1000
anyone else think she's kind of fucking gorgeous?
what did she say at 2:52? :)
Metro Bradsey
fuck i hate nunes
Simon Henrichsen
I sort of feel bad for Ronda Rousey. I think she has enormous issues with her feeling of self-worth. It seem like she feels that anything short of being the best is equivalent to being garbage and that all that matters in life is accomplishments and even then, it doesn't matter if those accomplishments are now in the past. If she does feel like she has no worth unless she is the best at all times then that has to be a truly awful outlook in life. I could be completely wrong and she could just be a coldhearted bitch, but if I'm right then I hope she gets some help. Even if she does and returns to her former shape, the division just evolved to the point where a complete dedication to a single martial art will leave you in the dust. I'm happy that she helped make the womens division more than just a niche.
RKO!!!!! Ronda.Knocked.Out
Miesha I choked my friend Holly unconscious Tate!
Don't talk shit about my girl Rousey like that ok!
Noah Grobben
when's she going to fight again
To Pe
"You are stiff as a board, I'd snap you in half, a-and that's it" - Joe 'The Lioness' Hogan
peepoh... less stoppa dees ronda rousey nonsense!
pouyo b
conor macgregor is a fucking true champion man. lot of respect for that guy. they way he took the lost vs nate diaz deserves respect.
Joshua Calosso
amanda nunes is the champion but dosent display attitude and or respect as a champion based off from what she said, forget about ronda rousey, bitch, she opened so many doors for women and ronda was the first UFC champion
Joshua Calosso
i like to see her fight someone like holly holm,cyborg or cat zingano, all with great standup, cat zingano destroyed her with elbows, shes only fought grapplers since becoming a being a champ,she thinks sinnce shes taken out the top fighters like rousey and tate who were nearing their careers,miesha and rousey were easy for he, she destroyed them in the first round
Sanfaez Khan
Miesha to rousey: " she dont even no how to hit pads "
kr pushkar gaharwal
fuck u amanda
Gdcd Gdcd
Amanda Nunes is pure class like most brazilians in mma
Joshua Calosso
not that i have anytging against amanda,but the attitude she showed in victory talking alot of smack,but that was disrespectful
B-RAD G From The Heezy
Why id this fight remind me of when Joe Louis ko the fuck out of Max Schmelling? Ronda even wobbled around like max
Thirrara Vasconcelos
Amanda eh barril!
the truth is here
stap diz ronda rauzee naansensi
Gabe King
Amanda hugged the fuck out of Joe
Ryan O'Sullivan
rondas stand up is soooooo bad. I know she specialises in ground game but If she is confident enough to fight stand up you would think she would be at least error better than this
Siergiej882 Kowaliow
Fucking bitch ran away cowardly.
The softest part of a woman's breast is?
That night was the best time to get some pussy from Ronda.
Santino Rocco
would love to turn Amanda nunes straight dam
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