People Get Surprised With Cockroach Cake

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"I'm pretty sure it's cake."


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Cockroach crawling quickly in air duct
Multi-bits/Getty Images

Katherine Dey

Giga Frost
gasp when did adam became bald
Hunter Master Race
I woke up and a roach started crawling on my arm and I started to scream. Even though roches can't kill us they carry diseases and are fucking discusting
Astonthepunk A.K.A Aston
Okay so not too Long ago, when I was about to go to bed, I was dead tired, I found a cockroach, and it FLEW LIKE OMG LIKE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT, IN MY DREAMS(lmao are you ready for it?),YOU SHOULD SEE THE THINGS WE DO okay I'm done πŸ˜‚ but yea in the middle of the night, it flew, and the worst part was that I lost track of it...
Astonthepunk A.K.A Aston
FK that's nasty....
Shannon Abigail
I toke a bath. I saw a roach i freak out
Girlyglitter Girl LVES
Once I was putting my shoe on and I felt so thing inside it and I took it of and shakes it a big as cockroach fell out and I screamed my lungs out
Chris Chambers
Sasha Velour looks so good in this video
Just Someone
Me: ~Witnesses murder.~
Girl: Tells story about cockroach It was pretty traumatizing.
King JB
I have a phobia of insects, I watched this while eating, I want to live in the air that way the roach can't get me
Ddee el
Adam is pulling
Cockroaches are harmless until they fly towards your face
Christian Colon
It looks like a radroach from Fallout 4
ArMyBlaCkjAck #onthego
Well it doesn't matter its appearance to me as long as it's a cake^-^
Baby cockroach: watches video OMG MOM NOOOOOOOO
Me: Oh uh its just a cake....
Baby cockroach: Oh uh I knew that....
Diamond Carter
I think my worst story would be the time my cousin was eating ceral with me and when we went to but up her bowl a roach crawled out the milk. She realized she'd been eating with a roach in her ceral the whole time. Plus my older sister use to eat roaches as a little girl like 3 years ild.
Sam Hdez
I hate the crunch it makes when you squish itπŸ˜–πŸ˜–
Feather Pelt
1:56 evil cockroach
Miyu Yami
Why kill cocroages 😭😒😒😒 they r innocent
Madison Williams
My grandma had roaches one summer and I made a cup of coffee in her Kureig and roaches came out into my drink
fatz alot
How are you going to conquer your fears? Eat a real cockroach?
CyanFlake !
i dont care what it is i just want cake .. please ;-;
PokeNerd1175 Mcadams
Oh god..I'm allergic to cockroaches...
Katty Barbour
I have a cockroach phobia
Rainbow Dust
This gives me chill
Citi Blank
My friends cousin was eating a bag of chips and a cockroach fell in the bad and she didn't notice then she ate it by accident 😷
bite the booty adam
Cold Blooded Fasist
The Black Chick Is So Fucking Hott!
They should have put rice crispy in it so it would crunch when they cut it πŸ˜‚
Genevieve B
I have a pet cockroach the same as the cake!
Clorox Bleach
That doesn't look appetizing but would taste delicious.
Kiana Sarcauga
As much as I hate cockroaches, his looks soo good.
Nasir Ali
Lil Slightly Bigger Nugget
1:34 that's what she said
yessika melo
Then you see it moving lol
Lil Broomstick
"Nah we're not running out of ideas"
PandaInAction ♐
Radroach cake :)
Jillian R Stebbins
Omg I live in Brazil and cockroaches are freaking EVERYWHERE!!!!! 😩 I once opened the drawer to get scissors and there was a cockroach there and I didn't even see it so then I reached in the drawer and TOUCHED IT 😰
I enjoyed the video, but disliked it because it's BuzzFeed.
Alternate universe Bender Rogreges
I wanna smash that fucking cake
The cake is a Madagascar hissing cockroach they don't infest houses and there pretty clean lots of people keep them as pets.
Jahat Gila
I am scared of cockroaches
you are my worst nightmare
poor cockroach :(
Cube Stacker
One time it was five minutes before my alarm went off for school, and I felt something on my face, and I woke up. I was still half asleep, so I just assumed it was like a feather or something, so I grabbed it and threw it off my bed. Five minutes later I woke up and to my surprise when I got out of my bed, there was about a three inch long cockroach crawling on my bed... then I flushed it down the toilet lol
Hamza Sammour
i give you five stars that is a real big cockroach
you're nightmare
Rad roaches
ive never saw a cockroach rip
Dvas Doritos
It's fallout 4 just deal with
jayjay savage
damn the funny part is that I'm not scared of little roaches but I'm scared of the big ones
Anjelina Brijlall
Eww how is there even a roach that big
TheWeird Potato
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