People Get Surprised With Cockroach Cake

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"I'm pretty sure it's cake."


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Cockroach crawling quickly in air duct
Multi-bits/Getty Images

Katherine Dey

They should have made bite sized cockroach cakes
Aldercy Prophecy
None of them is surprised nonetheless.
Sonpahien Gōnun
I feel bad for the cockroaches I have killed now... I am still afraid though but I feel so bad now since I am Buddhist lol
Jada Michelle
" in every cockroach there is something sweet"
Amadou Dieng
no fucking way that's a cockroach
Alyssa Bullock
I saw a video on how to make one of these, lol, it was great.
Roses are red
Violets are purple
and yes they are purple
Helmi Caster
ok i need that boric acid recipe! anyone?
Phandom member #1
When your name is Adam....
The master of disguise eats a cockroach cake
Whoa!... Gonna need the big boot for that one.
Conquered your fears? Ok now bring in the real roaches. Muhahahahaa
Amy W
Bite the booty Adam
I'm not so scared of cockroaches but it's a whole different story when it comes to spiders. A few days ago I saw the biggest spider ever waiting for me by the door. I nearly died trying to get out...
Mira Maria
Ok Buzzfeed you've completely lost your mind...
Aliyah Rosales
.....this reminds me when I was drinking water from a cup while eating pizza,a roach fell in and when I took a drink I though it was the pizza but I realized I already swallowed the pizza before taking a drink.I FUCKING ALREADY CHEWED THE ROACH WITH MY FRONT TEETH AND PULLED IT OUT....I nearly puked.
$20 cockroach cake vs. $800 cockroach cake
Joely P
"Cockroaches can't hurt us..." unless one crawls into your ear.
Angel Animations
Why am I suddenly hungry?....
OK ew
Baby B
"eh I'm hungry" (me everytime)
Lily Belle
there is a real cockroach that's a little smaller than that cake
Rasmidha S
i actully once touched a dead lizard..I thought it was a cloth but actually it was a dead lizard....😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞
Fay Caramel
Im gonna tell my cockroach story:

I was in school and we were singing our national anthem, AND THEN OUT OF NOWHERE A COCKROACH WENT UP MY SKIRT AND EVERYONE LAUGHED. (I laughed too because Im not scared of roaches unless they're FLYING)
Francisco Rodrigues
Buzzfeed sucks
This video was so lazily put together (the cake looked great though), what a bland reaction and commentary.
Robin Geetram
fallout irl a radroach
lilly amelie
he really ate the booty like groceries...
my worst experience was when my garage was infested with roaches and one got in my shoes. so when i went to go to school, i put the shoes on and it crawled up in my pants. i didn't notice until i was in my mom's car, and it FUCKING BIT ME. this happened when i was like 6 or 5 by the way. so i was kicking and screaming because i was wearing skinny jeans and it was so hard to get my pants off and when i finally did, it suffocated or smething so it already died. i couldn't go to school that day cause i was so traumatised and ever sunce then i cant even go NEAR a cockroach without being hysterical
Chante Joseph
Take astronaut classes 😃
Ha that's nothing when I was drinking soda the cockroach went in my mouth then I spit it out beat that
Worst roach story? Back when I was living in extreme poverty, we had a most grotesque roach infestation, and no one did anything about it. They often got in our clothes, cars, beds, showers, everything. So it was not uncommon to finish a bowl of cereal or a cup of juice only to find a roach or two at the bottom. To this day, I still cannot eat a bowl of cereal without stirring up the bowl to check for roaches.
Quote if the year: he's eating the booty
Agatha jay
I was walking down the steps and a cockroach (The big ones) FUCKING FLEW IN MY FACE. I almost died on those steps that day.
who doesnt like flying cockroaches..
would be fun if they threw a cockroach at them at the end
Brorongaming GD
the girl on the left is fucking cute
Melisa Natasha Mumek
Janaya Landeen
am i the only one that loves selorms voice?
Pisces draw's
they are running out of ideas...
Skylar Holland
Why am I watching this before eating dinner😭🤢😱
Mohamed Abdellatif
Mohamed Abdellatif
*Hi random person scrolling through the comments *
i kinda think they're cute. =)

idk what everyone has against all bugs? like, they are cute and all?? what's so ugly / gross about them?
Marie B.
Fucking Adam. The ADHD 7 year old in a man's body biting into a cake that people are sharing... and then making Selorm take a bite, too.
Noelle Pearson
Cockroaches bite - they're not harmless
Carmen King
Selorm obviously knows nothing about Terraformars
Senpai Ghost 2Spooky4you
So there new thing is cakes now i guess.
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