Sup Garcia
I had a rouch in my ear it took 40 minutes to take it out but it does latched on so now I had and maybe even some scares but Idk for shur
iNessa Styles
I Kept Looking At My Floor At This Point ://!
Diamond Blue
At 1:00 I realized that these are some of the smartest people at Buzz feed πŸ˜‚
''its so hard''
Denisse Rodriguez
and here I was thinking Cockroach Cake meant Yolanda Gampp had made them a cockroach cake. And next Tuesday I would see her video even though I want a ruler cake or a life size yo
CD The Mole King
It reminds me of that big pill bug on the Emperor's New Groove that they ate at the diner :D
Kerbal Zone
i have never seen a cockroach
Alex Ann Yuki
ble blue
That Black girl beautiful~~~
love spike
I had one fly at me... EW
bling bling
Want to see Ryan and Shane explore again
While I was watching this video a cockroaches came to me
Da Raisin
It looks like that one dish in 'Emperors New Groove'
Sofia Soto
I have found roaches in my house, tub and one in my mouth.
Lani Marianne Vargas
If I had a cockroach cake, I would mutilate the thing. These people would think I'm crazy, just stab stab stabstabstab STAB!
Gynx IsHere
I felt something crawled on me when I clicked the video wtf
Scammer Hunter
#firstworlproblems 0:00-1:00
keisha rocks
at 1:04 that girl just freaked the hell out
Panic! At Harambe's disco
"Bite the booty Adam"πŸ˜‚
Zahra Hamid
When i see the white part inside, i really want to vomit
This video really disappointed me, I thought for sure after they each had enjoyed some cockroach-shaped cake (and they all said it was good) they were going to be informed that the cake indeed had some cockroaches baked can't tell me that wouldn't have been funnier! (OK, so maybe it would have been mean, but I would have been laughing hysterically none-the-less)
Sydney M.
I thought one of the ingredients would be cockroach or something, like cockroach infused chocolate cake and it would be called "Choco Cockroach"
I like cake but I ain't going near that thing!
Isil Kaya
This literally ruined my appetite probably because it's really hot here and I'm stressed.
mohammed mansour
Clare D
"Bite the booty Adam"
Eat the booty like groceriesπŸ˜‚
Isabella Caldbeck
I'm literally Allergic to cockroaches
Mira Farhanah
my cousin doesn't even scared of roaches. she just smashed it when she sees it and wash her hands
all my little pony
boo addam you perv!
Iqbal Biase
All i'm seeing is Adam chilling with the ladies
Ashley Santillana
"He's gonna bite the booty, bite the booty Adam"
Laila Mattison
This made me laugh so hard because when I was redoing my room about 8 or so months ago my dad was helping me take down an old poster and there was a cockroach behind it and instead of doing the normal thing and kill it I screamed as loud as I could, ran to my bathroom and cried in my shower until my dad killed it. Then he decided he was gonna flush it down my toilet so I was bawling because he came into the bathroom. I thought for weeks it was gonna come back and I'd just see it waiting for me to get revenge. Never saw one again after that. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Natalie Plays
BEN Drowned
once when i was younger, like 4 or 2, i was sitting on a chair and i stuck my hand under it and i squished a roach. then i flipped, went to the bathroom to wash my hands and there was a roach head in the soap. i was traumatized for life
Sara Ferguson
gotta eat the booti like groceries 😁
Otaku-Durpy Arium
Im fucking scared of cockroaches and if someone gives this cake to me on my bday Two more days,
RobynNikkole Salisbury
wow these people are annoying that blonde chick was trying way too hard
Brooke Ford
You can not kill cockroachs
Rayan Runage
even though it aint real its still fucking disgusting
That description "I'm pretty sure it's cake" WOAH WOW WOWIE
memory napa
I went to Rarotonga to stay with my dad. I knew there would be bugs and lizards on the island. on the ceiling of my dad's house was a massive cockroach! it was better than the ones I'm used to in NZ which are smaller. I asked my half brother about it and he said one time he was sleeping and it crawled into his hair (he has long hair) I was only freaked out. that I went to sleep and it was so hot, I only had a sheet over me suddenly I felt move on my legs and I thought it was just a breeze and kicked at my leg till I felt a crawling body! I lift the sheet of and that massive cockroach was on my bed!! I went downstairs to sleep with a blanket closing all the gaps so nothing else would get in and I was dying for the heat 😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫
they should have said after "surprise cake had real cockroaches in it !"
Jos lyn
"Bite the booty"πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
No Name
Off topic, Selorm is so freaking PRETTY.
Shook Ryuk
My worst experience with roaches was pretty embarrassing. I was sitting in the car when i felt something crawl up my back. The crawling went away and was replaced with a crawling on my boobs. I looked down my shirt and saw a roach in my bra. I screamed and got out of the car. The roach had crawled under my boobs. I started screaming and slapping my boobs as my mom was looking at me wondering what the hell was wrong with me
bethani dyson
My mom doesn't believe in killing bugs but she said when it comes to cockroaches and spiders she will burn them and feed them to the dog
They should have made bite sized cockroach cakes
Aldercy Prophecy
None of them is surprised nonetheless.
Sonpahien Gōnun
I feel bad for the cockroaches I have killed now... I am still afraid though but I feel so bad now since I am Buddhist lol
Jada Michelle
" in every cockroach there is something sweet"
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