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Josiah Sanne
Hitler gassed the Jews in the concentration camps but never used chemical weapons in actual combat. This is supposedly because he was exposed to it himself during WW1.
811 YT
Thing is hitler was researching nuclear weapons sooo
Well, we have to give hitler some credit. It´s not like he dropped a poisonous herbicide on population centers. Although Agent Orange would be a great name of Trump
Aidan Mackenzie
Ok yes Spicer was historically incorrect but he was at least trying to make the point that assad is a shitty person which is a step in the right direction. He clearly wasn't trying to insult jews he just clumsily made the point that using chemical weapons is bad.
"Holocaust center" - Sean Spicer
Mac Benitez
"ill tempered Austrian with resting bitch face"
Matt roules
I have a feeling that it was staged
Frederik Høyrup
Hmmmm. At the time Hitler knew that chemical gas attacks would lead to similar UK retaliation. The industrial genocide of Jews. And EVERYONE- Not agreeing with the NAZI politics. Are basically 2 diffrent things. Sean Spicer KNEW this. IF NOT then hes unqualified. If YES he should know better...
H. Jobs.
Exactly who does he pull down his pants to keep his job?!
Uma Mitra
its incredible that spicer can honestly and with a straight face say that hitler never used chemical weapons on his own people..... as though german jews werent really german... which is (ding ding ding!!!) literally like a centerpiece of nazi ideology so well done spicer u grotesque fucking nazi
Raffaello Sacchetti
US didn't use general orange in Vietnam
Ess Emm
A le Pen win will be bad for UK
Kek Merchant
Hitler didn't use chemical weapons in a military sense but they were used in the Death camps.
Spicer is very terrible at communication but a little bit more of a charitable interpretation could help
Guan Ero
Didn't the US drop Agent Orange bombs during the Vietnam War, which the U.S. joined under a false flag excuse in the Gulf of Tonkin? And you guys expect to belive Assad'd bomb his own people with chemical weapons, which he gave up to back in 2013, after having won back around 80% of Syria ?
Melissa McCarthy might just be the only thing i like about Trumps government
so funny
Vulpes Inculta
lmao the pepe alt right hockey team. If it was real i would finally watch hockey and have a favorite team. Sometimes the marxist propaganda is funny.
julio carvalho
Lukas Cielocaminante
Now try to think why the U.S would want to bring down Assad so bad, and make everything in their power to make him look even worse. They want to put a new president in place disguised as initial "will for the people to get rid of the dictator" to get access to the gas and pipelines that Syria is full off. That's also Russian plan and that's why all the tensions. Meanwhile, thanks to that, Europe is taking the back end of this policy and the americans rise a big finger at us by electing Trump. Fuck you, fuck you deeply. Fuck what your interventionist policies have done over the last decades, Syria will become another Irak, and we know how that led to what.
Just the Coolest Dude Yo
Spicer didn't think Hitler gassed "his own people" because he didn't consider the Jews "Hitler's own people", that they weren't real Germans. Xenophobia is strong with this one
Sascha Husenbeth
sean incompetencer
Jakub Gruchalski
lol I think that the guy is an idiot but in this case, actually, he was right. Hitler did not use chemical WEAPONS, i.e. he did not use any bombs etc. against his military opponents. So clearly he did not use chemical weapons in the way Assad allegedly did.
Skratch Face
Chemical weapons were invented during and for WWII, AND WE WERE THE ONES WHO MADE THEM IN THE FIRST PLACE
Gerard Jagroo
What a blathering idiot!
Jc Pe
Keep cool! The name of our next president (i'm french;-)) is, ... Emmanuel Macron! I'm sure!
Ima Dork
cringing so hard my face is gonna turn inside out
Okay that's just embarrassing. Why exactly does this Spicer guy still have his job?
Josh Schwartz
boy did John Oliver get shitty. the second Obama leaves the only thing he can talk about is what everyone else does.
Dara a
why do you people keep stealing john olivers footage he only has like 20 minutea uploaded a week yet hundreds of people rehashing 3 minutes on their own channel I dont get the point.
Chris Medeiros
Did I just see someone commit suicide?
can this guys chair just explode lol
Marcus Pieterse
Hitler had a policy of no poison gas on the battlefield, you wouldn't call concentration camp weapons- therefore Hitler didn't use chemical weapons.
"Hitler didn't use chemical weapons"... Is that gonna be a meme now like "jet fuel can't melt steel beams"?
Political Darwinism is funny sometimes.
Spicer, stop it, your making Boris Johnson look like a noble peace prize winner for statesmanship.
Victoria Soma
I thik this men should be in suicide watch for a wile
Martín Badell
0:57 is that dr. House?
Andrés Falcone
Curiously, though, Hitler never used chemical weapons with military ends (genocide is not a military operation). Actually, no one did in WWII. As I realize, I wonder why. Maybe all the parts were too afraid to repeat that part of WWI? Perhaps they weren't willing to use them and be paid with the same coin later? Does someone know the answer?
Anyway, I hate Trump and I think all of his goverment is ridiculous, but that doesn't give us the right to be so harsh on Spicer. What he said was wrong, but not far from the truth: Hitler never used chemical weapons for warfare, like Assad does. He used them for genocide of prisioners, wich is not an act of war. Spicer was thinking about chemical bombs like the ones used in Siria, not about gas chambers. As we can expect from him, he didn't think it well enough, but he wasn't being absurd.
Evan Harris
& they said Obama was bad. Lmao this whole administration is shit and it's hasn't even been half a year yet
Why are you so sure that Assad did use the chemical weapons?! No proof whatsoever has been shown!
Akash Jha
"Make America dumb again".......cheers...!!!!!!
He easily could have fixed his statement by saying "against American soldiers in combat"
billy fakersonton
Hes still human, fuck i feel bad for Spencer when i see him talking to media. He just cant wait to get back behind the curtain where the world makes sense to him.These people are brainwashed and its sad. And they got him out there in front of the world getting torn to shreds by reality. Still hopelessly indoctrinated like the rest of them. thank you for reading my long ass depressing comment.
Edgar Garcia
arent gas chambers chemical weapons?
well technically - the germans didnt use much chemical weapons in the war. splitting hairs maybe...
LOL thanks you republican fucktwits. You've successfully installed retards in the white house. Not saying hillary isn't one.
All it takes for evil to triumph is for a few good men to do nothing.
Ben Chau
This was like the day Josh filled in for CJ after she had a root canal.
2:15 or, you know, implying that US didn't drop chemical weapons in Vietnam...
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