Shah Rukh Khan's son Aryan Khan | Richest kid in Bollywood

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Anjali Sritharan
Very handsome aryan khan
Swarawattie Ramanand
He is cute......I love him.
Ish Kaur
You guy look so cute nice
General knowledge
He is really so Smart looking and good attitude
dhruv tahiliani
Shah Rukh Khan's is a shit actor and non of his movie makes sense
amna ikram
OH my GOD! i really dont know that what i should do with this video wheahter i laugh or seriously think about it! SeriauslY gUYzZZZZ its a BIG BIG ........ JOKE and i have a opinion that we should not promote these type of videos and encourage them! instead of we have to encourage those people who are really struggling inj their life and want to become someone best!!! but unfortunately we discourage them!!! and favour these type of people and seemd that THEY ARE SOME OTHER CREATION?!!!!
Aimim fan
He is lucky to be born to SRK. Curse our fathers
nia z
looks like gay
MallihkS Waqas k ghouri MallihkS Waqas k ghouri
wow very much beautiful family picture that I m kkkkkkkkkkkkk wahallih dahachi dahahaaz kkkkkkk waha hi mashahallah very beautiful family picture as salaam a l I kom yaAllahmollamohammaedali madad dahahaaz kkkkkkk ghouri
Bilal Raza
Shahrukh Khan or his son does not have a fucking private jet. Its fake
Fatima Rafaella
Okay the last sentence is JUST A LITTLE BIT creeeeppyy🙈
Afiya Khan
Handsome boy 💘💘💘
rt bigman
Stay grounded buddy, Money comes and goes, Reputation, RESPECT, Discipline and humility is more Important in life..
Ab Hy
don't be jealous srk earned all by himself
Beaubeau Hmar
So handsome 😍
yusuf sabeel
They go to paris and buy them which made in china
Neetu Choudhary
I know right eww 🤢🤢🤢
Fish Lover
Handsome and arrogant and hot !
XxInsaneBeastxX Games
Fuck you fucking retarded girl, I am going to tell dad
beautiful99 __
Princess Charming
He is going to be a big flop star
sanjeev kumar
Srk k baad kon puchega inhe jra batana same abhishek bachan wala haal
sanjeev kumar
Baap ka paisa srk ki tarah kuch b kamaya kya
vinayak channel
Ghunta bolllywood sucks sharukh khan suks and his son also i dont even watch bolllywood shity flims they are not actors after all they are drama queens 😂😂 and bollywood is family buisness for ur kind info 😂😝
Tina Gaming
when she said Navya Naveli i thought of Veebha Anands role On kaisi Yeh Yaariaan lol
Roger Sankar
He is hot and his father
Roger Sankar
He resemble his father alot
rajesh kumar
Handsome son
Real Me
Makes me sad
Waqar Khan
mashaAllah, a handsome kid.
Neetu Gupta
nice family dear sir srk
Hira Saif
My feverit family 😍😘
Idy Mary
I dearly want to see him on movie....Aryaan i mean..
Lee JeOn Bee
He's handsome just like SRK
Lets Connect International
I am just disgusted to see ALL these rich spoilt brats.. coming into the movie industry on a golden platter!
I think that's utterly WRONG!
It's taking away chances from all the REAL talented actors across the country who aren't born with diamonds in their mouths!

Plus it doesn't seem by his looks.. he'll be a good actor (i might be wrong.. time will tell)
that said.. there are less & less people in Bollywood worth being called actors & actresses.. most of them are models & LOSER star kids would had nothing better to do in life than to leverage & surf on mama papa's fame & talent!
Thank God Hollywood isn't full of star brats!
Azwar Shah
Such a fucking bitch movie.. oh just waisted my few seconds
Arjav Sharma
Arjav Sharma
Another Day
jealous, huh bitch? Fuck this shit!
Alyssa Khan
This is right shahrukh khan work hard
Nikhil Thatte
Aryan Khan will be a duper super flop in films....zhaandu baam hai
Happy Dappy
Good for you,.....wish you have successful life like your father
FYI...but do not forgot people of India who made your family rich and wealthy.
Help and support work toward destitute street childrens, and for your community .

Thump up for Mr. salman khan (being human ) and Mr. Amir khan both of them are doing good job for community and helping toward unpaid medical bill and problem for poor needy family. Thank you.....
Harris Jose
he is good
Ali Dawood
Saidul Alom
Hania Ali
Was Aryan in kabhi khushi kabhi gham ???
It's all their father's money. They did not earn it. If Aryan is rich, so are suhana and Abram too.
Marlene Rodriguez
seriously speaking he's ugly he might not be rich and famous like Shahrukh Khan fathers richest does not belong to the children unless the father is no more children have work how to become rich and famous not because Karan johar is his Godfather doesn't it mean his riches belongs 2 Aryan Karan johar said he'll be the first one to lunch him in movies what's a long way from now
he doesnot know how to smile
Лвлвл Чьлвла
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