Amtrak Train Hits Huge Snowdrift!

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Amtrak 355 hits a huge snow drift left from a couple passes of a plow truck during the biggest snow storm we have had this season. Also 4 superliner cars trail the pair of P42's

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These high speed trains can be pulled by anything from a P-42 and a Dash 8 to the flagship locomotive, the Acela locomotive.
Norfolk Sourthern 611
honk honk* honk * Hooonnnnnnk KA BOOM
locomotive tourist
at first when saw the slash im like wow!!
Matthew Gerend
0:16 kind of scary a😱😨
I love trains :-)
Mary Horman
Amtrak Train Hits Small Snowdrift! Toot Toot!
Aria Andrety
wow,that horn is so scary
The Aviating Railfanner
I'm your 1,000th sub! Can you sub back?
I would love to experience this, great job!
Thornapple River Rail Series
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