You’re famous for being a white trash hoodrat go fuck yourself. Those people have real talent unlike you!
Mia Fernanda
Omg she has short nails lol
Look, I don't give a single fuck, less a single damn about "hating on" you or being "mad" I'm not you kiddo (because that's what you like to say to people who lay down the truth to you.) I must say you, Danielle Bregoli are nothing more than an extremely vile, hateful, disgraceful, soulless, disgusting rude little bitch that nothing in this fucking world can help. Do I blame your mother? Sure do, look at her and look at you, add those 2 & boom drama and Dr whatever the fuck his name is that sits in his chair looking high off valium solving zero issues, including yours. Because little one, your sick soul is unfixable and unworthy of any real love or care because you give only hate which is all mommy gave you growing up, don't worry tv cant full everyone that bitch is ghetto with a nast vile attitude its hilarious she pins it on her own daughter. My heart and respect goes to your father and goddamn I feel sorry for that man an respect the fact he knows whats right and whats wrong for his child. momma over there prob drinking up an smoking up some of that music vid profit while she bitches about life and you haha what a shit show. PS- We all know you can afford your shopping sprees while you sit on your ass, yes we comprehend that but hunnie, do you not see that money can not fix whats internally wrong with you and being a "Bhad Bhabie" just sounds and looks ignorant and uneducated. I mean god damn do something worth a fuck, respect someone, be generous, get off your fucking ass and actually give a damn about something!
Kevin Ziya
If you keep saying shit obout Danielle you can really get the fuck
out puss ass bitch
korantema Aggrey
OmG you are soooo funny 😂😂
7 SermedWuzHere 7
"but she's really old" I died
0:42 0:45 IM DYING AHAHA
Conor Mcgregor
Although she's pretty savage, you have to admit she's fucking sexy
kid convict
if u guys dont like it then why do u watch it? fucking morons I swear
I can catch you inside if you want babe
Sarah Ballantyne-Solis
I’m getting so stressed right now because of all the haters being mean and calling her out for things other people on YouTube do. You don’t care about what she said you just care that Danielle is the one who said it so please stop saying stupid stuff that doesn’t even make sense and if you do hate her THEN LEAVE! All your doing is giving her more views and giving her more money by watching her videos and taking the time to post a comment so everyone who is doing that............................

You are so stupid
Zahra Rezai
Lol this girl laugh though......
Vip giver
I feel like that y'all need to stop following her because she's disrespectful and I'm rude and nobody like who does that want to talk about people but you don't want nobody talking about you and Nashville wrong and we were messed up and that's disrespectful and if I were your mama I would have been smacked you to the ground you hear me and I hope you get this message because if you don't then you need help because is something wrong with you little girl
Dakota Taylor
When is she gonna do porn??
igyy boii
Yo broccoli gurl can u wear see trough clothes? That would be fuckernig gooood
Taiyana Pitts
U look like a fucking cracked head so stfu
friend nice
Danielle you look like a stick figure
Millie B
Danielle your hair is absolutely AMAZING 😄😄
Shayah Dinnall
She is famous just for a sentence and she sounds like a mr.beans voice when she laughs that idiot Danielle gyal
Jason Smith
Saying Donald needs to pick a name when she has a rap name too..
brayden lewis
your roasts suck
You know what, some of those outfits are pretty ugly. I don’t see why people are giving her so much negativity for saying they are.
Narjes Alkhafaji
i love her, hd me over here laughing
Bryz Koko
The way she tries to pronounce the ppls names😂😂😂 bahahahaha ded
Jamyang Yoesel
You ugly like pussy hair fucked till it rot
M Loneeagle
This is the calmest I ever seen and I was there on Dr phill when she made him something
Kendle Love
When she said there go the little pretty princess I was like damn I was going to say the say fucking sentence
nova lethal
Worry about ur self cus u fucked up ur self
bojan cuderman
do some respect bitch
Sherri Mcmillen
(Hey bitches)
Sherri Mcmillen
Elizabeth Saward
you laugh as if you got a dildo stuck in your throat, j.s
Mya Dean
Don’t say that to a real nigga
lauren butt
bithc i cold see ur aass sall oevr all if u were malu bitches ur a pissy hoe how bout datt bitch btw u sink only fame from docter phil bitch
al kola
Bitch u suck
Jr Reggs
She fu*k Kodak Her nasty ass
MMD 92
OK to the people who are so called "pissed" and swearing at this girl who is 14/15 like I am, you need serious help if you're grown or call yourself grown. She is a specimen of me but I'm not loud, white, or famous. I'm a black girl who's trying to get people in order in this comment section because they've gone to shit and went for insults instead of diction. People say that she's disrespectful? All I see is cursing wannabes who don't know anything about this girl, not like I'm saying I've known her since she was born because I haven't. And also stop falsely accusing people of being whores,sluts, and prostitutes just by the way they act, she was raised this way. Deal with it she also has good music and doesn't go all out in her music videos, she's a fine example of honesty. and society today are like those people in the comments who only insult on little to no information about the person that they have sought out to be their victim of the day. I had to get that off my chest dome people have no manners or taste, gave you seen her mother? Her mom is like her too. The child learns from the parent
Friday Foster
I like her.
Krisha Javines
and you! no matter how hard you try bitch! you're still no should be ashamed of what you were doing and saying at a young age? you've got a big dick in the head tryna remove that! how bout dah?😂
Honestly The Olsen twins look f*ckin' creepy (They eyes be RED sometimes)
Insanity Plays
What was lil yatchy wearing?
Batgirl g.
I remember watching the episode were Kylie was getting ready for the gala
Amber Huddleston
Scott S. diVincenzo
exactly who is not directing these videos?
Kitcatyoung P
Wiz looks good
william johnson
#3:42 aren't demons sopose to stay in hell
william johnson
#2:00 are that all girls
Vasilis Christopoulos
She talks like a nigga it's a shame
Agnese Liela
Jennifer Brown
You make good mean jokes#cash me outside how about that jk😁♡
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