Danielle Bregoli roasts Met Gala 2017 red carpet fashion

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If any celebrities feelings were hurt in the making of this video, good.

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Ammaarah Valimulla
What the hell do u do with your life? Before hating on others look at your self. How the hell did you get tattoos i mean u have to be at least 17 18 idk. Those celebs look absolutely fine its just your fashion sense is just really bad.
Real Inga
Fuck Bitch i want to be your friend😂
kawaii wolf
the puffy looking dress looks like my sisters doll
kawaii wolf
hahahahahahha 😜≧∇≦ fanially someone could do it
Lyds Film's It
u should not be talking I don't even see u in the red caret plus Dr.Phil made u famous if u where not on his show u would almost be invisible so..also...don't let me say the rest....
Kimmy James
This bitch got all dat money she need to reconstruct them damn teeth im finna gril her shit rn look at her damn chin bitch got a fuckin apple head she look like a fuckin ogre by the fuckin noes om she look like the mouse off of cat dog n shit my lord for a bish tht talk shit u hella ugly
Maria Dalton
love thigh bitch yo
Gore Blank
If she ever said "cash me outside howbow dat" to me i be like " im not giving cash to prostitutes ".
90 Degree Angle
LOOOOL, if she said something about Abel, she would get killt
dolly101 omg
you are so pretty and I love your hair omg 😄
Juana Varga
why you always be roasting people get a fucking life you dont even deserve that fame
karidja kone
Why are you roast them they are not going to listen to your opinion so keep your opinion to yourself
Olivia Jones
At least their hair doesn't look like a mop unlike urs😴🙄
And your shirt needs to cover your boobs 😷
Not Me
she is really pissing me of with that trash talk,need to pull a gun to her head
sevv vvo
i love her hair so much! 😍
Shadow Crystal
The guy in the backgrounds already done with her u can just tell 😂😂
jaroslaw stepalski
U R funny
asmaa_alrifae YT
Lucianna Green
I love Danielle and all but when it comes to high end fashion I get offended.. does she not understand the purpose of the Met Gala?
Zachary Corrales
how old are u?
Emanuel Rivas
Danielle handjob
Emanuel Rivas
she flame all them nigas
Jovana Douglas
OMGGG. THIS IS HILARIOUS! she can get on everybody
Elonda Henry
do not talk about janial Monay or sia
Jassy Hernandez-Ojeda
Can u plz React to a video called "Danielle bregoli attacks celebrities" on a YouTube channel called "chubbs" because he tried roasting u ......just wanted to give u a heads up ....
Prettyboy jay 1
Bruh she talking shit about future when future will never go broke but she will stfu
Niya Smith
Her laugh😬😬😬😬
Evelyn Aleman
Chimera Lethality
Chimera Lethality
Evelyn Aleman
Adriana Christianson
why are her nails so short?? they are usually like 2 inches
Baby Ariel Blake grey
Fuck you pussy hoe
Trendy Freaks
Dis gal is thucking hilarious im dying😂😂😂
jessica d
And btw whenever someone sees you they see an ass soooo ... Don't talk bitch
jessica d
Lmao bitch you called Bella hadid a slut look at u
Lesly Yisel
bitch can't even read😐
jessica d
Don't call me a bitch your the bitch here
Deidre Warren
I'm just want to tell you one thing Danielle mess with mess with Rihanna one more time and you really get it cuz I'll get to Rihanna's videos and tell her you said that and plus sometimes you and how do you use a little car and one of your little videos to get the mail you know you can just walk
Deidre Warren
you know your little since words don't even mean nothing cuz first of all Yadi Yadi is famous is in you so why you trying to make it look like you famouser than him plus he can wear whatever you want you were grown up and first I want you to start stop doing your little sits tiny little words and what I want to do to stop you is just using a little since tiny word catch me outside how my dad so whatever it comes to it doesn't have to because he's grown and you know that so
Izzy King
sometimes she laughs cuz she realizes​ how much she A SAVAGE haha
Izzy King
she looks so fresh here tbh
Luis Lici
hey danielle i gived u a challenge why u dont show your boobs in youtube? if u show them u will get 1 million subscribe. do u accept the challenge?
hello bitch
Queen_ Laila24
Rihanna look like she put all her bra pads into a clown dress
MSP Imgexie
lol "describe to my channel"
leanne hames
What a absolute CUNT someone should fucking shut her up she's the bitch i can't stand her
Hash Slinger
How can someone be so stupid
Kylie Jenner
such a rude girl. 14 years. shook
Naesha and Nayshia
Daniel do the smash or pass challenge!!!!!!!
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