ED SHEERAN - Shape Of You (Cover by Leroy Sanchez) SPANGLISH

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Victoria Roberta
Meu Deus não consigo parar de ouvir,melhor que o original!!!
periquitos australianos
me encanta cuando cantas en español eres muy talentoso, saludos
Kinsey White
omg! you should cover fall for you by secondhand serenade
Alejandra Lara (Zquadirectioner)
I'm in love with this cover
valeria cruz
por favor alguien me puede poner toda la letra de esta canción en español pero Sta traducción Please
Nathalie “Nathaga07” González
Me encanta cuando cantas en inglés y sobretodo en español🙈
you are perfect 😉
B Kumanaku
I dont no what to say....JUST you are a new SPANISH ED SHEERAN
1:08 makes me melt
Best Leroy's cover
Mariana Nascimento
Σταυρούλα 13
fuck them all! You are awesomee
Leticia Menezes
Simplesmente Perfeito!! 😍😍 Apaixonada estou!💙💙🎶😍
Lolly Olivia
Think I'm in love. ME ENCANTA!!!!
Olivia Kasten
Can I just say that I love your sweater?
Orlando Júnior
i loved your version of this song including the spanish... I wish have the lyrics to sing with you... Great job Leroy, love your voice and your style to sing...
El Tipplová
Im in love 😍😱💕!! Amazing
Etna Petros
AIAIAIAIAI TIO! que voz es esta??
Khadija Benjemia
i already watched this like 10 times in a row now !!!! you killed it leroy
Bella S
This is sooo good - I LOVE the Spanish!!
Mx _Unicorn
Just finished my spanish homework &now i am learning for my english exam tomorrow :D Perfect timing 🙌🏻👌🏼🤗
abshar ramadhanny
My man boobs popped out
Khadija Benjemia
i literally watched this for like10 times in a row now!!! you killed it leroy!
Khadija Benjemia
i literally watched this for like10 times now!!! you killed it leroy!
Antonia Papadopoulou
Just perfect <3
Etna Petros
Etna Petros
mierda cantas bn chingon o.O pibe te acaba de nacer una fan mas :)
be por el Mundo y aslo tuyo con esa voz .
wow I loved it :)
fgdg ddfgdfg
No se , pero tu cover se me pegó mucho, amo la maneras en como la cantas -
Kelly Reyes
Me Encanto Leroy
Hanah Vasconcelos
I love you <3
Riska Putri Hariyadi
He is totally making me want to learning spanish very hard. Aww so beautiful x. x
Marielle Antoinette Adolfo
damn him singing in spanish uugghh sooo hawt
Nicky_ MzHyde
I'm in love with the...voice of you! 😍
I've been a big fan of him and I'm totally in love with this cover too!!
I also cover this song in English and Japanese! I'd love to hear what you guys think!
Alexsandra Victória
Spanish is awesome 😍
MSP gamer
I went to the LONDON UK concert yesterday 18th i was the little girl with my cousin. I still have the picture of us.
Oindrila majumdar
damn!!!!i loved it so much!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
You have an amazing voice!!!!
An Ca
perfect voice ! really <3
Lariza S.
A parte em espanhol 😍😍😍
Savana Salazar
When he started singing in Spanish I died 😍😍😍
Lily Montero
Llevo años siguiendo el trabajo de Leroy y con este vídeo me enamoró. Ese acento español. Oh My Gosh 😱😱😱😱😱
Cindy P
mockingbird 1707
Annemiek Geerdink
Beautiful 😍😩
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