ED SHEERAN - Shape Of You (Cover by Leroy Sanchez) English + Spanish

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Firman Sandiyah Budi
i dont speak spanish but i love that spanish part
Peachie Quin
Spanish is the language of lovvveeee
Indra Kurnyawan Bing
love his voice😚😚😚
Jimena Zevallos
hermosooo .
Irenefinityy and beyond
Mabel Nájera
😍❤ I love you
ryan mendiguarin
Leroy im a fan of yours here from philippines
Alivia Wright
oh lawd 😥🙏
Katie Nastaly
Omg your voice is amazing
Roxel Coronado
El mejor cover que he escuchado!
Daniela Cruz
estou viciada nele <3
meryem rah
are you spanish, Damn i like your voice especially part of latino God bless u
محمد عثمان
eargasm 😍
Sayane Correa
LEROY SANCHEZ!!!! I need your help, but I want to talk to you privately PLEASE EMAIL ME HERE

Lily Gajewski
omg so cute
princess larita
omg your voice 😍😍😍😍
Miguel Oqueli
los mejores covers
Mimi Jiang
army looking for eng esp because of jimin fanvid....
Glitzy Gabbie
Omg I literally just choked when he started singing in Spanish 😭❤️❤️
Lodovica Comello
go vori na Espanski
Manuela Mejía
Me encanta😍😍😍
Let's Get Eat
Guys, How to stop watching this video? because I am watching this video again and again :D
Aline Ribeiro
perfeito ❤❤
Anne Caroline Luna
Mejor que la original music
Tzuyu Bae
i dont wanna sound weird but daym when he sang in spanish i actually shrieked HAHAAHAHAHAHA the power you have on me, Leroy. good job!
BRASIL love Leroy Sanchez
Vekin Phongvekin
Your Spanish sounds so sexy
luz Barboza
Adele Diamondlock
i love spanish part
Danny Cubillos
woow una voz super bonita!! el mejor cover felicidades! ❤️
Giuli Narduzzi
dudeeeeee cantas hermoso ❤
i only speak english but i think the spanish part better
I'm a straight guy but when he started to sing in Spanish I'm pretty sure I'd suck his dick
Luanna Luh
I'm in love ♥ mas é desse homem ♥
Bobbie Hall
Leroy....why you gotta give me chills like that? For real. Beautiful.
Fakhri Hassan
Quitting may not be the best idea to find love.

So I'd rather stay with my friends

Taking something until the sun rises

Then you come to me saying how are you?

Well there much better, you hold my hand

Fingers to the piano, while I sing this song

You know I want your love

A love that I feel inside of me

Follow me, follow me if I go crazy or without you

Already say, let's not talk more, grab stronger

Pick me up, follow me, follow me if, follow me, follow me if

I fell in love only you, like a magnet in the crowd

You take me to your lips, you got me crazy and you know it

Your body is your great virtue, a silhouette backlit

Every step that you give a new south, you just fell in love with me

You just fell in love with me, you just fell in love with me

I fell so in love only you, every step you give a new south

You just fell in love with me

the meaning of the Spanish part, Leroy,you legend !!
Liliana Borjas
La letra es hermosa, el chico cantando mas ... Bien muy bien....
Gessica Coelho
Cadê os brasileiros nos comentários? haha
Buen trabajo! cubierta impresionante de la música para esta canción!
Gleimy Guevara
❤La versión en español completa 😍😍😍
Júlia Vieira
Džafer Džemailji
What language is he singing in?
Gaby Reyes
Te Amooo bb 😍❤
Val Tuto
Get off the treadmill
Mr. Closh
Alex Aiano is better
Kada Johnson
Amazing Cover and the Spanish ahhh in love with it. Your amazing
Naoual El
amazing 😍
Janel Sarmiento
I cannot stress enough how sexy this song is with the Spanish oh god ❤️
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