Are Boys Smarter Than Girls?

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When it comes to boys vs. girls, is one smarter?
Being A Woman:


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Correction: Maryam Mirzakhani won the Field's Medal in 2014, the most prestigious award in mathematics, which is often described as the mathematician's "Nobel Prize".
Pero Cigla
Boys are smarter. The most intelligent people on the Earth are all men. Men invented almost everything around you. Men are into science ,physics, chemistry, technics and everything else. Women are into fashion, putting on make up , thinking they are beautiful, and making duckfaces to shoot selfies. Btw guys who say that women are smarter, thats just pathetic lol
Moe Lester
Differences between men and woman
Woman: men suck men are stupid
Other people: ya empowered
Men: women are slightly less smart then me
Other people: sexist male patriarchy oppression
The title drove my sister mad because she didn't actually read it properly or watch the video she just had one look and ran round the house saying 'THIS SEXEST GUY SAID BOYS ARE SCIENTIFICALLY SMARTER THAN GIRLS!' She's so embarrassing 🤦🏽‍♀️
jake young
Why do people bully
Here in thailand its a major difference
john cena
Boys ain't smart at all. Bois are.
Homo Erectus
Well atleast men don't have to gush out blood every month
From my own experience i know that women are better in languages, and men are better in things like math. But, it also VERY depends on the person. Like, I'm a girl and I just won a math competition. So I'm the best at math in my class.
Amy Smith
thats racist pepole are smart by there self pepole are stupid by there self it not about your gender
ghosty tigger
Nikola Danilović
Did you just assume that there are two genders???
Giraffe Lover
I find that girls are more likely to worry about how they present their self. Can you do a video on why that is?
Unicorn Ranbow
When you see your country in in a video and that you think your country is not a recognized : omg is that Lithuania yellow green red
Giga Pudding
It's very obvious looking at the inventions and scientific discoveries throughout the ages that men are much more intelligent than women. Females may have more emotional intelligence but when it comes to logic and mathematics they are laughably dumber than males.
Neo_ xd
I think we can be smart if we want, but we dont want so we r super dumb xc
Kamakazigurl 3000
People are sexists I hate men
super mega memes
so. girls still go to venus to get more-
Tori Chapman
Ummmmmmm I'm pretty sure the stereotype was always women are smarter and men are physically stronger.
Luis Gontes Jr.
Anyone can be an idiot.
FirePowerBennie Extravaganza
Boys ARE obviously smarter than girls.
Steven Wang
What are girls?
-ArtieFlowerr -
Girls and boys are the same, it's Americans that are stupid.
Dad's Brand New Sweater - Roblox and Weird Stuff!
reads title Are Boys Smarter Than Girls?

Me (as a boy): no, probably girls.
Huzi 87
women are really hard work to work with on a daily basis would rather work in a all male work place any day
MLG Samurai
My brain is blue!?
Wow! The more you know...
MLG Samurai
Now the only question is if Attacks Helicopters are smarter than Males and Females?
🚁 > 👨🏻👩🏻
Daeshandra Trinidad
Boys are too stupid like doing stupid stuff girls do smarter stuff
Iike not getting in trouble
Isamu Woodberry
It depends on the person
Brenna Goodman
Dude I new stuff that I didn't get tuaght
Marissa Whatever
I mean you can't determine an entire populations intelligence from a few people. And Rosalind Franklin was robbed of the Nobel Prize, got exposed to too much radiation, got huge stomach tumors and died. So
Team Ellenburg
boys say girls can't do something just because we have a Hooha.
It's Moše Craft Girl Styał
Did anyone notice that when you look at the male sighn it looks like there head is upsidown Hahaha
Flame Ninja
Who made this concept... a guy
Tattle tale
Anamu !
girls are more mature!! :)
Lunaaa lovegood XX
Just tell me which ones more clever or not!!
Am Dj
so many feminists will get so triggered ☺
Honestly, I think both the male and female brains have strong and weak abilities. For example, due to the focused connections in the left hemisphere of men (where skills such as mathematics are processed), which resulted in better intelligence in subjects such as science and math, but women have connections in both hemispheres, which means they are significantly better at facial recognition, emotions, and memory. These studies are based on the average person, so there are many exceptions to these rules
Basque Ball
I learn that people are smarter becuz of what between their leg.
Dank M3mr
This video is obviously false. Everyone is an idiot.
Drake Sensai
Smart people are smart
Oneplayer Gmd
Males Are Smarter Than Females Without Males There would Be no civilization So The answer To your question are Males are Smarter Than females
Saleem Yehia
Thanks god I am male
red pandere
are we all dumb
red pandere
l thought woman had biger brain
Billy Productions Animation
Great analysis man.
Danish Malik
boys are intelli gent
Silaatjuh Toetjuh
Boys are smarter
Chae Yeon Oh
and my mom is smarter hope she does not see this but she is a bit shorter than my aunt teenager her causen
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