Are Boys Smarter Than Girls?

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When it comes to boys vs. girls, is one smarter?
Being A Woman:


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Written by: Rachel Salt, Gregory Brown and Mitchell Moffit
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Edited by: Sel Ghebrehiwot

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The Role of Stereotype Threats in Undermining Girls and Womens Performance and Interest in STEM Fields  The Frequency of “Brilliant” and “Genius” in Teaching Evaluations Predicts the Representation of Women and African Americans across Fields Expectations of brilliance underlie gender distributions across academic disciplines  Why Young Girls Don’t Think They Are Smart Enough  Gender stereotypes about intellectual ability emerge early and influence children’s interests Science faculty’s subtle gender biases favor male students THE ATTITUDES TOWARD WOMEN SCALE AND ATTITUDE CHANGE IN COLLEGE STUDENTS

Correction: Maryam Mirzakhani won the Field's Medal in 2014, the most prestigious award in mathematics, which is often described as the mathematician's "Nobel Prize".
Abdullah Craft
Thomas Coleman
voice crack @ 0.43
Almost all of scientist and mathematician are boys so i think boys are more smarter
example: Einstein,Newton,Hawking,Euclid,Euler,Ptolemy
The Fluffy Fish
(I'm a girl) wtf is scrap booking???
What I find wrong with this video:

1. At 2:54, are you saying that girls think boys are smarter? Firstly, excuse me? Ever heard of Hermione Granger? The smartest kid at Hogwarts, who is female? Secondly, I'm a girl, and I think the opposite. My friends agree with me. This might just be because I'm in middle school, and middle school boys are idiots, but whatever.
2. I, as I said before, am a girl. I am in the gifted program with an IQ of somewhere around 150. About 2/3 of the students in my gifted class are female like me.
3. I don't know where you got the idea that boys are stereotyped as smarter in the first place. I've only ever heard it the other way around.
4. Of COURSE women face barriers in STEM fields! It's because of men like you telling them they won't succeed because 'men are superior and of upmost intelligence.'
5.This is told from a male's point of view with no personal female input. Doesn't that make you a little biased?
6. This whole video (and, admittedly, this comment) was pointless. No matter their gender, everyone is unique. Boys and girls alike are smart.

I think I've made my point. This video was silly and somewhat inaccurate. Good day (or night) to you all.
Michi Chan
It's true, both genders are the same, we are all people. But women are often looked down upon, as shown in the video where the girls meet barriers. I'm not saying this is just for girls and all girls, all people can face this barrier. We all meet stereotypes and soon enough we believe it and make it come true. Girls are known to be more weak and not good at sports but we are capable at things that men do, but we are told that women are not allowed or that's a guy thing, so we stop trying and believe that ourselves.
Daniel is Anonymous
(To start this off I genuinely do not care who's better Than who) the way the iq works that they forgot to point out is well use this for instant. (25/)50(/75) men are usually on the extremely smart end off the spectrum and the extremely dumb where is woman are the 50 that are the in between. Btw the numbers are just for instants they don't mean anything statistical as the physical number but the instants of proportion.
Itz BaconDonutz
At my school, there are a lot more boys in the gifted classes than girls. I've just noticed that.
Veryone comments about triggered feminists while all I can see is triggered sexists basement dwellers
men and women aren't the same nor are they equal, men are good at something, women are good at something too however in this area women are competing with men and try to prove that they can do whatever men can do thus losing their uniqueness lmao not sure what feminist are though
Moist bagels
In ability both genders are the same, but once you get to middle school it seems boys accell at academics for example my calculus class has 19 boys and 2 girls
Girls are smarter and better at some things, but in general men are more technical and mechanically smart.
Makayla Komrosky
The boys earn good grades so do girls
Pawzzies AJ
For everyone commenting about the coloured brains saying 'why the boys brain blue and the girls pink?'.
Simple answer: Pink is seen as a feminine colour, blue is seen as a masculine colour, and making the brains these colours makes it easy for the average viewer to tell which one is the girls, and which is the boys.
RiceFarmer Kevin
asians are smarter than everyone
The super stick man show
Boys and Girls are incredible equally, and are excellent in their own way.

There! Everyone happy now?
Mia Berrisford
girls are definitely just as smart as boys!also why does this chanel always use pink for girls and blue for boys, im a girl and I love mint green!
Sophie Khan
of course boys are smarter than girls
Sophie Khan
of course boys are smarter than girls
Purpleeye - The huge Warrior cat fan
bit sexist
Inaayah Arsha
Pissed 😤
Inaayah Arsha
Why is blue associated with boys ???? I'm a girl I love blue
I'm having a guess females are smarter
Soul Of Anime
Genders don't matter if u strive to do something you will do it, it all comes down to u letting yourself learn and progress
Mr. Chicken-Duck-Woman Thing
Isn't the stereotype women are smarter?
Bart Extreme
Short of this video

Guys are better
hidavud byetale
Purple Proud
yep thats right man imagination is more better than woman
Mr Flash
They are
Xx Blaineworld xX
eek this storm is scary wow i hope this isnt my last words
Yushamen Thari
smart.. is a lifestyle
Sophie Salin
Wow. Very sexist. Mind blown
Leafyisbeefy •
Feminists probably got triggered by the fact you used blue for the boy and pink for the girl
The Brown Soul Made Of Memory and Judgement
you do realize males don't have blue brains right? they have pink brains also this is strait up sexist
also just because men have bigger brains doesn't mean their smarter
Diva Seokjin AND Sunshine Youngrish
Y'all everyone is diffrent. You can't assume intellegent by gender...because there are idiots in every gender...
#Mind Boggling

Girls' Goal: "Likes should be a even number"
Boys' Goal: "Likes should be a odd number"

Andrik Fuentes
It shares the award with three other researchers, among them the Brazilian-born Artur Avila, who is the first Latin American to achieve this. The four winners of the Fields 2014 medal, whose economic endowment is modest - some 10,000 euros - compared to the Nobel Prizes awarded by the Swedish Academy, have been announced at the International Congress of Mathematics (CIM), which congregates in Seoul (Korea ) From Aug. 13-21 to 5,000 mathematicians from around the world.
I really can't put a claim on it to be honest. All I think is that men are seen sometimes as dumb because they still have that risk factor in them that was necessary to build education etc in the first place.
Scribs Doobles
Jasmina Cuden
Cecile Marianne
Ireland is not part of the U.K.
kritish bhattarai
dont use the word "smart" b/c everyone is equally stupid
Kyle Scott
I thought women would be smarter than men
Conal Quigley
You didn't just colour Ireland in the Union Jack
Sweetcandy Jamaa
you can be a genius, but your grades say overwise.
xue moon
i go to a math school. idk if you have ones like this in America but its basicaly a school that teaches you math on a higher level than the regualr schools do. You have to take an exam to go into this school though. 65-70% of students here are guys lol but girls get higher grades
Calvin Mario Santoso
705*705 is490725
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