Are Boys Smarter Than Girls?

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When it comes to boys vs. girls, is one smarter?
Being A Woman:


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Written by: Rachel Salt, Gregory Brown and Mitchell Moffit
Illustrated: by: Max Simmons
Edited by: Sel Ghebrehiwot

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References:  A meta-analysis of sex differences in human brain structure Gender differences in cortical complexity  Sex differences in the structural connectome of the human brain The brains of men and women aren’t really that different, study finds Sex beyond the genitalia: The human brain mosaic Separating science from stereotype Sex differences in means and variability on the progressive matrices in university students: a meta-analysis. Negligible Sex Differences in General Intelligence

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The Role of Stereotype Threats in Undermining Girls and Womens Performance and Interest in STEM Fields  The Frequency of “Brilliant” and “Genius” in Teaching Evaluations Predicts the Representation of Women and African Americans across Fields Expectations of brilliance underlie gender distributions across academic disciplines  Why Young Girls Don’t Think They Are Smart Enough  Gender stereotypes about intellectual ability emerge early and influence children’s interests Science faculty’s subtle gender biases favor male students THE ATTITUDES TOWARD WOMEN SCALE AND ATTITUDE CHANGE IN COLLEGE STUDENTS

Correction: Maryam Mirzakhani won the Field's Medal in 2014, the most prestigious award in mathematics, which is often described as the mathematician's "Nobel Prize".
Why man always much better? CuzThe first girl in the world is Eva but she didnt listen to god to not eat the fruit thats why girls always unlucky
Mad Sweetie
Crush: pfft... And wigs are only for girls
There is no science section on the SAT.
mikah dika
boys always get boners
Joel Weidenfeld
BULLSHIT propaganda focusing on all or none,,, black and white results for morons,,, not enrichment and thus significant differences that are real but not absolute...this is a shill corporate GOVERNMENT propaganda manipulation channel, go buy a TV or a newspaper and get off UTUBE
zsofia majer
Troll Boat
Hey Patrick, what am I now?

Um, a woman?

No, I'm stupid!

What's the difference?
Desiree Jemima
actually girls are smart because based on majorityt doctors most are women
Hyrulean's Hero
Lol not stereotype fact answer yes
Alexander Moss
I sexually identify as an attack helicopter bro don't forget it
Alexander Moss
1:25 I just thought I was a uchiha I'm kinda depressed now
King Crazy
No, actually, women discover they are worse at mathematics when they hit kintergarden
King Crazy
Okay, that is because the smarter gender tends to be males
King Crazy
the study was correct, the science was not bad, it was only questioned because the study proved something they did not like
Jadyn Allen
I just wanted to know who was smarter!!!!!!!!!!
Louise Lei Garcia
Jerk video girls win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The OreFossil395
I'm not feminist but I do think females are a little smarter because boys can make alot of risks and not think as much as boys. But boys are much stronger than girls so the risks are not as bad for a boy
LOL no. In science all the girls do good while the boys are HORRIBLE
theofficialtori ok
Women are smarter cuz my 37 yr old dad doesn't knew his abc's Sooo i mean
Wojtek kisiel
The 10k dislikes got triggered by the comment section.
Here To Clean Youtube
I came here just to read the comments!
Adrienne Francisco!
The only reason this is a stereotype is bc men have been more " valuable" than women🙄
Dominique Craddock
women are you doing this and I will send the money to pay you
Ubrukelig _Dritt
2:06 if I wasn't easily offended my irish side would be ripping you to shreds to colour the uks flag on ireland
Sixe Owe
Well shidd we made electronics and shit
Пони тоже Кони
Charlie Cummins
I'm a girl and I'm pratically the smartest person in the year I am in.
Therese Houghton
Yeah. Lets draw Ireland covered in a british flag. A male must have done that.....
Here's my thought: Men and Women CAN be equally capable of intelligence. The fact of the matter is, as I see it, women in general do not strive to be intelligent. And that's okay. The way our society is built, women grow up being told that they should look pretty, and men are told that they should be lawyers, and doctors, and athletes. It's wrong and messed up, but that is the reason.
Jonny John
men did 95% of all invension.
Cilek Seker
Daily Dose Of Something
Attack helicopter is smarter
Katherine Fitzgibbon
I don't know who is smarter but in my class the girls have a higher average iq then the boys
Officer DVa
Lmao dumb feminists ( sorry can't attack me, I am a female )
It was Written
Grabs popcorn to read comments
Lizards With Wings
I took the SAT in 7th grade for Duke TIP.

Yet I have to take it again in College
Hugrun Dadadottir
At 2:06 you didn't draw Iceland right. I know because I live in Iceland😂😂😂
Gender doesn't matter, boys and girls are smart
It depends on the education, like if one of them studied in harvard/stanford, THEY ARE PROBABLY SMART AF! (About 130-140 IQ)

A highschool dropout is DUMB AF! (Something like 70-90 IQ)

A college dropout is Well Ok (i think 100-120)
MrFoxGamer /// MFG
Heart is the most important
Why cuz when your just made your body is making the heart first
That gave us life and bran is not you can live if you had no brain because you had a heart
That's why
Sooooo.... what about attack helicopter's, and A-10's? i feel like we're smarter than everyone else.
Bayaarahuu EnhAmgalan
DISLIKE!!!!!>:( >:( >:(

Blaze Rivera
I mean, there's a boy in my class that can't even spell Sky

2:08 England and Ireland are different countries and do not share the same flag 😒
Sharen Chu
For God's sake, we're all humans. What's the point of being sexist and pointing fingers at everyone?
Pixel Studios
I'm gonna show this to all the boys at my school. Who claim that they are all smarter then us girls.
So our school class has students 50%girls - 50% boys so we have 2 stupid boys and 4 stupid girls... i mean by stupid that they really should be in first grade xD
it doesent even matter if they picked the male application more since woment have a 2-1 advantage to get into stem studies because people want gender diversity
Ryan Kamal
any boy that says boys are smarter than girls is not just dummer than girls, but all 47 genders. TUMBLR
Kaylee B
Stereotypes suck.
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