WannaDuino! The Real Live
JUST LIKE. Thanx Bro.
WannaDuino, if i can get some of your subscribers it even makes me smile more, whaha. Nah keep them, you deserve it.
Just came to see my grandpa again at 5:57
Vincenzo's Montage
This does not feel like it's been 11 months since this video
Mob Unknown
Who Here After Roman Daughter
Sydney Gibson
7:07, 3 of my fav ppl on da stage! rhett, link ,and roman!
James Bettis
i remember watching this as if it was yesterday. wow. time goes so quick. i remember 1 year ago my nan died and this video made me so happy at the time. thank you so much. love you and your family
Slimer25_ Boss
When I saw roman cry at the end I started crying
I'm literally crying SO MUCH rn😭😭😭like if you believe roman has come a long way!
Furnace Band Offical
Zeus πŸ˜”πŸ˜”.....
Luis Vissepo
It's sad watching this again in 2017 seeing Zeus
Freddie Walsh
Smile more
i almost cry
foxy 2126
cute little daby at 8:09
Hope Mabe
Disaster Twins Vlogs
I still watch this all the time from 9 months ago!!! I love watching the old vlogs it's the best
Robin kae Slaughter
I love it and my favorite your family. So funny I am laugh and I am deaf. BIG SMILE πŸ˜πŸ˜‰
Tanao 23
Omg I cried
Boss Ab
I love your videos πŸ˜€ more
12 mln subs
the first time romans cried on camera DRAMA ALERT :D
Linnie Ninnie
I've been with Roman and his amazing family since before he started vlogging.. thank for the many years of laughs and tears.. you're an awesome and inspiring family and thank you for everything. Smile More ☺️
Linnie Ninnie
Crazy Agita
I literally started crying ❀❀❀
Lorenzo Savage
Idk why but kept waiting for the music to get all sad
Garrett Piersall
this made me so emotional, had me tearing up
Lexi's Way
When you saw Zeus who Almost cried
Jocris Briones
keep continue Roman and smile more
Havinder singh Aujla
Guys look at 5:41 seconds (Kane looks like Noah)
I can't believe to be able to be a part of this great and caring community. You all just show soooo much love every single day which actually makes happy. Especially watching this video makes me sort of a better person 'cause I finally found a way to push myself forward and to keep in mind the most important powerful message in the entire world:

SavageJoker Solis
Roman is the best vlogger and Roman is the most friendliest youtuber EVER!!!!
Dana Roberts
Give me 1 million likes for my birthday πŸŽ‰
2hot Anthony
a hoto
2hot Anthony
2hot Anthony
I got a foot of of you
2hot Anthony
I live in Dallas tx
Parker Anderson
This video came out on my 12th birthday;)
Noora Permi
Maddison Morcom
Omg they passed 1000 vlogs on my birthday
im tearing up
Jackson Kerr
congrats 8 months late tho
Cole Howard
Hey please sun to me
L-I G.
I could't make it through without crying...

Thats tairs of Smile More
Hey smile more
Jessie Bement
Your the best roman!!!!!
Daniel Wilcox
is it just me or is roman the only vloger who has teamed up with a lot of other you tubers.
Samantha Display
smile more:) =)
Alexandra's 5 Angels Zaikovskaya
5:38 was so cute πŸ™ˆβ€
This really brought tears to my eyes you have a beautiful family and will continue to watch your vlogs they just make my day better β˜ΊπŸ˜„ smile more
Deda Drake
Smile More http://a-fwd.to/6QTFE4G
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