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Where is the key with the extra hole in the thumbnail? Anyone?
"Real life hack" videos are the saddest thing in the whole world. I despise them and the people who put them together more than pedophiles and murderers.

It's just a meme for brainless Americans – meaning the people who watch these videos and make them – that have nothing to better to do with their lives.

And no, I did not watch this video.
Isabella A Rossellini
I bought an old metal cowbell at a second hand store about 3 years ago that’s really loud that I’ll put on the front doorknob to use to alert me if anyone tries to come in. The knob is an ‘L’ shape and not round. Living in an apartment there is only the 1 door. At 5:55 in the video when the person put a metal cup with a corkscrew and couple of pieces of silverware on the doorknob reminded me of that. Not a bad idea.
I use nail polish to match pots with lids and also to match various wrenches to the bolts on my lathe
After seeing that wall outlet I now know this channel creator is somewhere in Europe
Nunya Bizness
Who has extra shower caps for this?
Stephen Box
Woman, how Dare you to use Someone's Matchbox Cars in that Manner. Have you no respect for Mankind?
Luke Salmons
I've been gluing toy cars to all the legs in my house...help me.
gary hems
Plamen Penev
How about hospital overshoes instead shower caps?! :) BTW 10:22 ... its kinda creepy... jeez.
Artz Female
11 Shower Caps were used... So far.
Video froze at the Seatbelt part.

What was that with the Pepper??
And ... Yeah the Alcohol Binder Cover. LOL!.
Christian prophet
The one with the table and toy cars looks like a bad idea. It won’t hold much weight before the wheels bend since there is usually a very thin pin holding the wheels. Also if you try to push the table in another direction or if the wheels bend it might scratch your floor.
Kai Fløistad
i like it
Anyone who actually takes their Ipad into the shower should seek counseling.
Paul O'Connor
more plastic to poison the planet
adriaan van harrick
where do you get those plastic bags with elastic bands?
Meneer Doeterniettoe
Still waiting what the benefit is of making an extra hole in a key???
Ben Gaskin
Clickbait. Thumbnail doesn't match video. Please downvote this video and ones like it.
First song looks like dont cry by Guns n roses
PL Artur Zagaj
James Sandoval
Maxamize my house now!!!!! I need all of these 😆
Oscar ernesto
Tricks are great; the music annoys
Pamalla Swamy
Noah Zork
As you can CLEARLY see, the usb cable I have designated green, is plugged into the usb port I have designated green.
why are moms obsessed with drawing circles? 15:06 who's scott. you know, just wondering...

i want a macgyver girlfriend, OK?!
Jozef Horvat
Hacks for idiots
Houda Hamid
Andrew Tang
Very clever tricks
Jeanne Nilsson
where i the "hole in key",please Dont do that....
What is the purpose of putting nail polish on match sticks and what liquid are they soaking them in? Weird!
shubham borkar
Too much of plastic use
Bob A
What is with all the complaining here? These were ALL good ideas.
George Herberger
A key showed second drilled hole, what does that for ?
Tianna Hawkins
Im 1 mouth late
Snow Girl
Please use proper elastic to hang your plates - rubber bands perish so they will fall and smash. For the others you seem to need unlimited shower caps and wire hangers!
Cody Windsor
100 things you can do with shower caps and glue guns
John Doe
Sorry video I was done @ 2:00
Yes... I have a pool noodle around my house but not enough money to buy these things that you're making from a shop
Ok what's with all the circles???
Nassos Kranidiotis
Always the same hacks.
Jon O'Brien
carry a showercap everywhere u go
Andrew Gulick
I hope no one had those barrettes in their hair before eating the KFC chicken ... LOL
Rosie cats AJ
who else thought that the Electric screwdriver to draw a circle was #TOOMUCH?! x3
Ale Ve
shitiest ideas ever!
why would you publish a video with repeated hacks?
david hatred
...........................from the shower cap marketing board.
ow yeah the kids will be happy when you glue their toy cars under the furniture 😂
Nikolina Nižetić
So cool
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