WATCH: Sean Spicer On Air Force One - Days After Melissa McCarthy Skit On SNL

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Kenneth Durham
Debby Herold
Is he wearing lip gloss?!?!
Fran Tastic
All those bad guys pouring in! I am so scared......
This man is so incompetent for his role. Idiots leading more idiots. It feels like I'm actually watching a really bad sketch. what sort of cry baby dictates what's worthy news when it's SNL - an entertainment show! The level of unprofessionalism makes me cringe to the nth degree.
what an ass !!
Charles Roop
I want one of those lapel pins.
Bjørn Rønneberg
Nato secretary general Stoneberg? Stoltenberg is more like it. Spicer and his boss have little respect !
Sergey Yurkov
Get downvote for the caption.
You know he wished he had podium and a water gun.
Dale Lee
Ask him why the seven countries banned have produced ZERO terrorist attacks on US while ALL the countries terrorists HAVE come from are NOT on the ban list.. Ask him that! Why is nobody asking that?
Yolany Gutierrez
And who will protect the world from the american people?
Nancy Tronsgard
And he doesn't talk so good...
leon singleton
Its great that President Trump put the American flag back on the side of Air Force One.
joe blow
mELISSA mCaRTHY horrible in everything she touches
D Mac
McCarthy Destroyed this lying limp dick
Tariq ali
iraq press spokesman Comical Ali is nothing compared to Sean Spicer hilarious Comical best stand up comic around
Porgie TireBiter
Day, NOT Days....
As someone on the right, I really don't care if the left wants to make fun of Trump and his administration. Leave it up to the left to be triggered and offended by someone making fun of them.

That being said, I don't think Spicer is lacking any bit of masculinity - if thats what they were going for.
I feel bad 😔 for him now....🤣😂😂
Adeer Kaa
Does this not sound we heading the wrong direction. these presdent and his team answer question like they running small town as a mayor. Do these people not care about the planet
A Stuijt
Press gaggle by press secretary Sean Spicer enroute on AirForceOne 6Feb2017

Aboard Air Force One
En Route Joint Base Andrews
Nancy Desch
Why would a new administration make an enemy of the press right out of the box. Why?
Donkey Puncher
Liberal cnns finest.
Emperor Trump gave a great salute at 12:01 to the two soldiers at the bottom of the staircase!!! He is really helping me to see why all these people had issue with Obama's "disrespect" of the soldiers by not saluting...HE WAS SUPPOSED TO TURN AND GIVE A THUMBS UP (silly me)
lord damianos
mr president trump the trumpet!!!
Earth Horse
Yeah Spicer Libra scale
anton chigurh
Was that Melissa McCarthy or Sean Spicer?
Who is that gorgeous woman behind Sean? OMG. WOW!
Thomas Pelzer
Is the title because he wears the exact same outfit as she was?
John Lennon Jr
One of the best Press Secretaries we've had! We're in for an amazing 8 years...He's kicks ass!!
why does he looked backed into a corner!....
Now lets strip Sean Spicer out of his expensive suit and Italian shoes and dress him up as Melissa McCarthy. He can grow out his hair, and start a new career in farce comedies wearing oversized blouse, spandex and heels
Karen Baxter
Holy crap....... Is this guy married? Imagine the pillow talk at night. ........ Spicer " I want U in bed at 9pm........ sex at 10pm....... followed by you rubbing my feet around 11pm........ The sex may include foreplay but no licking of anything below the waistline..... and loud, orgasmic screams should be made at all times regardles of whether you are or are not having a good time". ......... yep, that would definitely be Spicer's way of being romatic to his wife alright........hahahahahahha
Creative Space
Sean Spicer is excellent. Press Corps is embarrassing. SNL reference is unnecessary.
S Robin
Notice camera person pans to the long legs in high heels. viva la boom!
Couldn't those illegals voters have voted for trump?
Dean Owen
New England, err, New Zealand! What a dope.
Bio Hazard
Omg who cares it's just a skit
We Are All Inventions
Someone slap that idiot in the bright red lip stick and throw her off of the plane. She's being overly obnoxious putting the mic in Sean's freaking face. How did that moron get that gig w/ out understanding what a head amp is anyway?? Hey dumb lady! Your mics are both VERY capable of picking up Sean without picking his nose with them and getting in the way of his notes. You're just recording. You can crank the gain ALL YOU NEED. You are a moron who should not even be standing there. Great work as usual Mr. Press Secretary!!
Charyl Burley
Sean is so much better looking than the actor who is portraying him on SNL.
Mystic Mac
Please President Trump stop winning so much I cant take all this winning.
This administration is quite transparant. Unlike the broken promises from the previous administration...
Bill Richards
Hey Sean, hang in there. And to the Liberals, life is to short to be unhappy. Many third world countries would welcome you as citizens.
Hannelore Tepper
Love you Sean...He is amazing and so truthful.
Melissa McCarthy for Press Secretary!!
Cate Ellington
Clearly Spicer was TOLD to be less defensive. Lol
10:36. It's good to be king.
Thanks Fox 10 Phoenix! You guys do a great job reporting! I watch you on You Tube from Portland, Oregon :)
I can't look at him without thinking of the skit. Lol
Ryan Lamp
What does SNL have to do with this? I thought Melisa McCarthy's skit on SNL was very funny, but as you can clearly see by this video, by no stretch of the imagination was her portrayal of Sean Spicer anywhere near even close to being accurate. Still, it was very funny. However, I don't know why it would be mentioned in the title of this video since nothing in the video even hints to the SNL skit.
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