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It's time to get drifty!
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Beth Halpain
Guac it up! y'all are fine.
Do a basketball battle
make a video on cricket how many six you can hit in one over
zingshot now battle should be next like the hungergames
Kim Gooding
do odell challange
Alex Matheson
I got dude perfect 2
Abdul Basit
Or a bottle flip face off
Abdul Basit
Do a
Soccer face off plzzzzzz
Marcus Sullavan
Where Marcus? The new guy
Mustafa Yiğit Efe Göçer
water battle
The simulator Guy
Go Garret!!!!!!! 😄😄😄
Danae Diaz
you know Coby is my fav, even though he loses he keeps on trying, no matter what the other guys say. And he reminds me of chase Davenport from lab rats, his siblings Bree and Adam kept making fun of him,but he stuck it out, just because one person loses at sports dosent mean that they are losers, they can beat u at other stuff like chemistry or phisics,sooooo yeah coby is my fav, DON'T JUDGE ME
Adam Harwood
Fidget spinner contest like if you agree
Food eating composition pls
I'm a fan of Ty
TheEmeraldSharer -And More
Do Virtual/Nintedo Switch Minecraft Challenge Who Has The Best Stuff Will Move On And The Worst Is Eleminated
Ashley Gutsch
Ashley Gutsch
Dude perfect can you do figit spinner challenges
Ashley Gutsch
Your good dude perfect can I go on your videos
Bailey Simcock
Jk Lokie
trampoline park tricks
Evan Cox
its hard to drive stick!
The Diamond Miners
U guys are boss
Shahid Choudhry
you should do soccer trick
Elizabeth Hart
do a hoverboard battle
We-12345678 Is awsesome
That was a great video!!
Anthony Brown
Garrett Miller
garrett is awesome because he has my name
Sarah Buksh
How about a dance challenge
But wait, Cody was outside the lines...
cody shaw
scooter battle
the last guardian
watching you guys = wasting my time. nothing different. why don't you doing something that have a great impact in life beings for at least once. you guys are influencer. don't use your power only for commercialism. our world is on crisis now. so make your self useful for a better world.
Dan Hatfield
where's the new DP member?
Demarion Jackson
garret wins yay😄
David Trisdale
dooy figit sinr
David Trisdale
v uyti
Levi Leacy
Jesse Okoduwan
You can also do a battle about stuntscooter.
Greetings from Holland.
Fergus McD
Who know this reference

Bro average
Rachel Klemp
Latrel Lutchman
soccer ,do a soccer trick shot
Advik Gokaram
You should do mom edition
Sergey Prokofiev
Why are they always screaming and waiving ?
Jydli Yt
Do trick shot fidget spinner vs glass
Jydli Yt
please do tricks with a fidget spinner!
lmc lmc
a parkor challenge would be amazing
Valters Ozoliņš
Whats name of that mini car?
Andrew Aguilar
The fidget spinner battle
Sydney Taylor
anothe tennis battle
J boy
that was awesome
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