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“I feel like my dick is going to fall off…”

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Silly Question
Remember This
Light Air
Gorgeous Day
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Jon longdong
Gay sex! fucking disgusting!
Veronika Strickler
nofap pls
Veronika Strickler
do something on nofap please
Marco Belinelli
who is fucking the professor, that's what I wanna know
Carlos Santos
perverts the anus is not a vagina you twisted minds
what about period time :O nasty
Awkward Sause
This video reminds me of how super virgin i am. I haven't even kissed anyone yet that's how bad it is
james chen
my virginity is safe in space
That couple with the big glasses... I cant imagine them having sex.
Ashy Lane
how to get a loose vagina in 30 days challenge
Tristan Lau
Nothing's good and enjoyable when it's too much
but i'm virgin and i'm ace lmao
Saad Manbar
fucking gays.... i hate them
I would love to do this
Noone wants to workout? I'm gonna stop you right there..
Migula Patka
Rlly gay couple?
Muhammad Rizki
im on the wrong side of the internet again
leonel cardenas
5secondsof Phan
I am ace why am i here
Tre Hax
Tiger Queen
these women get no periods
PengTing y4
why are the majority of people having sex are ugly
man Person 114
"yeah, I'm getting pretty sick of boning" lol I almost pissed myself
The big glasses couple has to be one of the ugliest couples I have ever seen.
Suma Cat Gaming
i like how they didnt add lesbians because its literally impossible so they replaced the lesbians with two more straights
The Last Of Us / Fan
Bruh... those two... how do I put it? 'Nerdy' people have the WORST choices in glasses I've ever seen and ever will see.
Osama Bin laden
why is this a thing
kim john
im wondering why they need to include gays on this one..
lol when shes saying "on average we have sex about 5 times a..." i was like a day then she said a week and i was like oh...
MR. Dabour
I can't believe it, Sex is like food 3 to 4 times a day at least I guess everyone is different
devilish cuteie
is she pregnant?the grandma with curly hair is like JUICY and I was like how you know I AM DRINKING JUICE RIGHT NOW
Acasia Bella
That women make anyone else feel uncomfortable?
Jayden Slobe
ew gross the dudes
Dallas Lewis
my question ...how do women cum i thought that was only for men
Cool kid At shcool
But doesn't the girl or a guy get pregnant
Alex Andersson
I´m not sure if masturbation and having sex does the same things to your body, but i´ve ejaculated at least 2 times a day for 10 years now(no joke, sometimes a lot more and sometimes only one) and i haven't missed one day...
And I can say that porn is just boring to watch after expecting it to do so much for me for so long time so i´m not really sure what im doing anymore :/ xD
Tony Flamingo
male and female lions HAVE SEX TO 47 TIMES A DAY. ........ WIFE!!!
one eye
do gay couple recommended?
Bullet Bananna
Wtf did I just watch

I'm 13
the SuperDevin
were the 2 guys gay
Pauline tv
when you're a virgin and can't relate to any of this
Tis Toni
I know, buzzfeed is a metrosexual channel. I just realised.
Ew I do not want to know about gays sex...
Tet Kagamine
wtf is this
Angelic Devil
I'm literally proud I'm a virgin and omg that doctor is fucking creepy😂😂😂😂
Milay Ballasco
What a great way to ruin a relation ship
Dawn DeAngelo
I was married for 15 years has sex almost everyday and more then once a day.
Ryan Jeansonne
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