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“I feel like my dick is going to fall off…”

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sunflower aliens yees
Everyone in the comments is getting over 30 likes and I'm over here like...
lildaddy Sam
ok but I thought this was really normal 😭
What is it about the obession of sex. WHO CARES?
..the man with this weird mustache remind me of this movie titled BORAT.

thumb up if you think same
Claire Sigley
The glasses look ridiculous.
Jade Spencer
My ex used to pressure me to have sex like 2-3 times a day and most of the reactions were like me
That Jewish couple should have their own show!
So arent the women on "those days" for 30 days?
Honest Guy
James Yocum
as a 16 year old with a normal ( that means insanely high) libido, I can't relate.
Samara C
This is very disgusting. I am extremely displeased and I feel uncomfortable. And that "sexologist" is abhorrent and now I am stuck with revolting images of these people having sex. Ew. This needs to be deleted.
Austin Paz
1:00 why do they both look like they got fake noses?
Epic Terry
She came every time... that guy must be huge
Everybody's just imagining them having sex
Bitch I'm back By popular demand
I was watching BTS music videos and now I'm here
123 Slime
I was watching that creepy doll and now I'm here who else
Adrian Campos
The old guy looks like the guy from up 😂😂
Mia Le
"I've been teaching sex for over 20 years
, AND I LOVE IT" ???
Zahra Zaini
Ultimate Drago490
Is that guy gay god
youtube youtube
I 'm married for 2 years and we had sex 24 days a month because of her periods every single month. I thought we were a normal couple and I notice now that we are outstanding.
the sexologist talk felt like those awkward times when you had to talk about puberty with your parents
IDK Blah Blah Blah
Wait...what did they do about periods?
A Buzzed Whaler
If I had a hot, Asian girlfriend, I would be good for 60 days minimum.
I 'd love to bone the sexologist for 30 days...
Jordan Alarie
wtf is so hard about this challenge
lmao anyone else been doing this challenge for a while? hahahaha
interpolantics hiddleston
I think you can keep the challenge as long as you don't live together, however you have to make sure you see eachother everyday.
i think the sex is hard for the hipsters cause they cant kiss with their glasses on
she has her own university. she is a legit professional lol
Arty MoonPies
ok but what if one of them gets pregnant
The gay dudes have very very sore buttholes
Im still waiting to die
im just a horny 13 year old
So wait...BuzzFeed is saying that men and women should be having MORE sex?

What happened to the whole anti-male libido thing going around? When feminists were complaining about men wanting to have sex?
Kurtis Brooks
I'd love to watch this same experiment with Blaque couples
Bycek Me
All would be nice if it wasn't for the gay guys it just destroyed the whole video! Disgusting!
Oscar Alfaro
How many times did they say sex 😑
Shireen Begum
This is the worst video
Those guys are gay? no offense
Nutting daily monthly not that hard mah hand works
wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf
εїз εїз
who else is asexual or a virgin
Wasn't sure if that guy with the glasses and mustache was wearing those fake nose glasses or not.
Rose Ecilo
that couple that was pure down because they didn't have sex, oh no!!! the world's ended! I didn't get to put my Penis in my girlfriends vagina!! noooo!! 😒 get a fuckin grip! I don't think it's possible for people to have sex every single day of their relationship, you would be so drained and it takes the fun out of it like a lot of them said! it's now a chore! the minute I realise I HAVE to do something I'm like uggghh, and I don't enjoy it as much! I prefer when it's in the moment and spontaneous, nothing planned, just whatever happens in the moment 😒
Julianne Lempert
4:19 holy crap their glasses are huge
safa hamraz
................. we are a couple born and bred for thiswhat is the meaning of bon and bred?
Ruby and Lily -
I always thought the dimitri guy was wearing one of those fake glasses and big nose thingys
a teen probably can do it
Does that make me a homophobe if seeing those gay dudes gross me out? Just knowing what they're doing 😖
Ramy Shaalan
omg ava cadell... anybody see that 4 hour video sex guide on youtube 😂😂😂😂😂
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