Baby Giraffe At Zoo Takes First Steps Minutes After Being Born

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A 6-foot-tall baby was welcomed into the world last week and has people lining up to see her. Lizzy the Giraffe and her mother, Uzuri, are doing well since the calf was born last week; a birth that had some Blank Park Zoo staff members worried. Without employees having to step in to help, Lizzy took her first steps less than an hour after being born. A zoo spokesperson says the mom and baby are doing well and started bonding immediately. Lizzy will be available to the public in the spring.

Lizzie is adorable! 👀 at her precious face!
Emma Vanderkolk
I'm 9 years old
Gosh darn it told its taller than me
Seyi Majek
Awww she's so cute💞
Rebecca McGrath
I love giraffes they should make a emoji like if you agree
Thank God for Giraffes!
A Vinh
It's sad to see animals in cages they should be out in there natural habitat!
Ivie Walden
This is cute...but all that blood...ick...
Pretty much every song lyrics
for those who dislike just don't care for a life like your a life a precious life that goes for every LIVING THING
Rosa Zebian
ewwwww boot LOOK AT ITS FACE
Normie Krystal
Did…I just see…an animal…come out of its moms…ass?
Pooky Choclo
Disgusting but adorable at the same time 😂
i clicked on this video to see a cute giraffe walking, not her BIRTH.
karen coon
So cute but the birth ehh maybe later
did he get caught?
jennifer whitty
Oh my god the birth was so unexpected
It was so fast
Rashid F.E.A.R
(The black women)
"I just hope, that no-one will talk about my down area."
Brain Zela
Autumn Jennings
When I saw the blood I thought of period memes skjdjdijsdhuf triggered
phillip hamilton
ew they really had to show a giraffe birth
Felicity Capstick
ew I just Sen the birth of a girraffe ewwwww
SUNSHINE 2355800
Did we have to see video footage of the giraffe being born...
I'm going to go see her this summer. :D
unknown commenter
the baby giraffe is taller than me
this was so cute and disgusting at the same time
Some Guy
That looked so nasty
Whitney Bread
No one told me I had to watch it give birth
Anthomia Fan girl
Awww It's So Cuuute!!!!!!!!😍😍😘❤️
Jas :p
When I saw the blood I almost cried because it was gross but cute
Heyab Yemane
omg that was creepy
so muck blood came out
of the know thing
Myah Hughes
I ment giraffe
Myah Hughes
Haha whoops giraffe
Cactus Green
Awe how cute!
lizzie's life a
my name is lizzi and I am the 1# fan of giraffes
Crystal Missile
This is the kind of national news that we need
Myah Hughes
Umm I just witnessed a graffiti give birth😐
Madsy Costa
That baby probably got a concussion jeez she couldn't be bothered to lay down
not first
Don't Panic No Not Yet
Did they say she was 6 feet?
Dang shes taller than me
Naomi Stephenson
How cute, another beautiful animal born into captivity.
Came here to see a giraffe take its first steps.... but I guess you could show me it shoot out of its mom's vaginas too
Ng Geok Tin
it was so weird when I see that
the birth scene was just disgusting..... don't ever fall into a giraffe's pin
Jesus Cornejo
6 foot long I'm not 6 foot long even
Omg how cute☺️
Well... Now I know what it looks like for a giraffe to be born
Hell Yeah
So bootiful
They should really increase the size of its home, it looks really small
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