Dragon Ball Super Episode 109/110 Reaction

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like your reaction bro.True fan on dbs🤗
Floofie kun
If you dont know Japanese you really should wait for the subs dude lol.
Legendary Saiyajin
I like this guy. Hopefully he does more reactions.
The MagicVerse
Good stuff! I subbed!!
lm Snarkk
dave physics is lit
goku black ikaros
Best reaction ever
Kyle Joultz
You better do an ep 111 reaction m8!
RichHomie Pablo
Great reaction you would have enjoyed it more with the subtitles bro!
David Barney
Ultra instinct, the true power of angels, I'm betting the reason jiren is so damn powerful is cause he's mastered this form and is in it permanently, kinda like whis and vados...
Game Boy
watch sub titles you idoit then you will understand it
Fausto Uchiha
Goku limit breaker vs jiren https://youtu.be/c2Nx4WsJ1Z8
[ AMV ] AC/DC - thunderstruck
What is that soundtrack at 10:30 ?
Professor BerryB
You should watch with subtitles / if already your not commenting on the Lines ( can't tell because of cropped image )
I think frieza is going to give goku energy like what happened in dbz when goku gave frieza some energy
Kyle Joultz
4:58 awesome reaction!
Talliporter Gamer
Frieza is gonna destroy a large part of stage
true fan right here. you can see his excitement, same as me. earned a sub
parkour Santa
Rebrian would be the perfect wife for Buu
DragonGod Aaron
I peed a little watching this fight.
need my subtitles. .have to watch again with them missed some important dialogue
Kakashi Hatake
Beerus could still fuck up goku... you are so worng.
Kakashi Hatake
Are you fucking idiot??? He can NOT defeat beerus with this state. If you read the manga you wil know beerus is the strongest god of destruction and goku can not defeat beerus easily. LOL
Isaac Murray
It was Goku attack so he killed him self that was what wis said
Isaac Murray
I have that same shirt
Kenpachi Vegeta
I couldn't wait either. Good for you, bro!
Night Power
"GO beat Jirens ass !"
"he can fuck up Beruus totaly now"

Langehose Kurzehose
Goku is stronger but he dont can control the tranfornation
Meeples 097
We call it Ultra Instinct
Kudo Shinishi
i think Goku can surpass this form! nice 2 episodes!
Ultra Instinct Rick Robinson
You missed alot by not having english subs. They said even as he was going he was getting better. He will master this form and be able to beat jiren. Every GoD was amazed. Goku isnt near beerus cause beerus is one of if not the strongest god of destruction. But when he fully masters this form.. Idk. He might be close. I honestly see a future arch having vegeta become a god of destruction and goku becoming a surpreme kai or something alone those lines. Or the gods will go against the angels and zeno. Who knows. But give it a few episodes and goku will have this form mastered and the final episode of this arch will be fully mastered ultra Instinct goku vs Jiren. Goku will win and wish all the universes back because he wants to train with some of those people who were erased
Sevgi Caglar
Louis V
youre too damn loud...
ordinary gamer
A true dbz fan would know he is repaying goku for giving him energy on namek
Classic Dragon Ball Super
Whoever wants to watch the full 1 hour special watch it on my channel
kamal medhat
if u just watched the english sub u fckin idiot
Xmonster Games
Kkkkkkkkkkkk ):
Xmonster Games
Lest go go go yes yes les go fuck
Kota Dyer
goku can do what gods fear
Lucky Shade
Seems freeza learned to instant transmission to nab goku which vegeta not notice
Erick Bonds
frieza will share his energy the same way goku did with h on namek, frieza knows jiren is unstoppable and only someone like goku can over come it.
Alin Samu
I hate your reaction kid.....you are so anoying. By the way i love Ribrianne. 😎😎😎
Gaming Freaks
man u have watched this episode already... and u r watching it again
Leo Mozaba
Gaming Freaks
man he sounds like he is ill .... man u look like a mad guy... by ur reaction
Garry Howgate
It's not a new form it's a new technique
Slow Gaming
Goku Black
Ssj Ultra Instinct? Or beyond Ssj?
love ya
Parth Nehru
univ. 4 god is quite calm. i think those two fighters might be upto something.
MLG omni king
im starting to like frieza again
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