Giraffe loose in Colorado

Unreal footage of loose giraffe caught by Josh Wagner

Original video from Josh Wagner:
Just posting myself to reap the imaginary internet points

Jukin Media Verified (Original)
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Rolly Rollo
Makes me laugh every time XD
Mara Rima Hennessy
And a huge thank you to Ridiculousness for showing me this at 1 in the morning. 😂
Sister Daniel
Holy crap is that purgatory?
Jazzy's World
Omfg this the the flipping best hahahaha I'm just going to die now
My stomach hurts. This video gives you six pack abs.
[GD] osoms
my replay button is broken
Jōb Layfield
"Guys say Colorado" IM A GIRAFE" LOL
I laughed my ass off at this.. say Colorado IMMAGIRRAFFE lol
Boy was I drunk that day
Clorox Bleach
I never realised he was wearing a giraffe onesie
Benjamen (Ben) Sparks
is it bad that i jerk off to my sister
this is why i love the internet
Grayson Rollins
Phantom Flame
I live in colorado
Morgan Starks
I love whoever made this video 😂😂😂 just wanted to point that out
That guy sounded like Filthy Frank
Anthony Guetschow
Minecraft Noobster1701
I stopped at 0:02 at the right moment and I caught the giraffe
☁☀ ☁ ☁ ☁
☁ 🚁 ☁

/ | \
🌴 /🚔 \ 🌴
/ | \
🌴 /🚖 🚔 \ 🌴
/ | 🚔 \
⛽ / 🚔 🚔 \
🌴/ 🚔 \ 🚦 🚲 🏃
__/ 🚧🚧🚧 🚧 \__

__ 🚗__ __ 🚙 __ __ 🚕 __ __
____________________________🚒 _ _ _ __
Still to this day one of the funniest vines in the world.
Bradley Reed
This is going to my watch later
Crystal Hassan
Evan Dewhurst
ahhahhaha omg im crying
Rin Kagamine
is it bad that I didn't notice he was in a giraffe suit till I read the title
I came here from Kubz Scouts, but he came from Markiplier.
Husky Obsessed
I just laughed 20 minutes straight because of this.
Water Dragon
I'm hitting the replay button so much people around me think I need help
Looth Mohamed
I don't have enough energy to laugh
Trash Pile Gaming
I miss vine
Harley Trogdon
I got the giraffes face.
Nathan Gamba Màsse
Wild Giraffes In Colorado Hahahaha
Cayden johns vlogs
He is a giraffe if you pause it when he goes by he's in a giraffe costume
Look we all know it's a guy in a giraffe costume. I think that was the whole point of the joke. Glad we settled this dispute
Alex Cruz
I'd him for our kids birthday parties lol
poor her she is my friend Sophia
TheFirst FriendlyGamer
I love Colorado!!! I used to live there.
Jonathan Macenat
Ridiculousness brought me here
Tyler Short
hi my Jared ignore my name
Noctis Lucis Caelum
Ä°t's a rat!
Eva Yougondre
This is what Colorado is though! Hahahaha reminds me of home.
N DelaPaz
I am from Colorado and I can prove that this happens often.
Aylah Perri
I laughed to hard!!!! XD
DJ Funtime Foxy
I will never be aloud to replay videos anymore XD
speed 2
Toby Janssen
they didnt even say Colorado
Aphid H.
Don't you love unexpected mistakes from heaven?
I just saw this giraffe in denver at my house staring at me through my window
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