Jimmy Kimmel on Passenger Dragged Off United Flight

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Jimmy has a lot to say about the video of a United Airlines passenger being dragged off a plane because the flight was overbooked. Amidst all the controversy though, United won't even admit doing anything wrong, in fact they seem to be doubling down.

Jimmy Kimmel's Tribute to Don Rickles https://youtu.be/6Fpcf0HcCgU

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Jimmy Kimmel on Passenger Dragged Off United Flight

no name
to those who thinks its funny. the worse karm is heading your way
James GVS
United Airlines Where we beat passengers and competitors
I love how the hoes are laughing 😂
Rekt! I would have laughed sooooo hard if someone would have shouted "Get Rekt son!" on the plane. hahahhaha
Wan Muhd Qusyairi Wan Mazlan
the audience.....hate that more!!!!!!!!
Random Stuff
Why are the audience laughing it's so rude! He is traumatized at the end, probably suffering from ptsd.
OuterBox Thinker
Here's power of the people: if each person who saw the video, sold (shorted) 1 share of UAL, I could almost guarantee everyone could make at the least 25-50% on investment in 3 months. The fact is UAL will lose customers, lose revenue, lose money on lawsuits and compensations; hence, miss earnings. Use Robinhood app. Let's teach United Airline a lesson and make some money while at it, folks.
Keshav Vij
That doctor suffered concussion and lost his teeth and there these Morons are laughing. This was not even funny.
Tyrone Watermelon
LOL look at all the butthurt faggots in the comments.
purple Cabbage
I love this show but I'm trying to understand why they found this funny? That poor man did not deserve this. Terrible!
Yihao Zhang
It's really hard to watch when they laughed at the poor guy. I don't know what so funny in this incident.
Francisco Valdez
That's how you accommodate El Chapo out of Mexico 😂😂😂😂
stone eston
its not funny at all
Achamma Itticheria M.D.
Boycott United Airlines!
Joshua Blue
This isn't funny
CarlJanzen Gaoiran
8k people are united supporters and they drag people off the plane because of over booking!
Hugh Mungus
United Airlines new slogan.

We are #1 in Chinese Takeout.
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Hitender Jha
If they were really airlines staff, who gave them right to touch a passenger? Morons did not lift the arm-rest before pulling this doc out and it resulted in accident. To top this, they dragged the passenger like dead animal. And then these folks criticize China, Korea. It is JOKE that airlines realized overbooking situation once boarding was complete. United Airlines should let British Airways or Jet Airways manage its operations.
Ellie Bella
Never flew with United before and never will 😡 this is discrimination my God!!!
Rachelle Gomez
JImmy, you are stupid for allowing your audience to laugh at a very serious matter. Shame on you.
I'm I the only one discussed by the people that laughed at the guy getting beat up
what is so funny............... why jimmy kimmel sounds like making fun of this??
Leftist cancer
I hate how they make comedy out of tragedy.
you used an emirates flight interior as a background on a united video =D
Fran Gipane
That doctor had his license revoked trading prescription drugs for sex with a male. He's a trouble maker. This went exactly the way he planned. I was taken off a United flight in a similar overbooked situation and didn't throw a temper tantrum and hold up the entire plane. F this perverted doctor & our spoiled me first society
Susan Warren
You are funny 👍🏻
Tamil Maran
This audience laugh at everything.
Brandon Banks
The women complaining should have gave up her seat if she felt that bad
Joshua Miranda
That women clearly needs to shut her mouth
So many people filming and nobody stood up
you Americans are so fuckin west, why the hell are you laughing off
Chris Darden
asian lives matter
Ill never fly with them.
Eddy Bird
Why do I feel like the United CEO has been taking tips on apologising from President Trump?
Jesse Toivonen
You will use your own face as floating device, have a nice flight !
Justin Shin
y people laughing Id beat their ass if i was there
Silentsoul Gaming
The audience is just monsters they're laughing at the guy getting dragged off.
I dont understand why some people in the audience were laughing right after Jimmy showed the video??? WTF is funny about it???? WHATS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE? Be glad the camera didnt show your faces.
The TF Nerd
I still wonder why the others passengers didn't help the man
Jj Mench
I'm am surprised he was not charge with assault. According to witness he hit the offices with his head on their fist. They had to go to hospital for broken hands
They handled it horribly but booing the employees is misdirected anger. They have to go where the airline says, they were just doing what they were supposed to do and have zero power or input on what happens with seats and passengers.
Luane Aquino
wow, seing a man being draped out is really not funny
The Viking Vlogs
sue them
Lord Wheeler
Make About American Airlines
Adhy Bae
ah c'mon It's not funny at all. unsub sorry Kimmel
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