Its funny because Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner were both Jewish
Brittany Honaker
Watch ur mouth moronic hater or I'll watch it for u screw Star Wars Star Trek furever better cast than Star Wars is lame and a bad excuse for a sci fi movie there were cooler movie parts in Star Trek especially in the 2nd movie where Spock died but came back to life and so that answers the debate of Star Trek vs Star Wars
Moronic hater
2:15. Spock is like "Yeah, ok, you've seen the ears...". Lol
Adam Pierce
1:57 know wher I can find a clean copy of the music
The SS or was it the Gestapo did have very handsome Uniforms!
Nimoy's spock is far better than what I've seen with Quinto. He, Quinto plays him like a stereotype of what someone thinks a vulcan should be , very very dry. Nimoy was much more emotive than people realize.
Jim Schuck
1:57 You always knew they were in trouble when that music started.
Jim Schuck
Geez, CBS. At least post this in 4:3 so everyone doesn't look like he is 4-feet tall.
Funniest line " You should make a very convincing NaZi" Shatner's look priceless!! It was Nimoy's emotive sarcasm that made his character
Tereza Radová
Good. :-)
Wow, it was a Jew! 😳
Why would two jews agree to wear Nazi uniforms? Because there's a nice paycheck coming at the end of the week.
Spock: "You should make a very convincing Nazi."
Kirk: "O__o"
Both these actors are Jewish, BTW.
I'm surprised the Nazis didn't cotton on that Kirk was American. Unless they have some vocal-broo-ha-ha device to make them speak and understand German.
so gay
Azkadellia Gale
Can someone pleeeaase upload the full episode??? Please?
One of my favorite episodes. Must've been strange for Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner to dress up as Nazis.
Its only logical.
Spock SS :O
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