THE TOP 10 || TOP 10 MOST DANGEROUS DINOSAURS || T-Rex, Spinosaurus, Giganotosaurus, Utahraptor VS

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THE TOP 10 || TOP 10 MOST DANGEROUS DINOSAURS || T-Rex, Spinosaurus, Giganotosaurus, Utahraptor, Allosaurus VS

10. Tarbosaurus Bataar

9. Ankylosaurus 

8. Mapusaurus

7. Velociraptor

6. Allosaurus

5. Utahraptor

4. Carcharodontosaurus 

3. Giganotosaurus

2. Tyrannosaurus Rex

1. Spinosaurus

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Baka Kawaii
I think this person didn’t watch Jurassic park to know what a T. rex looks like
Spinosaurus walked on all fours.
Billie Joes
Very very bad...2.TRex???! It's Carnotaurus....oh God...
Amy Hourigan
valasrapters arnt really damgeres unless there is a pack i mean still a valsorapter can kill you but...
Gene Current
Vid of #2 is not a tyranosaurus.
Sad Flute see the giant life size dinasour
rahul kumar
I think trex is more powerful than spinosoraus
Harrison Evans
Your footage of the Rex was a carno
Khalil Tskiri
Number two has a clip of a carno?
Sylvester Abraham
2 was a caranatoros not trex
Netboy Netboy
2 it’s not a t-Rex it’s a carnotosaurus
Mester mc pro
nub to carnotauros my fawerite
Tanner Reinholdt
Giganotisaurus is the most deadly
Aknur Azisbekuulu
Lloyd Chappell
If these dinosaurs are supposed to be so bad ass, why do you show some of them defeated by herbivores?
Karikatürcü Çaylak
This is not trex this is a carnotosautus
Geferson Ambrocio
El segundo el tiranosaurus rex es un carnotaurus
Ric Peden
8:36 that is so no T. rex t Rex’s don’t have to horns on their head
Mạnh Tường
Daniel Productions
2 is Carnotaurus, not TRex
ludo zombie
what ? t rex where ? and where is triceratops ? and velociraptor means nothing... and where is CAMARASAURUS ?? A CAMARASAURUS ALONE COULD KILLED LOTS OF ALLOSAURUS GUYS .
wwe wr3d gamer
Can u tell the fish name
wwe wr3d gamer
5 one is troodon
Gangster Biscuit
I think the spino and trex should be switched because the spino might have actually walked on all fours (not on two legs like in the video) and if its large sail on its back got damaged it could have led to paralysis and his teeth were made for gripping slippery fish not tearing flesh like the trex
the Tyrannosaurus, Allosaurus and the Raptors were the most efficient predators of their ages. The fossil records show that not some hollywood movie. In the vast oceans of the Mesozoic era there is one hunter who stands in front and it is the Mosasaur. At least this is what the fosils tell as for now. Everything else is fiction.
Rajnish Kumar
I love dinosaures
Rose Banas
Me and my friend Logan like dinosaurs!
Ершов Александр
This prehistoric world fascinates me. Тime Machine is a necessity.
Sam Coughlin
stupid youtuber
Sam Coughlin
this youtuber is a idiot he put a carno as t rex . losser
Carrie Christman
the t.rex part you put a carno in insted of the t.rex
Nhung Dang
Tyres is the best👍
Rasim Sabanovic
mark tuco
2 is not a t rex
Shadow Wolf Power
Idk how you mix up a carno and a Rex I've known the difference since I was 4
Dilip Kumar
Dilip Kumar Sultanpur
Matthew AK
Where is the suchomimus
Abhimanyu Upadhyay
Number 2 is carnotourus
Fajarsurya Fajar
Aga ii iaseng io
Zeferino Teófilo
number 2 was carno not a trex
Joseph Castillo Falcon
Aprende a diferenciar dinosaurio el t-rex es un carnosauro
Thomas Atwal
Thomas Atwal
Ko N
I like dinosaur
joel field
t rex vs spino t rex would win on land but spino in water/lion vs shark same thing Trex lion spino shark
Ashbro TV
Next time find a video of a t rex you big droop poop
gaming super dragon
8:36 that not trex that carnotosaur
Shubham Nautiyal
tyranosaour rex giangogantosaurs and spinosaurs i dangerous
MK Dardania AL
My fav Spinosaur 🔪
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