Blueandscreeeam Screaming
Trump talking about Kim Jong Un is basically the plot of the lion king
tyycheese_ 17
Why so many dislikes. You come up with these gold!!
That Rubber Duck
Wow wow totally goteem brumpf btfo how will he ever recover? TWO SCOOOOOOPSSZZ!!! #bestmonologue #imjizzing #comedyismysourceofnews
Hahaha I watched this one over 20x and Love it😂
I know I'm a little late on the game, but wait, how was this homophobic? The Trump/Putin commentary? Because, as a gay person, I don't find that offensive in the least.
"The point is hes a monster"
"A fat little monster"
Bruh I died😂😂😂😂😂
Cheryl Anne
Trump is the Crazy Mad Scientist that wants to destroy Our Planet !!
Super Mario
Best one yet
ZiBRA Counselling Solutions
Mr Colbert you are a comic genius. Just one thing, I come from the Nation of Charministan and we are all called Charmaine. Males included. Its a tropical island nation that exports bent bananas. We love them so much we have a show called Bananas In Pyjamas. Its a big hit. (this is a real show in Australia)
D Hawk
Stephen.. Drumppy Dog Johnson are the same clan.
Marie Z.
Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Coily Blckgrl
The guy in the back is killing me! XD
SeeingRed Isaid2
There's nothing a Narc likes better than the sound of their own voice. That's why they parrot either something you've just said, making it their own, or repeat themselves over and over.

Want to compare it to another malignant narcissist mind-f***? Go to the video on here called: Diagnosed Narcissist speaking to grandkids.

Trigger Warning: verbal abuse and gaslighting involved.
Mr. New Vegas
Why is your suit jacket so damn short!?
imanasaurus rex
I can’t do anything but literally scream whenever he makes fun of trump. Thanks Stephen for making all of this somewhat bearable....
Who is running the country? Who is doing the President's work?
Jack VanFleet
Pink Floyd The Wall ; Mother should I be President , Mother should I build the Wall + More Mother should I drop the Bomb ? Watch and Listen to the words.
Jack VanFleet
Trump's favorite song : Listen to the words
Sondra Kaplan
This historic desk is being polluted by trump!
Hilarious lol ✨👍🏻🙂thumbs up
Matthew Maccaro
This Colbert started off as a mildly funny act he's become just another democrat clown disguised as a comedian
John C John
When people ask really really twisted intelligent questions, like that Oval office question and the President of America looks around.
Qwickill Martin
Stephen Colbert you're an idiot You should be hung for treason, you and the rest of the loser late night Tv hosts
KO Nineteen
‼️Trumptards & Republikkkans‼️️Hating your fellow citizens for their religions & skin hues; voting against regulations that keep workers safe & the environment clean; denying global warming/climate change; opening coal mines instead of investing in alternative energy technologies; slashing federal programs that aid our most vulnerable citizens; & giving tax breaks to the wealthiest people & corporations — weakens America & Americans‼️STOP supporting the ANTIAMERICAN, TREASONOUS, RACIST, MISOGYNIST, IGNORANT, FASCIST, CHEETO-FACED SHITGIBBON in the White House‼️
Eduardo Almeida
Goddamn! I never saw so much blood in my life! Stephen straight up murdered Trump. The 5th US president to be assassinated.
rosei anim
This killed me! Dilbert #savage af
Kwokman Chung
Right, he's a smart cookie until he calls him a dotard. #ImpeachDonaldTrump
Christian Lie
Enough member surprisingly exercise southwest leave tune file.
It was a slight bit cute and almost funny the first time Stephen had an imaginary prop that he sets down on an imaginary table and then Jon Batiste played a few notes as if a sound effect, and then Jon's distinct laugh is heard over all others. But they do that tired old bit 5 times every f-ing show?!
Pricktator 😂
Mark Harris
5:57 So far Stephen is the only person I've seen peeling a banana correctly. Right, you don't peel it from the stem. You peel it from the other end..Love to see Trumpty Dumpty do it !! He probably bends them in the middle ......
whats funny is what if Trump gets reelected in 2020 and we got to wait four more fucking years
Alex Boricua
This guys is the BESSSSSSSSSST!
Niraj Muniya
well... what can I say ! most humiliated leader ever in mankind's history!!!!!!!!!!(he swing's axe on himself every Damm time)
João Gonçalves
If you guys are fed up of politicians, and I undestand that, elect Stephen Colbert for president, not trump...

Stephen Colbert for president 2020
Wendy Adams
As a lady from the UK, I love Stephen!! Because of health problems I have to take many pain meds in the morning, and whilst these meds kick in, Stephen makes me laugh so hard 🤣. A great start to my day, thanks Stephen👏👏👏
fruity picks
late night used to be funnier
C Roberts
Did you kiss your mom with that mouth Mr. Colbert? Cock Holster? Seriously? You're going to say that on national TV. What happened to you?
Jahid Hasan
what was that...😂😂😂
Lucia Delia
Colbert' best monologue. Colbert was pissed and rightfully so.
Robert Stolle
Akriti K Purohit
"i'd cry too" OHHHHHH SHIIIIIT
I really wish I could meet Steven colbert. He 8s awesome
the end is the best thing I've seen for a while. best diss haha
The infamous "dick-holster" monologue! Awesome! :)
Jen Garcia
I appreciate stephen so much more now.
Sivaranjani Balachander
every second of everyday I'm amazed by how a country could possibly choose this narcicisstic asshole as their leader!!! Stephen Colbert , you are representing the few sane voices of america..trash him more...maybe he will jump off a cliff
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