This Monologue Goes Out To You, Mr. President

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'Face the Nation's' 'John Dickerson had the willpower to ignore the President's insults during their conversation in the White House. Luckily, Stephen doesn't have that same constraint.

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Scotty Bahamas
in the words of President G.W Bush comedy central you gravely "misunderestimated"!
Scotty Bahamas
Didn't this guy work at comedy central when they roasted trump? Why wasn't he on the dais at the trump or at least write jokes for the situation
Lyla Cin
FCC found no fault in this monologue. Congrats Stephen! šŸ˜šŸ˜™
Joe Lande
I can't believe people are upset about this. He's made worse comments and he does that because HE'S A COMEDIAN.
Hillary Cooke
Wonderfully hilarious, Thank you, Mr Colbert.
Meddle 3rdEye
Hahaha!! You sir have big balls! That was awesome, thank you for standing up to this guy. let's make America truly great again
I have a hard time believing this is "homophobic" for a few reasons:

>I'm transgender and bisexual
>A huge percentage of my friends also fall in the LGBTQ spectrum
>Is it really homophobic if it's true?
Game Fro
Oh more unfunny propaganda!
Jerri Ling
I love these monologues. Keep 'em coming. It's the only way I maintain my sanity! Are you running for President next time around? I remember people were actually writing you in when you last tried - ;^).
Marisela Cronin
Thank you Colbert!!!!!
Dog Wood
This motherfucker needs to move to Syria.
Gurt Fert
I'm a democrat but I don't care about the fags.
OldDoc Retired
Colbert's situation is nothing more than a confirmtion of Newton,s Third Law of Physics.Look it up if you don't know it.
Carlos A Moraga
that was absolutely awesome!!
Love you, Stephen <3
Damn, I love they kept these screaming interactions from the band leader.
for those of you wondering what a cock holster is, it is the perfect word to describe trump and putin's relationship
j-dog anderson
The only thing Donald Trump's mouth is good for is being Vladimir Putin's cock holster.

Just saying it again to piss off conservatives.
j-dog anderson
Remember that time when conservatives thought they could take down the king?
The dislike bar of this video is about the size of Trump's tax return
This shit was seriously pathetic. Colbert is every bit the overly sensitive narcissist he lambastes Trump for being. Neo-Liberals are even bigger hypocrites than the Neo-Cons they so love to complain about.
Lane M
Liberals are creepy, sleazy, weak minded people who are 100% incapable of talking about the principles they believe in, so they can only slander and say ugly things about Trump and Trump supporters.
Man, america is truly the land of the free. If you say something like this publicly about a president in Poland, you could be jailed for it.
Titus Santiago
Man Im so offended by the Sign language gorilla comment!!!!
God bless Trump.
Wtf are people talking about? This isn't even homophobic. I'm bi and even I think this is funny. The dick monologue is on point, the roast is amazing and it isn't even touching CBS guidelines violations for content. It's just Trumpers mocking LGBTQ citizens and protests. #StephenToStayAtLSSC #CBS
Teri Herron
Jarrett Larson
Holy f*cking sh*t!!! YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!
Lauren Olivares
Ain't that the truth!!!
mujtaba kami
sir colbert i really respect you and admire you but believe me mister kim is not a monster sir...
Megha M
Just fantastic!
The U.S. population seems intent on destroying what's left of it's prestige.
Zoran Gocic
Stephen Colbert, I salute you, I laughed and laughed. This yellow joke of a POTUS deserves everything you said.
Best regards from Belgrade.
Cesar Cardenas Barrera
A+ u mutha fucka!!! hehehe
What..what...?? people calling this homophobic and over the line is delusional.
King Hinckson
Stephan Colbert. My mothafuckin' hero!!!!
Fine Art Video
Stephen Colbert, can't you think of anything to do besides bashing Trump? You're a poor excuse for a Letterman replacement. He was funny and had class. You're not funny, you're just an asshole.
Raimel Jackson
Saying that joke is offensive to gays is like saying me breathing is offensive to people with respiratory problems.. Trump's supporters really don't have anything else better to do...
Thomas Johnson
Fire Stephen Colbert at once
Another rich celebrity complaining about Trump. LOL.

Nothing Turmp does affects you. You know who his decisions affect? Yeah, the poor people paying for your fucking movies and tv shows.

Rich celebrities are fucking assholes. You people are the reason the world's the way it is.
Oh Mr. Colbert what would we do without you
Maher Sbenati
Outsider's opinion: People reading too much into Mr. Colbert's joke are producing the same too-much-political-correctness ambience that led to Trump being elected in the first place. Calm your tits people. Try to empathize and understand that a person like Colbert can't possibly be homophobic, or do anything to foster that kind of environment.
Abbey Lalor
Yeah, I don't think that burn is covered under Trumpcare.
Christine Jackson
This man is a legend, I love him
Rooting for failure...the new norm of the Regressive Left
CBS what are you waiting for?? FIRE Colbert ... !!
Literally the best monologue ever. So much winning. Wow.
blake vlogs
u suck
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