Miah Leissa
Steven Colbert, I LOVE YOU!! lol You so crack me up.... and at a time that we truly DO need laughter to off-balance the horrors of this Presidency! Thank you! lol
Barbara Cowdery
God bless President Trump, and the libtards that watch CBS, NBC, ABC.
Revolution of The Classics
The Cry joke is a mic drop ๐ŸŽค
Yeah, well.... in the next elections, don't pay attention to media saying that "Trump doesn't have a chance". Don't think "someone else will do it". Move your asses out from your friggin couch, go and vote. The only way to remove this clown from the oval office is through voting.
Bonnie Major
Stopped watching him awhile ago, now I understand why.
David Davidson
Anthony Carfagno
I USD TO like this cynic
Stephen would suck Trumps dick if they ever met.
patricia Bermudez
Savage! ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿป
Jessica Tevnan
Steven Colbert - cuck prompter reader paid by globalists to undermine the U.S. Republic. Thank God for Alex Jones and President Trump. INFOWARS.COM
Chilidoggaming Youtube
Trump 2020
Shannon Ceasar
Trumps hands are not small but Colbert's brain is. Just reminding all of you sjw snowflakes out there your making fun of your President for 4 years. I would even say 8 because the more you make fun of him the more you prove his point that you all don't have any actual argument just roasting. Laugh now and you'll cry later. Just look what happened in the beginning of the election. Stop trying to make jokes and try to get Jesse Ventura in office. Now that's a President. An ex navy seal former governor. And he's five years younger than Trump.
Shannon Ceasar
Might I remind you. Colbert said he would endorse Trump if he won.
Shannon Ceasar
I don't get it. People lose their minds over a pussy joke made by President Trump, and people laugh and scream when Colbert jokes about millions of staving people.
lol they turn his point about his tax returns into a dick joke. thats why they call em libtards
Ava Marie Maffia
Was Stephen Colbert really raised in a south american jungle by monkeys?
Ava Marie Maffia
stephen colbert is at it again, seen at the park near downtown, hanging at the public
men's restroom, just waiting for the train he can service.
cameron schultz
Anybody remember when back on The Colbert Report he called Sarah Palin 'fucking retarded?' If he could get away with that, he can get away with this.
Nadia Ingrida
you go Stephen!!!
Shirley Bocelli
This idiot thinks he is funny but is just vug and stupid!
colbert 2020!
Miss. BB
WOW WEE!! Stephen Colbert you're somebody serious on donald. CRAZY MAN trump donald trump know better NOT to FUCK with you stephen colbert!!!๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜€
That Girl That Girl
Ahhhh now if only some REAL change could happen.
fish head
You eat shit
Rhianna The Panda
I miss Donald trump's previous life because I hadn't heard of him then
someone should hit steven colbert in the side of the head with a shovel. . . . oh somebody already did.
Paula Catlover
I call him Resident Rump. That way I don't sully the word "president".
If this maggot took a bullet to the head...Oh shit!! now that would be funny!!! I hope every damn one of you libtard assholes choke on your hate!! Now that's funny!! Please somebody please
Rick Hiller
This monologue is so brilliant it's worth watching again and again.
Selina Dirnbรถck
Your impression of trump is on point! ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿป
April Harris
Stephen Colbert is a beast
Nick Witting
bru beck
Among all the laughable hand gestures and mannerisms which trump does a lot (So annoying. SAD.) is his constant putting his fingers together and spreading them to form a triangle which looks so vagina-like and he does this a lot when he is seated in obvious photo ops with politicians, foreign dignitaries, etc., a mannerism he may have perfected during his many years of "pussy grabbing". I was once told that Italians use their hands a lot when speaking not only for emphasis or effect but that the Italian vocabulary is smaller than other languages, say, English or German. Hence the use of hand gestures to get their points across. True or not, I'm not sure. But in trump's case, it is definitely a lack of a developed vocabulary. Really, I think trump has the literacy of a seventh grader, at best. Oh yeah, he trots out his educational accomplishments. But lots and lots of money greasing the right palms can get you through school. Biggly.
Nate Park
He doesn't stand behind anything but the dressing room door at the Miss USA pageant. BOOM
Donovan Wilson
Go Trump! America is behind you. Crybabies will always cry.
Anjelic Solemn
Oh my god.. that was freaking awsome....
Stephen H
๐Ÿ˜† Thank you, Steven! Jerri Blank would be proud, as am I. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜
Aidan Keohane
It's not a closer until people want you fired for it
Magdalena Huber
Feeling elsewhere childhood exception fix climb construction thirty over cop.
Sam Stanell
6 months after the election and he's still making trump jokes
Move on buddy
Michael D'Ambrosio
so who else hates the black guy who is a legitimate musician but they ask to yell out things like "coldblooded" to try to black things up? can't they treat him like real person rather than a token black guy who talks nothing but slang nonsense?
Austin Carlton
I'm a trump supporter and this is still funny there's no need for anger or unnecessary tension on ether side it is considerably pointless he's still gonna be are president unless he's impeached. So what's the point in the negativity

This coming from a person that is an independent that does not devote his support in republican or democratic politicians based on a label but if u questioned me on major political subjects my opinions would probably lean more towards republican

With that said I'm dating a democrat that introduced me to this guy and she absolutely hates trump
Locki Holmes
great show, Stephen Colbert rocks!!!!!!
I love how Trump supporters flipped out over this. Get a hobby.
Marcy Marcy
Love this comic!!! He is hilarious
Joe Noonan
Noah Pillow
Why is it that some people think Colbert was being homophobic with the cock holster joke? It was obviously poking fun at Trump by saying he's completely controlled by Putin, not by saying he's gay. I guess it's like how some people would call an author racist for using the word "nigger" in their writing.
Lola Santiago
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